6 Remodeling Tips for Celebrity Homes

January 21, 2023

Celebrities have apartments and condos worth millions of dollars. Their home acts as a retreat after long shoots and traveling. 

But with changes in style and trends, it’s only natural to want to remodel homes, even for celebs. 

Here are six remodeling tips to bring that chic yet elite look to your house.

Decide on a Theme you Love

No, we are not talking about crazy party themes - unless you are looking for something bold and crazy!

Imagine this - you have a vintage couch but a modern glass coffee table that doesn’t complement it. Deciding on a theme gives us a general idea of what we want the room to look like. 

Having a theme for the entire house or each room binds all the elements of a room together. If themes sound too extreme for your liking, consider a general vibe. 

This will help while you are shopping for furniture and accessories for your room. It will also help you in visualizing what you want and increase the designer’s understanding of our expectations.

Celebrities or influencers who yearn for a vintage home can design rooms based on a particular era or decade. Emma Chamberlain’s house can be an inspiration for many.

From Top to Bottom

Details are what make a masterpiece. Perfecting tiny details will make your house a lot more functional and look exceptionally impressive.

Think about how you can enhance convenience in your daily living. Get a bigger refrigerator. Or upgrade the gym apparatus, maybe?

Perhaps, you need to think at a more expansive level and make renovations.

Don’t ignore the flooring, ceilings, and roofs. All these components unite the room and make it look well thought out and put together.

Most celebrities add various wooden touches to their homes - from window frames and ceiling beams to wooden panellings. Wooden ceilings and floors give a minimalist yet very elegant look and feel. This creates a very earthy and rustic aura about the room.

Unique commercial roofing can enhance the appearance of your home. A roofing contractor can help with selecting a design that suits the needs of your home.

Throw on Some Accessories

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs accessorizing. Adding accessories to a room brightens and makes it appear more lively. 

Celebrities often choose to adorn neutral walls with bright paintings.

You can put in bold or minimalistic artwork depending on the paint and wall design that you choose. If you want something a little more quirky, add statues and art pieces. 

To give a more cozy and warm look, you can choose to put in more cushions and throws on beds and sofas. Adding rugs and carpets that complement your furniture can also make a vast difference.

For a unique and personalized finish, collect antiques and memorabilia. Take inspiration from fashion and make-up mogul, Kylie Jenner. Even her Christmas ornaments were personalized and had nostalgic value.

A key tip while shopping for accessories is to look out for pieces that speak to you. Your house should feel like an extension of your personality.

First Impressions DO Matter

Whatever people say about impressions, the truth is they matter. 

And for houses, doors are the first impression. Thus, doors should be given as much importance as any other part of the house. There are a variety of doors that you can choose from. 

But to begin with, consider the subtle ways that you can incorporate changes into your door including repainting it. Experts believe that rooms with a darker shade should have a door with a much lighter shade. 

One can also try changing the door knobs to give the door a more lavish appearance.

If you’re willing to go all the way and change your door, go for ones that have small and intricate designs. Tinted glass and wooden beams allow for a rustic and quaint vibe.

Furniture with a Personality

Celebrity homes are all about quirky and extravagant pieces of furniture that we cannot imagine in our own houses. But these statement pieces of furniture sets the space apart from cold and lifeless hotel rooms.

California King Beds with a big pile of pillows, abstract mirrors, and chunky couches have been getting a lot of hype lately. Light fixtures that accentuate the pieces of furniture tie together the entire room.

Apart from the chunky couches and mega-sized beds, you can take many different approaches to enhance the way your room looks. Some of these are as simple as choosing a different texture, shape, or color when you purchase furniture. 

Adding furniture with a quirky shape allows the room to have a more designer feel. The same goes while incorporating distinct textures and colors. 

Lenny Kravitz has an entire furniture line with African textiles and a retro touch. Such pieces could be very refreshing to look at, especially for rooms with plain neutral walls, as is the trend today. 

These pieces of furniture add an element of originality and break the monotonous look.

Creating a Focal Point

According to design principles, every room requires a focal point that draws people to the room. There are many ways to create a focal space.

Manipulate the placement of furniture items in the room by building it around a fireplace, mantelpiece, or even a large window. Moreover, wall colors can further accentuate the silhouette of different types of furniture.

Unusual and quirky-shaped furniture may also act as a focal point. Collections or bookshelves on our walls may also draw attention to our eyes. 

The final bit for creating a space perfect for almost any occasion lies in having warm and cozy lighting. These ensure no harsh shadows are cast in the room - creating an ambient atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

Your home is your personal space where you spend the majority of your day. Designing and remodeling it in a way that suits your interests will boost your spirit.

Allow natural light and maintain space to do things you enjoy. 

Most importantly, consider it a sacred space to express your style and creativity instead of blindly following trends.

Crystal Simmons
Crystal Simmons is a freelance writer and is passionate about helping people. She also has her own blog where she shares her tips and tricks.

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