5 Reasons to Use Self-Storage during Home Renovation

January 4, 2023


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Home renovation is an exciting way to customize your house to fit your family’s aesthetic. It increases your home’s value, changes its size, improves its look and functionality, and completely transforms it into a dream space. This is particularly true if you live in Birmingham, Al that holds a strong demand for real estate and is one of the most populated cities in the state.

However, the reality of going through a home renovation project is not always fancy. It is stressful, overwhelming, and frustrating at times. In addition to hiring designers and contractors, finding alternate accommodations, and juggling with other things, the situation can get even more complicated if you don’t know how to manage your stuff during your home renovation project.

However, one of the best ways to protect your things during a home renovation is to stow them away by renting a self-storage unit. Storing your stuff at a self-storage facility ensures that your belongings are not lost or damaged. It helps you keep your costly furniture and valuable things safe until you are done renovating your house into the dream space you’ve always wanted. And this is not just the case for your furniture and valuables but also for your cars, boat, jet skis, and RV if you are making changes or extending your garage. Reliable car and rv storage Birmingham AL facilities have advanced video surveillance and 24/7 security to prevent thefts and damage, so you can rest easy that your toys will be safe, away from the dust, paint splashes, and other dangers of renovation, while work is being done at home.

Sounds appealing? Here are some more advantages of using self-storage facilities during a home renovation.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Damage

Typically, a home renovation project is all about plumbers, contractors, and other workers going in and out of your house daily. Thus, instead of stressing about the safety and security of your belongings, your best bet is to keep them safe in a self-storage unit.

A self-storage unit helps keep your valuable possessions out of the way. It helps keep your belongings clean and safe from being knocked over or bumped into by workers. Also, certain facilities offer gated entry and 24-hour access to ensure you can easily access your belongings at all times.

Similarly, you can keep the storage unit close to your house to avoid inconvenience and reduce driving time. This is just one of the many benefits of using self-storage.

2. Create More Space and Speed Up the Work

During house remodeling, you will need to shift some or even all of your belongings out of the way. Since not all people have sufficient space to store their belongings elsewhere in the house, this frequent movement means over-stuffed rooms and cluttered hallways.

Moreover, your contractors will demand room to work and store materials and supplies such as paint tubs and power tools. Thus, moving your displaced items into a self-storage unit will create space for you and the workers. In addition, it will help contractors have the extra space to work properly and free up some space in your house for storing the equipment and material necessary for your renovations.

In other words, your contractors can be more efficient onsite and get the work done much quicker. As a result, your home renovation project can be completed timely.

3. Avoid Theft or Breakage

When you work with a team of construction laborers, there is a lot of foot traffic in the house. This means you also have a chance of possible theft during the chaos. No matter how much you trust the workers and constructors, you cannot entirely rule out the possibility of theft.

Thus, keep your valuable items safe using a self-storage unit rather than being on a watch or skeptical of everyone roaming in your house. This is particularly true if you have things like electrical appliances, jewelry, and precious art collections in your home.

Likewise, a self-storage unit helps protect delicate items like crockery, tables, and other glass material. After all, during a home renovation, breaking accidents are inevitable. Accidents like dropped paint or broken lamps can happen instantly. In fact, even with a well-planned makeover project, you just cannot protect everything.

But by keeping breakable stuff in a self-storage facility, you focus on your home renovation more than the worry of breakage. Also, by clearing crowded spaces, you can easily save yourself money in replacement costs.

4. Stay Organized with Zero Dependency

Unsurprisingly, your stuff will be all over the place during a home renovation project. During that hustle, it is not easy to keep things organized. In fact, everything turns out to be a mess, making finding what you need at the right time quite a task.

However, you can avoid the additional hassle by using a self-storage unit. It helps you keep things organized without relying on your friends or neighbors to keep your essentials and valuables safe during the renovation.

While it may sometimes work, the chances are that the person may not be readily available whenever you need anything. On the other hand, with a storage unit, there will be no such qualms, and you can access your stuff 24/7 or whenever you want.

5. Get a Blank Canvas in Your New Space

Having your belongings safe and secure in an offsite storage space gives you an excellent opportunity to see the empty space and envision how you want your new space to look. You can picture the space well without getting your belongings and furniture in the way. Moreover, it helps you better organize your room while decluttering and determining what you need in your house and what is needed seasonally.

In other words, using a self-storage facility for your home renovation lets you focus on the actual home renovation from start to finish and plan ideally. However, if you really want to keep your belongings close to your house, you can also opt for mobile storage.

The Final Words

Having a secure self-storage unit during a home renovation project gives you the peace of mind that all your belongings are safe regardless of how long your renovation job takes. In addition, it helps you protect your valuable items from dust, debris, damage, and breakage.

It lets you focus on your remodeling project without unwanted surprises and makes your renovation more manageable with fewer hindrances in your way.

So don’t sacrifice the space in your house or your sanity during your home renovation project. Instead, use a self-storage facility to store your belongings and stay stress-free. However, when renting a self-storage facility, make sure it is close to your house, equipped with 24/7 surveillance, and lets you access your belongings whenever you need them. Good luck!


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