6 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Garage

January 13, 2023

If there’s one area in your house that’s often neglected and unappealing to be at, yet you still use it daily, it’s your garage. The primary function of your garage is to park your vehicle. However, for many homeowners, it has become a storage for old furniture, bulky items, and boxes filled with seasonal items and junk.

With all the accumulated stuff, your garage looks dirty and cluttered. When left alone, clutter may overpower the area, not having enough space for its main function. If you’re ready to clean and transform your garage, here are a few ways to spruce up this area.

1. Do A Deep Clean

When there’s less stuff and clutter, it’s easier to organize space. So, the first step in sprucing up your garage is to do a deep cleaning. You can park your vehicles elsewhere to have adequate workspace while you clean. Then, you can empty your garage.

Take your time decluttering and organizing each item into three: to keep, donate or sell, and throw away. Only keep the things you’ll still need and use. Old stuff that you probably won’t use or any slightly damaged items that need repairs can be donated or thrown away.

If there’s too much unwanted junk than you’ve anticipated and you're wondering how to dispose of it easily, consider hiring professionals such as Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. They can help haul away any items you no longer need, saving you time and effort.

2. Be Smart About Storage

Most garages fail to function fully and end up cluttered due to poor organization. This is where storage and organization solutions come in. Every garage will need several sets of storage solutions, which may include cabinets, drawers, shelves, and organizers.

It is best to have adequate storage and organization solutions to keep all kinds of objects, tools, equipment, and boxes neatly. Make sure to utilize a variety of styles and types of storage, such as locked cabinets, racks, and durable hooks.

Locked cabinets are suitable for storing dangerous items or toxic chemicals in your garage. Hooks and racks can provide quick access to frequently used tools and items and make good use of your garage’s vertical spaces.

3. Upgrade The Garage Door

An outdated garage door does much more than just hurt your curb appeal and overall home value. As one of the biggest doors in your home, your garage door is a major source of heating and cooling loss. A damaged and unsecured garage door also increases your safety and security risks. It provides easy entry for thieves.

So, if you have the budget, upgrading your garage door is one of the best ways to spruce up your garage. You have several options to choose from. You can use a classic wood material that adds a distinctive rustic aesthetic to your curb or a more contemporary and long-lasting option, such as steel.

4. Paint Dingy Walls

A new coat of paint can instantly breathe new life into any space, and your garage is no exception. Painting the walls and ceiling can make your garage look less gloomy.

Most homeowners use neutral colors that give the garage a simple and clean look. However, you can also use bold and bright colors. Using bold and bright colors can make your garage look more active and energetic, especially if you use your garage as a work area for your DIY projects.

5. Re-Finish Your Floor

Don’t spoil your newly painted walls with dull and stain-filled concrete flooring. Consider cleaning up the floor and refinishing the surface with an epoxy coating. Not only does it transform the overall look of your flooring, but it also offers better resistance to stains while making cleaning easier.

6. Add Lighting

Even bright-colored walls and refinished floors will look gloomy without enough lighting. A dark garage isn’t only unappealing, but it’s also unsafe.

It is best to buy and install at least two shop lights with LED bulbs. You may also consider adding motion-sensitive lights. Solar-powered outdoor wall lights can also help increase your garage’s security and safety.


Although you don’t pay much attention to your garage, it still serves one of the essential functions in your home. It is where you park your vehicles or, at times, become your storage. Regardless of how you utilize this space, it is important to give it the makeover it deserves to maximize its full potential. Take inspiration from the above ideas and tips to transform a drab, cluttered garage into an organized and useful area at home.



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