4 Helpful Tips to Land Your First-Ever Dream Job

January 24, 2023


You want to kickstart your career with your dream job, but you lack the confidence or have no clue where to start. You have zero work experience, and your educational background is rather average. Then you begin to question yourself and underestimate your capabilities, thinking you can just settle for another job that almost everyone can do but isn't necessarily part of your career goals.

Because the other job is easy, you think you'll learn to love it eventually -- until reality hits you to the core. The tasks are repetitive, boring, and not challenging enough. Your salary can pay your bills but cannot sustain your lifestyle. You feel stuck in what you do, wondering when your career will grow and hoping your boss will give you the promotion you've wanted for years.

Everything starts to sink in. You realize you're in that helpless situation because you decided to stick to your comfort zone. If only you were more confident in your potential and exerted more effort, you could have landed your dream job and enjoyed every second of your time working for something you're passionate about.

Unless you take the extra hustle to get noticed by employers, getting your dream job will seem like an impossible feat to achieve. The good news is that we have collated four practical tips and expert insights to make your dream come true. These will be worth the try, so let's explore them one by one.

Create a compelling career brand

Get yourself known by introducing your skills, experiences, values, and behaviors. This is like creating a resume where you have to enlist all your competencies to entice potential employers. However, a career brand is more than just a resume. It is a reflection of your personality both on paper and online.

Dov Breuer, COO at Fixlers, explains that a successful career brand is authentic and mirrors the person's true character. "Be honest and transparent with your educational and employment backgrounds. However, make sure to highlight your best assets and avoid selling yourself short. Learn how to positively position yourself, and use your inexperience as an advantage by telling employers that you are more teachable and passionate in your craft," Breuer said.

Your social media presence also plays a vital role in your career brand. In fact, a survey from The Manifest revealed that around 67% of employers look at job seekers' LinkedIn profiles, while 65% consider checking Facebook profiles prior to extending a job offer.

"Always consider what your LinkedIn account looks like. It's best to optimize your profile and include specific credentials in line with the requirements of your desired company. This will significantly increase your chance of getting noticed at the early stage of the recruitment process," said Milo Cruz, CMO at Freelance Writing Jobs.

Compare multiple job postings

The more exposed you are to various job postings, the more you become observant about different company cultures. Set your priorities and make a list of companies that offer the job you want to get. Refrain from limiting yourself to only one employer because this might lead you to the wrong tunnel.

Ruth Novales, Marketing Director of Fortis Medical Billing Professionals, has a solid stand on this matter. "By comparing job postings, you discover companies with competitive offers but have toxic environments. There are also those with good employee reviews but fail to meet your desired salary package. You begin to recognize good firms from bad ones, allowing you to choose one that provides the best benefit depending on your priorities."

Though it's time-consuming to check each job posting every time you see them online, consider it an investment that will guide you to the right place. You need to be patient and strategic when choosing a company because getting your dream job means nothing if the workplace culture does not match your ideals.

Undergo mock interviews

Before engaging with a potential employer, you should undergo mock interviews to reduce anxiety and boost your self-confidence. Remember, constant and effective practice leads to success. Prepare for the possible questions and practice how you can confidently deliver your answers. If you are interested in a medical career, start preparing for Residency Interview Questions. Doing so allows you to improve your responses and make them sound natural and convincing.

"Ask a friend or a family member to act as your interviewer," Garrett Smith, the head of local SEO for GMB Gorilla, suggested. "Encourage them to be professional and honest with their feedback on your mock interview performance. Mistakes are easier to detect with the help of others, so make sure you listen to their suggestions and apply them when needed," Smith added.

You can also record yourself and assess which part of your verbal and nonverbal skills needs improvement before going to an actual interview. That way, you can correct bad habits that can affect your performance. It also allows you to hear your actual voice and make some adjustments to ensure you use the right tone when talking with the interviewer.

Leverage your social network

Never forget the importance of connections. Yes, you can find a job on your own, but you'll get better opportunities if you socialize with successful people who share the same goals as you. Your network can be your college classmates, friends, industry acquaintances, or even family members. Get in touch with them and ask if they can refer you to reputable companies that can offer you your dream job.

Preston Powell, CEO of Webserv, mentions that social networking helps you get motivated with your goals. "Job searching is often exhausting, especially if you're still starting to build your career. It's not easy to find a job when you are a fresh graduate, but getting help from your network gives you a little push to continue your job quest."

If you have a small network, put some effort into mingling with like-minded peers. You can attend social gatherings in your community, participate in your school's homecoming, or join online communities related to your career expertise.

What's next for you?

Now that you have learned some tips for a successful job search, it's time to do the legwork and clinch that coveted dream of yours. Be that person who takes a leap and never settles for less. After all, your success in securing a perfect job will always be defined by your action and determination to reach your goals.


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