5 Reasons to start living in Sittingbourne

January 30, 2023

Are you planning to reside in Sittingbourne?

Many different buyers will think Sittingbourne is a great place to call home! Excellent residences and schools can be found nearby. Sittingbourne in Kent has gained popularity as a place to live as a result of its superior transportation options. Letting agents in Sittingbourne can help you find the perfect properties in the area. Sittingbourne residents have great access to both the county of Kent and the British metropolis of London. In result, a variety of buyers and investors are drawn to the area. Moving might be really difficult if you are not familiar with the place. Before you start making plans for your move, you should learn as much as you can about the place.

If you're thinking of moving to Sittingbourne, check out this Sittingbourne area guide!

House Prices

Living in Sittingbourne or the neighbourhood gives you a lot of fantastic possibilities. There are numerous alternatives available for you, whether you're looking for a brand-new home in one of the brand-new housing complexes, a Victorian townhouse, or a traditional family home. Sittingbourne and its surrounding towns provide a mix of period-style homes and barn conversions that complement the region's agricultural background for people wanting a rustic lifestyle.

Comparing Sittingbourne's home costs to those in the neighbourhood, they are quite appealing. In Sittingbourne, homes cost, on average, £307,134. Living in Sittingbourne becomes an obvious choice when you contrast this cost with the average price in London, which is £727,743!

Living expenses in Sittingbourne

In 2022, Sittingbourne residents will have a wide selection of restaurants to choose from. Like other villages, towns, and cities in the UK, Sittingbourne has a range of eateries and supermarkets. Getting a solid grasp of the costs of food, both at home and in restaurants, is an excellent approach to get ready for a relocation. Prices can vary from one region to another due to the large range of possibilities.

When moving, consider costs like hiring movers, transportation, packing supplies, and travel. If doing it yourself, account for truck rental and packing expenses. Storage and insurance are extra considerations. Get quotes, negotiate with movers, and plan ahead to avoid unexpected expenses. Hence, choosing a professional service is important. Budget carefully for both living and moving costs to ensure a smooth relocation without financial surprises.

Transportation Links

Living in Sittingbourne makes commuting simple. When it comes to transportation, locals have a lot of wonderful choices. It will take less than an hour to go from Sittingbourne to London St. Pancras, while it will take slightly longer to travel from Sittingbourne to London Victoria. Because of this, Sittingbourne is incredibly alluring to commuters who seek a direct route to the city. Road linkages are also excellent for the locals. Access to the A2, A249, M2, and M20 makes it straightforward to get to both London and the Kent coast. There is little doubt that Sittingbourne inhabitants have access to convenient transportation options.

Activities for Residents of Sittingbourne

You have access to a wide range of enjoyable activities if you reside in Sittingbourne or the nearby area. The Swallows Leisure Centre offers fitness courses, gym equipment, sports facilities, climbing walls, and swimming pools. the ideal location for fitness whilst residing in Sittingbourne. Walkways and a picturesque estuary scenery may be found in Milton Creek Country Park. The region, which was originally a landfill, is now home to crucial wildlife habitats and a children's natural play area. The Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway and the Bredgar and Wormshill Light Railway are two further heritage railroads in the region. Both are fantastic family outings, and Sittingbourne families are sure to enjoy them! Locals can learn about the attractions on the Island of Sheppey. Traditional seaside villages and beaches with both shingle and sand options can be reached through the Kingsferry Bridge. All people of Sittingbourne have access to a wide variety of fantastic things to do!


A quality school system is crucial for all families, whether they reside in Sittingbourne or elsewhere. A section of the Kent Local Education Authority is Sittingbourne. Moving families will have access to both primary schools and academies in Sittingbourne. Numerous prestigious primary schools, as well as top-notch nurseries and childcare facilities, can be found in this town. 

When it comes to secondary schools, there are a tonne of fantastic possibilities! The primary secondary schools in the region are Fulston Manor School, Sittingbourne Community College, and The Westlands School. 

Additionally, students have a choice between Highsted Grammar School for girls and Borden Grammar School for males, both of which are grammar schools. Canterbury is home to the main campus of the University of Kent. This means that kids who are thinking about attending college have the choice to complete their coursework nearby. 

Why Live in Sittingbourne?

Choosing to reside in Sittingbourne, a town in Kent, England, is influenced by various factors. The town's proximity to major cities like London and Canterbury is advantageous for convenient travel. Affordability is another appealing aspect, with Sittingbourne offering a potentially more economical cost of living than larger cities. The town's smaller size contributes to a close-knit community feel, balancing rural and urban amenities. 

Consideration of job opportunities in and around Sittingbourne and the quality of the local education system for families is crucial. Exploring cultural and recreational activities like parks, museums, and events adds to the town's appeal. The housing market and available properties should align with personal preferences and budget considerations. Situated in Kent, 

Sittingbourne also provides access to beautiful countryside and coastal areas for those who appreciate natural surroundings. Safety, overall quality of life indicators, and awareness of future developments further contribute to decision-making. Before finalizing a move, visiting the town, interacting with the community, and seeking local insights provide valuable perspectives on the living experience in Sittingbourne.

There is no doubt that Sittingbourne is a fantastic place to live for schooling!

With all these and more, Sittingbourne is an excellent choice for families as young professionals.

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