What Lighting Is Needed For The Gallery

December 20, 2022

Every building or business needs lighting. Consumers mistakenly think that lighting is the same everywhere, although this is not the case at all. Different objects need special lighting to highlight the most important things. The light in the store should push the buyer to purchase the goods, and the exposition lighting should help the contemplator to reveal the whole idea of the artist, all the nuances of his work, to experience the full range of emotions and feelings of the author. From this we can conclude that the gallery lighting should be of high quality.

Only competent and well-thought-out gallery lighting will ensure the preservation of works of art, comfort and safety of visitors. In most cases, lighting solutions will be designed according to individual characteristics, depending on the direction of art and the content of the exposition, the characteristics of exhibition halls and premises. Although there are certain lighting standards for galleries and museums:

  • Professionally organized color rendering;
  • Compliance with light power standards;
  • Correctly calculated distance from the light source to the exhibit;
  • The lighting for gallery must match the exposure;
  • Reduction of ultraviolet light and infrared rays;
  • Ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for visitors and a safe environment for exhibits.

Combinations of spotlights with directional light are the easiest and most proven way of exhibition lighting in order to draw attention to the right information. Accent lighting in the exhibition space is so important that some projects completely exclude the main light as unnecessary.

Types Of Gallery Lighting

The design of the gallery lighting systems is aimed at eliminating the influence of factors that negatively affect the perception of objects presented at the exposition. First of all, it is the appearance of glare on the exhibits and various surfaces, the effect of blinding from a too bright light source directed into the eyes of visitors. Properly placed lighting accents help maintain the interest of visitors, motivating them to carefully study the objects of the exposition.

Accent lighting is used to illuminate sculptures and other exhibits. To do this, luminaires with a narrow reflector angle are directed directly at the desired object. With accent lighting, the general lighting in the hall should be subdued. Light contrasts in the exposition hall set off the splendor and picturesqueness of the exhibits, making them more emotional and attractive. There is also a lighting for wall artwork, making a light background, on which various museum or exhibition exhibits look great. This is done using lamps with a wide reflector angle.

Among the exhibit lights should be a large selection of color temperatures in the light sources used, because in different shades of white the mood of a work of art can change dramatically, the task of the exhibition curator and lighting designer is to choose the perfect combination. The most important aspect of the selection of light sources for exhibitions is the quality of color rendering. Ideally, showrooms should be completely isolated from natural sunlight, ultraviolet and infrared radiation.


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