7 Reasons to Use a Glove Dryer

January 12, 2023

Taking care of outdoor gear like gloves can save you money, as you won’t need to get new ones nearly as often. A glove dryer can help you care for your gloves by drying them quickly whenever they get wet. Here are reasons to use a glove dryer:

1. It Helps Remove Excess Moisture 

Wearing soaking-wet gloves can be uncomfortable and increase your risk of catching a cold. A dryer can help you keep your gloves dry by eliminating excess moisture. The equipment dries them by converting liquid molecules into gaseous molecules and blowing them away from your gloves.

2. It Can Prevent Mold Growth 

Excess moisture can affect outdoor gear by causing mold growth. This is especially common if you don’t give your gear sufficient time and space to dry. If left uncontrolled, mold can cause respiratory problems, affecting your ability to enjoy outdoor activities. Glove dryers can prevent this by keeping your gloves uninhabitable for fungal growths—mold is unlikely to grow on dry surfaces.

3. It Can Help Eliminate Foul Smells 

There’s a strong correlation between wet items and foul smells since musty-smelling mildew thrives on wet surfaces. A dryer can help you prevent odors resulting from mildew growth by removing all moisture from your gloves. Eliminating the odors can enhance your comfort when you're participating in outdoor activities you love, especially if you’re sensitive to smells.

4. It Can Save You Time 

Air drying your gloves can take hours or days, depending on your area’s temperatures—the colder it is, the longer the drying process is likely to take. Waiting this long for your gloves to dry can keep you from outdoor work or recreation. Glove dryers are a fast-drying solution; some models can dry items in just a few minutes. You don’t have to put off being outdoors for too long if you have a limited number of gloves.

5. It Can Protect Your Gloves from Damage 

Glove dryers are specifically designed for gloves, so they carry a lower risk of damaging them than regular dryers. Some have adjustable heat settings, so you can decrease or increase the heat exposure to your gloves depending on their material. Kevlar gloves can withstand more heat than leather gloves, so you can choose a lower heat setting if you’re drying the latter.

6. It’s Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use 

Glove dryers are versatile—you can connect yours to a power source at home, in your car, or at a camping ground. This makes them the ideal choice for people constantly on the go; they can carry their dryers without worrying about their effectiveness. You only need to determine your dryer’s recommended power outlet voltage beforehand.

7. It’s Easy To Carry 

Glove dryers are smaller than regular dryers, so you can carry them anywhere without taking up too much space. With your dryer’s original packaging, you can enjoy the convenience of having reliable drying equipment everywhere you go.

How Do You Know You Need a Glove Dryer?

Individuals who enjoy hobbies that involve being outside in all weather conditions, such as fishing, need dryers to keep their gear dry. Investing in the dryer allows you to enjoy your favorite hobbies without risking your health or comfort.

These dryers are also key tools for people who work outside and may be exposed to different weather elements. Examples include construction and utility workers, as their jobs sometimes require them to be outdoors even when it’s raining.

The equipment also benefits parents with kids participating in after-school activities like soccer. It eliminates the need for them to buy or carry extra gloves as it can dry the ones they have in a few minutes.

Keep Warm with the Help of Glove Dryers 

Gloves are key items for anyone who enjoys being outdoors as they help them keep warm. But they’re susceptible to getting wet, especially if you’re outside during the winter or when it’s raining. A glove dryer can help you stay warm by eliminating excess moisture from your gloves. It can also reduce the risk of mold growth and eliminate foul smells resulting from moisture. With the right dryer, you can participate in any outdoor activity without compromising your health, comfort, or gloves’ quality.



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