What Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

December 14, 2022

Business interruption insurance covers the business operating cost when the business is temporarily shut down. For example, in case of fire or national disaster interruption insurance provides coverage that replaces business lost income. Business interruption insurance is primarily not sold separately, however, it is a part of comprehensive package policy. Hence a business interruption insurance protects you business financially if you are forced to close due to unforeseen issues.

Interruption coverage primarily includes business owner policy. The business owners policy is more comprehensive and has more components to cover which is not relevant here.

Business Interruption Insurance Cover

The purpose of business interruption insurance is to cover the operating expenses of a business. The bank offers interruption insurance as a part of the business owner's Policy, which covers theft, fire, wind, lightning and falling objects.

Covered operating expenses may include the mortgage, rental payment, lease, loan amount for the business space, taxes, payrolls, relocation cost in temporary relocation and many more.

Business Interruption Insurance does Not Cover

The insurance agency clearly defines what is not included in the interruption insurance. For example, the interruption Insurance does not cover the business damages incurred by flood or earthquake. Because insurance companies offer separate insurance policies for this type of natural disaster. If you require the recovery of undocumented income in the financial record, interruption insurance shall not cover it either. Interruption insurance also does not pay for utilities because the utilities will not be in use during the damage and repair. Infectious diseases are also not covered under interruption insurance.

Why Do We Need Business Interruption Insurance?

Business Interruption insurance is designed for small businesses. It is one of the primary sorts of insurance for small businesses.

It depends upon the location/building and assets like equipment and machinery that could be affected by the problems like theft, lighting, falling objects or fire. The businesses like dog groomers, retail stores, restaurants, and salons come under this category.

Can A Business Include Interruption Insurance In Other Policies?

Business interruption is designed to include and sell in conjunction with other policies. Therefore, you can't purchase business interruption coverage separately; it comes if you buy the business owner's Policy. A business owner's Policy is a combination of liability insurance. Additionally, the Business Owner Policy is one of the most valuable policies that help you out to cost less than purchasing a property and liability policies. However, it is your responsibility to read the Policy offered in combination with various policies. So you can assess if the Policy satisfies your business needs.

The Method to Handle A Business Interruption Claim

The first step is to inform the insurance agent whenever a claim arises. Then, your insurer will provide you with an adjuster who will work with you during the lawsuit. The adjuster will also process your claim and help you recover your claim at your earliest and help you to start generating revenue as soon as possible.

It would help if you primarily familiarized yourself with your business coverage limit defined in the Policy.

It is typically given on a" declaration page" early in the document.

When you are going to claim the interruption insurance, you need to have the following documents in hand:

  1. Prove your Pre-loss Income
  2. Prove your Pre-Loss Expenses
  3. Past Financial Statements of one or two years
  4. Past Financial Statement
  5. Revenue Projects
  6. Payroll Record
  7. Business Tax Return
  8. Property and equipment leases
  9. Vendor Contracts
  10. Customer Contracts
  11. Orders
  12. An inventory records

It will help if you remain careful about saving your financial data.It is suggested to keep financial documents even if it is slightly damaged. Some policies include extra coverage of multiple other expenses otherwise.

If your Policy also includes coverage for extra expenses, as many do, keep any documentation of new costs that you wouldn't have otherwise. To claim those expenses, you must maintain documentation of every new expenditure. Examples include storage space rent, advertising and marketing costs and many more.


The article's takeaway is that interruption insurance is one of a kind. It allows you to recover your business operating cost in case of temporary closure. However, it is essential to know that it is not available as a separate insurance. Instead, it is part of the Business Owner's Policy.

Business interruption is needed for theft, lighting, falling objects or fire. You should be able to manage the interruption claim wisely, as it requires you to present documentary evidence of each loss incurred at every step.









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