What makes startup consulting a magic wand for entrepreneurs

December 1, 2022

People don't accidentally say that two heads that can think in an appropriate direction are better than one: if one hasn't noticed some aspects or opportunities, the other person enriches experience with missed chanсes for improvement. If you're intending to expand your vision of your digital enterprise, discover hidden from view horizons for enhancing diverse business indicators, you, obviously, can't do without startup consulting. The Purrweb team systemized information on various types of interaction when it comes to searching for an advisor: take in service their tips and let your business triple its productivity.

How do experts define startup consulting?

The services are honed for qualified assistance when you're planning or developing your online business. Though you think that you know your brainchild from A to Z, there's always a 'blind area' which can't be noticed without qualified examination of the issue by the experts with relevant experience. For example, you can learn a lot about legal compliance of the business you're going to start, but only a person, who has dealt in practice with similar cases, knows how to organize it in a way to avoid excessive taxes or prevent any controversial situations which are likely to entail inviting to the court.

The ability to learn from someone's follies is worth much, as it logically saves entrepreneurs from many future troubles and lets them receive the most possible from their undertaking.

Can you grow a business without startup consulting?

No one prohibits you to build your website or application in a way you assess to be the best. No one can impose his point of view in relation to strategy and tactics you're going to apply for startup growth. But startup consulting isn't about rules and prescriptions. It's about freedom to see the diversity of opportunities that lay in front of you, assess them on your own and choose those which seem closer to your ideas, values and expectations.

Sometimes the right decision is lying on the surface, but you can't discover it due to blurred eyes. When your vision grows upset, it's an almost impossible task to look at your brainchild at a new angle and invent something to make the product really outstanding.

A fresh eye that the expert has paired with dissimilar, but relevant experience and extended expertise, equips him to hit the nail on the head quickly and skillfully when you're trying to fix or improve something. For example, if startup consulting concerns selecting an appropriate monetization scheme, a finance consultant can expand your vision with new ways to make money via the app. You were splitted between commission fee and advertising, but what about your own partner program? Or maybe the expert knows that the fixed pricing plans work in your niche much better?

Which rewards your startup can receive due to startup consulting?

Business is a multifaceted phenomenon, as you know. And every side of it can be examined, fixed and improved in various ways. Startup consulting focuses on issues of technology, legacy, strategy, marketing, finances, design etc. In dependency on the individual case of stumbling, invite a specific expert whose expertise lets resolve the issue.

For example, when you're starting a business, selecting an up-to-date technology which responds to your needs is a pivotal question. If the platform doesn't allow your project to grow when you've created an MVP and gained financial support from investors, you're at risk to lose your patrons as you have to design your product from scratch. It means having losses of time and money. If you had communicated with a technology consultant in advance, you wouldn't have used technology stack inappropriate for scaling.

Another illustration of how startup consulting plays a positive role in your affairs: choosing a marketing strategy. The expert has practical data which tools work in your niche well and which are just throwing money to the wind. So, an advisor can prevent you from inadequate expenses and help to optimize the customer engagement process. In the long run, this consultation won't just return investment but make your enterprise more profitable.

How does startup consulting contribute to your enterprise development?

Meticulously thought plan tailored exactly for your business is what you can wait for as a result of startup consultant's work.

Having faced unprofessional help, some entrepreneurs perceive startup consulting as wasting of money and abstract talks. The truth is that such an approach has no common with adequate consulting services. Dealing with a true expert, you'll receive an actionable planning with timeline and budget for achieving your goals: just follow step by step. Regardless of the subject of discussion, all the conclusions should be shaped as todo-lists applicable for improvement of enterprise. No abstract reasoning, just argumentative recommendations for resolution of the issues that entrepreneurs were anxious about.

What's the way to reject scams or inappropriate candidates for startup consulting?

The industry of startup consulting seems to be the territory of easy money and attracts thousands of digital frauds who try to beguile newbies with low prices or effective presentations with no real work behind. The area is also magnetizing specialists who try to sell their 'experience', having the lack of practice or insufficient competence. For example, at Purrweb the technology consultant is a person who has at least six years of work in practical development, knows much about all technologies, their pros and cons, has prominent communication and management skills and verifies decisions with your business goals.

Targeting to gain a qualitative startup consulting, examine that the person or company is able to demonstrate:

  • relevant portfolio,
  • positive clients reviews,
  • documents for confirmation of his competence.

Also check what Google and yahoo know about the expert: what if his name is in black list?

Pay attention to these eloquent three moments: whether the consultant is ready to negotiate the price, verify your interaction in documents and receive remuneration as a gratitude when the work is done.

Hope this warning will let you avoid inadequate contacts and facilitate finding the consultant you really need. As for design and technology issues, you can bravely get in touch with Purrweb: helping two hundred startups equipped with relevant experience.


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