When Can I Call A Plumber Burnaby For Clogged Drains

December 1, 2022

A clogged drain is a minor inconvenience that most homeowners have to deal with occasionally. While annoying no matter where it occurs, some drains are more pressing than others: any blockage can cause serious problems for the homeowner and their plumbing system.

A few different things could cause a clogged drain. Consider that anything intentionally flushed down a drain is an object we wish to dispose of and never see again. Small children are the lone exception to this rule. Most of the time, they're just curious and toss the stuff down the drain to see what happens.

However, none of us wants to deal with what's backing up most of the time, so it's good to know when to call a plumber in Burnaby for a clogged drain and get help fixing the problem.

What Causes Drain Clogs?

We flush down toilets, showers, and tubs into washing machines and dishwashers and down garbage disposal is a significant cause of clogged drains. Waste from cooking, soap scum, dirt, and other unmentionables all find their way down our sink drains and into our sewer lines, where they can leave behind a sticky film that clings to the pipe walls and slows down the water flow.

This film will accumulate waste residue over time, gradually narrowing the pipe's interior diameter until the line is completely clogged.

Can I DIY When It Comes to Drain Cleaning?

You can try to DIY your drain cleaning, but it's risky. If you're not careful, you could cause even more damage to your pipes and plumbing system than you started with. Although drain-clearing products may seem convenient and cost less initially, they can cause damage to your pipes over time.

A Threat of Pipe Corrosion

Most plumbers will tell you to avoid chemical drain-clearing products for a good reason. Most of these items are composed of corrosive materials. Because of the potential for damage or destruction, the cost of repairing or replacing pipes that would otherwise be fine except for the clog can quickly add up.

Severe Plumbing Problems

The clogged drain may be cleared in the short term, but doing so may prove an expensive mistake. Unclogging a drain may cost a few hundred dollars, but replacing damaged pipes could cost several thousand.

It's wise to know when to call a Plumber Burnaby BC for a clogged drain rather than try to fix it unless you have extensive experience with the task and the necessary tools.

When to Call a Professional Plumber?

Because clogs can occur in areas of the plumbing system inaccessible to home users, a plumber Burnaby professional should be called when this happens. The following are some situations in which you should call a plumber to help clear your clogged drain:

You don't want to deal with the mess.

When you have a blocked drain, you will be dealing with dirty water and even some debris from your drain pipes. This can be messy and unpleasant for you if you do not have experience with this kind of work. You can call a professional plumber who can unclog your drains without causing much of a mess around your home or business property.

You don't have the tools needed to unclog your drains.

If you have tried DIY solutions, but they did not work, then it's time to seek professional help from a Plumber Burnaby BC, who has all the tools necessary to quickly and effectively unclog your drains so that clogged drains cause no further damage.

You cannot identify the cause of your clogged drain.

Sometimes, homeowners cannot identify which part of their plumbing system is causing problems because the clog is too far down in the pipes. A professional plumber can use a number of different methods to determine what is causing your drain to clog and will have access to the right tools needed to solve the problem.

You need help checking all your drains in Burnaby.

Checking all your drains is a good way to prevent clogs from occurring in the future. Professional plumbers have access to these tools and know how to use them correctly, so they do not cause more damage than necessary.

Final Thoughts

It's wise to get your drains professionally cleaned at least once a year, even if they appear to be functioning correctly. Neglected pipes can cause major damage or flooding in homes and businesses. Miller Plumbing and Drainage in Burnaby is a company you can trust to provide plumbing and drain cleaning services. They know how vital it is to have a clean, flowing drain system and will leave your property as clean as when they started. For more information about their plumbing services or to schedule an appointment, call (604) 837-2507 or email service@millerplumbers.ca.

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