What Is The Golf Dress Code?

December 13, 2022

The universe of golfing dress codes can be a weird and wonderful world, full of patterns, pleats and dodgy socks. However, aside from this, there are not quite so many sports which will allow players total freedom to be able to express themselves as in this sport.

From how to set up and organize a golf bag to what shoes you wear everything matters. But, what you wear when you go golfing does depend on what type of course you play on and the conditions in which you are playing.

Some golf clubs can have some pretty strict dress codes that can intimidate beginners a lot of the time, but, if you follow some very simple rules you will have no problem getting into the vast majority of golf courses.

Golfing Dress Codes

A majority of worldwide golf clubs will have a dress code in some shape or form. The strictness of this code will typically depend on the exclusiveness of the golf club as well as how expensive it is.

When it comes to the more exclusive clubs, the dress code will often be extremely strict.

It is for the best that women and men alike should ring up before attending a club that they have not played at before. The person you speak to should give you all advice needed for the course's dress code. You should never just arrive and hope they let you in.

If you cannot speak to the location beforehand then you should avoid dressing too casually, so avoid T-shirts, jeans, shorts, sandals, flip-flops and so on. If you are attending an exclusive club then you should wear a collared shirt and smart trousers or shorts (skirts for women) as well as golfing shoes and a belt.

Casual Golfing Dress Code

For those just starting out, the priority for you should be comfort, this does mean you need to avoid cotton and jeans. It is not a super exhaustive sport to play, but you can get very warm and sweaty as you walk 5 miles on a warm summer day.

Women and men alike should wear a breathable top, and shorts (or a skirt). With your footwear, a majority of municipal courses accept sports shoes, but, should you wish to gain the best performance then golfing shoes are best for grip. If you are looking for top-quality golf shoes in the market? This guide by The Left Rough will help you find the best in the market.

Clubhouse Dress Code

If you do not wish to walk around or drive around in your golfing outfit then do not forget that a majority of golf clubs will have a changing room with lockers and facilities you can use.

A majority of clubs will also allow you into the clubhouse in the outfit you have played in.

The only exception is if you wear golf spikes. If this is the case then you will have to change your shoes before you enter the clubhouse.

If you are not playing at a posh club and wish to eat or drink in the club, you may also need to get changed as well.

Dress Code For Men

Look below for the general rules of dress for men.


There are endless options of golfing shoe options available to golfers, but some types of golfing shoes will be specifically required on some courses.

A majority of metal spike shoes are banned, as it tends to tear up the playing surface. There is, however, a new version that has short, rough, bumps which still give you grip when you twist. They just do not mess up the course.

When you play casually, you can likely get away with tennis-type trainers.

Always avoid sandals, flip-flops, or casual footwear.


A majority of golf clubs will require you to wear socks. Although some more picky clubs might dictate that you need to have your socks pulled up to just below your knees.

A majority of clubs will just ask you to wear normal sports socks, however.


Some time ago, a majority of clubs would only allow players to wear trousers. Thankfully with the change in the times, there are very few clubs that still have this rule.

So, on a hot day, you can wear shorts. But, modesty is a requirement and your shorts should be to the length just above the knee.


Chinos and golf trousers are both typically accepted, but do note that golf trousers will likely be more comfortable, and more breathable than chinos will be as you play.

Jeans are very rarely ever accepted and are far from comfortable to play a game in.


Golfers need to have a minimum of one golfing shirt in their wardrobe. It is a golden rule that a golf shirt needs to have a collar. Wearing a sensible polo shirt will get you onto a majority of courses.

A full sleeve shirt will also be accepted, however, v-necks, tank tops, halter necks and other sport shirts are 100% not accepted. Do not forget, your shirt should also be tucked in at all times.


Sweaters are also acceptable, especially when cold. However, there are two rules you need to follow. Firstly, the collar needs to be tucked into the wearer and secondly, the sweater should not be loose fitting, the tighter it is, the more comfortable it will be for you.


Should you want to play when it is a bit wet and windy then you will need an anorak or waterproof jacket. When you do this ensure it is as well fitted as it can possibly be, and always avoid ponchos, they make playing more difficult.


Hats are not mandatory when playing, however if you are playing for a long time in the sun, then you should probably wear one. It is just common sense. Note that silly or extreme hats are not allowed, so just wear simple sports caps with visors or a forward facing peak.


Sunglasses are allowed, they are often needed for playing in bright sunshine, sports sunglasses will do just fine.

Dress Code For Women

Read below for the golf dress code for women.


Much like men, women should wear soft-spike golf shoes which do not damage the ground and do not wear spiked shoes. If you cannot obtain soft spikes shoes then a standard sports shoe will usually be enough. It is best to check with the club, however.

Heels, sandals, and fancy shoes are not allowed.


Ankle socks are appropriate. Yet, in extreme heat you could wear golf sandals without socks. They have grip but allow for plenty of air to reach your foot.

Shorts Or Skirts

When not wearing trousers you should wear golf shorts or a skirt. Exclusive clubs will need the skirt length to be just below the knee, yet most just ask that it not be extremely short.

Golf shorts for women are often available and accepted in most establishments. Athletic pants, cut off jeans, and sundresses are not permitted.


Khakis and slacks are usually the best for women on golf courses, but golf trousers for women are also great. As long as they fit well and are breathable you should be fine.


You should wear a shirt with a collar, however, women can wear v-necks with a collar or a sleeveless shirt with a collar. Some may also allow blouses with sleeves and turtlenecks. T-shirts, halters, and tank tops are not allowed.

Jackets & Sweaters

A standard sport sweater will be accepted, warm buttoned shirts are also allowed as are windproof and waterproof jackets. Avoid silly options such as fur jackets or denim. They should be tight fitting for ease of movement also.

Hats & eyewear,

A good sports hat will protect you in hot weather, always have the peak facing forward. Sunglasses are also allowed.

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