10 Valentine Gifts You Can Get Using an Amazon Gift Card

January 23, 2023

Love is around the corner. It won’t be long before cupids start shooting their arrows and when Valentine's Day arrives, gifts will come calling.

As they say, love is a complex equation and figuring out gifts for your significant other is one of its toughest ordeals. Not to worry though, from a third-person perspective, we are here to give you some friendly recommendations on what gifts you should look at for this year’s Valentine’s Day!

These potential gifts are all available with wide variations on Amazon. If you do wish to get them, be sure to do so with the Free Amazon Gift Card, available here at OffGamers.

1. Camera

Do not let your beloved moments be lost in memory. A camera helps you capture the most intimate and memorable instances of your love life. To be honest, even the most ordinary moments can be made special by a good quality camera, more so when your loved one is in it.

Plus, if you want to take it a step further, consider getting a photo album as well. That way, you and your partner would be able to compile photos chronologically and in an orderly fashion. From time to time, you will also be able to look back at these amazing memories the both of you have created down the years.

2. Nintendo Switch

Even if neither of you is a gamer, a Nintendo Switch is definitely worth the pick-up and worthy as a Valentine's Day gift. Nintendo has a fair share of beginner-friendly games that you and your partner can get to play together.

We’ve seen many couples play games like Animal Farm and Stardew Valley where they jointly build and cultivate their own “couple” farm. It’s a lovely thought and there’s no better way to enjoy your video games than to play with the one that is closest to you.

Even if you both are not into simulation games, a Nintendo Switch is also a good workout game console with games like Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing. So, whenever you don’t feel like hitting the gym with your partner, a home console like the Switch is the perfect substitute.

3. Puzzles

Puzzles are an underrated form of art and even more underrated when it comes to gifting. Assembling a puzzle might seem mundane, but sometimes the meticulousness can be infectious when doing it with your significant other.

Additionally, puzzles also make for a great after-meal activity. Imagine the sluggishness kicking in after eating a hearty Valentine's dinner, you both probably just want to do something relaxing. It helps ease both the mind and soul where you get to craft a piece of beautiful art with your soulmate.

Be warned though, once you are hooked into the puzzle mania, you’ll begin diving into the puzzle rabbit hole where you start collecting puzzle after puzzle. Though we have to say, it is a lovely hobby to have!

4. Perfumes

Perfumes are classic gifts and they are still viable even today! Sure, you might think that the price of perfumes can be overwhelming, but it is totally worth the buck! Every time your partner leaves home, he or she will have an impressive allure that is carried by your gifted perfume’s scent!

Understandably, knowing which fragrance of perfume to get can be tricky. To be safe, opt for either floral or fruity scents if your other half is female. On the other hand, males would generally shine with oriental and citrus scents. That said, these are all recommendations and your partner might prefer a specific type of perfume. It’s your job to find out what it is!

5. Stuffed Toys

You might think that stuffed toys are used to appease kids. You couldn’t be far from the truth, stuffed toys are gifts of love where the giftee wants to show that a part of them is in the toy. This also means that whenever your other half is not around, the stuffed toy is there to take their place. Sure, it’s a little bit clingy, but also an honest effort of love.

Yes, this also applies to males. Don’t think that guys wouldn’t want stuffed toys for Valentine’s Day. Many dudes grew up having a personal stuffed toy of their own. They are easily drawn to them, especially if the stuffed toy is in some way representative of their love partner.

6. Air Fryer

There is a good chance that both you and your partner are full-time working adults. If that’s the case, an air fryer is a gift and a blessing that saves you time and effort in cooking. It’s very easy to use and both of you will no longer need to wrap your heads around making complicated dishes.

With an air fryer, you can almost cook anything. It’s perfect for work meals whether you are working from home or the office. On the latter, you can prep your lunch meal a couple of hours before going to work and your meal will still be fine.

It is also good to note that a premium air fryer will do wonders for your cooking. They are generally more efficient and have better functionality than cheaper models. If it’s for the person you love, an extra buck or two is definitely worth it!

7. Couple Activity Books

Thinking is hard. Conjuring couple-based activities and planning them can be a real hassle, especially since most of us have careers of our own. Luckily, couple activity books are here to save the day where they have most of these activities sorted out for you.

These activities vary from books. Usually, they’ll have both light and adventurous activities ready for you. The lighter ones are like crossword puzzles, maze puzzles and join-the-dot activities. For the more adventurous kind, you will get roleplays, travel goals and cooking routines. All of which will fill up your couple's time fully.

8. Origami Sets

Like with puzzles, origami is an art that has seemed to be lost in time. Even so, origami is a calming activity that is best enjoyed with the people closest to you. For one, it helps spur the creative mind, hence, if you are a creative couple, origami sets could be the ideal gift.

Additionally, origami sets have many different variations. As such, if you are planning on gifting an origami set, you will have a plethora of options to choose from. The common ones would usually be in the form of animals but nowadays, there are origamis that take on the form of objects and even buildings you could try!

9. Coffee Maker

Honestly, whenever the cliche question of coffee, tea or me is asked, the answer is realistically coffee. Almost universally loved, coffee is almost a must for many to kickstart their day, making coffee makers the perfect gift for any occasion.

Modern coffee makers are also very sophisticated and fairly simple to use as well. With just a capsule, anyone is perfectly capable of making a delicious cup of coffee. Ultimately, you really can’t go wrong with most modern coffee makers.

10. Lego Sets

Legos are expensive but for what they provide, it’s worth the price. Currently, there are legos for almost anything. We highly recommend the flower legos if you are trying to win one’s heart as they are much more unique than normal flowers and also, especially better in durability.

The sensation and satisfaction you get from building a complete lego set are that much sweeter with your lover with you. Again, like with puzzles, lego sets are very addicting and they can easily become your couple’s hobby once you are hooked into it. Just make sure you don’t step on one of the pieces though!

Wow! We’ve finally made it to the end! We hope that our recommendations have inspired you to pick up an awesome gift for your partner! Happy Valentine’s Day ahead!

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