5 Creative Ways to Sell a House By Yourself (FSBO)

January 27, 2023

Of the millions of homes sold every year, roughly 7% to 8% are listed as FSBO or For Sale By Owner. In fact, this percentage rose in 2022 to 10%. Deciding to sell your home on your own is very much a viable option these days, especially with the continued use of digital viewings and social media. In certain situations, it can be more helpful and timely to sell a property by yourself vs putting it on the market. For example, dealing with damaged property or facing foreclosure may mean that the homeowner has a very small window to find a buyer. You can reference this guide real estate guide on how to sell a house during foreclosure https://sdhouseguys.com/sell-my-house-in-foreclosure-san-diego-ca/. Even in expensive markets like California, homeowners can take matters into their own hands when they need to most, sell their property by themselves, and save tons of money.

In this article, we explore the top five creative ways to sell your house on your own — and do it relatively quickly, too.

Use For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Websites

FSBO websites help give your house the real estate market exposure that otherwise wouldn't be so easy to establish by yourself. Currently, Zillow is the most popular marketplace with For Sale By Owner listings. Prospective buyers peruse these sites and check for properties easily. And the best part? You might not have to pay a single fee to use them!

Harness the Power of Social Media

These days, social media is the easiest way to advertise anything — including your house. If you have a decent follower count, marketing your property on such platforms can be fruitful.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Instagram — You can show off the best sides of your property with photographs and videos. You could even ask other page owners to promote your property. The platform receives almost one billion visitors per month, giving you plenty of opportunities for success.
  • Twitter — Using relevant hashtags is a good way to get your tweets seen by those who may want to splash their cash on your home.
  • Facebook — Join real estate groups and post your property details there for the best results. Alternatively, utilize Facebook Marketplace.
  • Pinterest — While more inconspicuous than the other platforms, it can be a great way to promote your space.

Set Up an Open House Event

An open house is a fantastic way to get people interested in your property. Plus, it's unarguably the most creative way to sell it. We suggest turning your open house into a themed party. It will bring out your home's best features and boost your chances of receiving a lot of interest in a super-quick timeframe. Shaun from We Buy Houses in Denver mentioned that he prefers open house sales to closed sales. “As a company that buys houses for cash regularly, it’s still helpful to see a home staged at an open house. Now that the market is tighter, I prefer to see properties dressed up before making an offer.”

Consider an Auction

If you are looking for a really quick turnaround, why not try an auction? They're all the rage in the home-selling market. Even though auctions are different from true FSBO options, it does give you increased control over the selling processes than traditional methods. Real estate auctions can usually help you sell your house fast but don’t always yield the highest return. Decide what’s more important to you when trying to sell a property by yourself - time or money.


Get a For Sale By Owner Yard Sign

Finally, you can use a For Sale By Owner yard sign to let passersby know your home is up for grabs.

You can be as creative as you like with it too. Try to come up with an attention-catching punch line that shows readers what your house is all about. The trick is to keep it aesthetically pleasing while being unique enough to stand out from the crowd. Do your best to nestle the for sale sign into your landscaping set up in your front yard. It may deter potential buyers if you have to crush your flower bed to simply put a sign up.


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