5 Wall Paneling Ideas — Modern Panel Designs to Elevate Every Space

January 9, 2023

People’s quality of life is gradually improving, and their requirements for interior decoration quality are also increasing. In the past, it only needed to meet the basic living functions, but now it needs both comfort and aesthetics.  As an essential link, interior decoration design is gradually accepted by more and more people. Nowadays people are also preferring MDF panelling kit to make the place look for radiant.

Interior decoration design mainly refers to making indoor functions and environment better meet people’s needs through some means according to the use of nature, environment and corresponding requirements of the house.

Whether it is doing DIY indoors or asking designers to design our homes, we are full of enthusiasm for interior design.

Operating Revenue of Interior Design Services (Naics / Scian 54141) in Canada from 2008 to 2020 (In Million U.S. Dollars)

From the above data from, this forecast statistic shows the operating revenue of interior design services in Canada from 2008 to 2012, with forecasts up until 2020. By 2016, operating revenues of interior design services in Canada are projected to reach approximately 1.69 billion U.S. dollars. The number of interior design services in Canada is increasing year by year, which shows that the market size of interior design is getting larger and the number of audiences is increasing.

Wall panels are an indispensable and attractive element in interior decoration. Wall panels can reflect more details and can be spliced. During interior decoration, they can be installed on the entire wall or half of the wall. The free combination makes it more attractive.

The idea of decorative wall panels has come a long way and is no longer limited to historic homes. Now, many of the best moldings tend to be more affordable, sustainable, and easy to DIY.

There is no better way to increase the design appeal in a space than this wall covering, whether you’re going for a traditional or modern style with draping or wainscoting. Additionally, wall panels—whether made of wood or MDF—can increase the natural contour of a room, create additional space, and even insulate and safeguard walls.

Durable and aesthetically appealing wall cladding panel ideas

This historic decorative feature is timeless and sure to work in bedrooms, living rooms and even hallway spaces. Installing new DIY siding, whether it’s lapboard, wainscoting, or a simple chair armrest, is a great way to bring a character back to a knocked-down home, fill a gap in an existing scheme, or help with a new scheme in addition to incorporating.

1. Create a modern, rustic look with wood veneers

For contemporary style that can be personalized in a variety of ways, choose striking wood slatted trim panels in light, Scandinavian-inspired shades, or rich, dark shades for a dramatic dance of touches. This popular wall cladding panel style is a staple for 2022.

Jen & Mar, from Interior Fox, said: “We are cladding fans who adore how it gives a wall a focal point – it works on all types of properties, especially new construction as it really helps add character and Interest. However, people are moving away from simple MDF cladding in favor of wavy elements and smaller panels. An overall newer and more luxurious way of incorporating this technology.

Featuring high-quality acoustic properties, the rustic Slatted wall cladding panel collection is all handcrafted and available in the latest trending colors.

Each slat is specially crafted to emboss the veneer surface, which means it not only looks and feels like solid wood, but also gives you that much sought-after rustic look. Quick and easy installation allows you to quickly retrofit any space.

2. Nod to Regencycore

Ready to take on the scandal caused by Bridgeton at home? MyJobQuote’s design expert Ryan McDonough says searches for Regency-style interiors surge due to the “Bridgeton effect,” a review of how fluted panels are a great value (budget-friendly) DIY update that will turn your home into Bridgeton-Style Escape:

“To transform your living space into a palatial room, you should install traditional square siding, a common feature of 19th century style homes in Bridgetown. For DIY siding, you’ll need some planks, pencils, a tape measure , a laser level for measuring, and a saw and miter box for cutting. You’ll also need a pipe and cable detector, as well as some strong adhesive and sturdy nails to hold the wood panelings in place before you start drilling.

“Once the wall claddings are in place, you can paint them in pastel shades. For a more modern aesthetic, you can use darker paneling, such as navy or even black, and they will work beautifully with wood floors and gold trim.

3. Use wood paneling to lay horizontally

Vertical paneling gives the illusion of added height, while horizontal wood paneling widens a room, making it a great option for small spaces. In this fun and feminine bedroom scheme, crisp white horizontal decorative wall panels contrast against the light gray upper wall, adding chic texture and depth.

4. Get artful!

Are you prepared to use your creativity to give your walls some significant personality? “Paint inside a box” and treat the fluted panel as a framed canvas where you can unleash your inner minimalist artist! This unique and fun DIY mural idea knows no boundaries and is a fun and unique decor alternative to wallpaper ideas.

Robin Antill, Director of Leisure Buildings, said: “To really make your wood paneling ideas stand out, choose bright colors. Bold and vibrant shades give traditional paneling a more edgy vibe.”

5. Change your look with half wall paneling for a modern heritage look

Elevate your living room design and add subtle interest and texture to it by implementing a half-wall DIY board and wood slat design that lends it a touch of Edwardian grandeur. When creating a two-tone design, be smart and fashionable by choosing paneling with a crisp, neutral finish and contrasting it with a vibrant color on the walls. Trees Talk – Walls Talk!

Inspired to add paneling to your walls? We hope this guide to wall panel design ideas has given you the confidence to try it out. Please choose the matching wall panel design style according to the decoration style of your home.


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