8 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring An Emergency Plumber

January 27, 2023

The plumbing system is one of the most critical components of any property. However, it’s a commonplace for this system to develop issues over time.

Plumbing emergencies shouldn’t be overlooked. In an emergency, time is money since a plumbing leak or problem might cause catastrophic damage to your house. That’s why it's critical to always have an emergency plumber on call. But note that you must be prepared to conduct some research to get high-quality plumbing services.

Before you choose an emergency plumber, here are some questions you should ask.


1. Do You Charge For Travel?

It’s often the case that when you request emergency services, you might get charged for travel expenses. Not all service providers will ask you to pay an additional fee for transport. Some may just charge you a flat fee for an emergency call-out. But, to be sure, ask them to avoid surprises.


2. Who Does The Work?

It’s best to avoid understaffed service providers. Note that professional plumbing services typically employ several technicians. This is crucial because if you have an emergency and one plumber is tending to another emergency, you’ll be in big trouble. Finding another plumber on short notice would be hard, especially if the issue arose during the night.

Furthermore, if you have a major problem, many plumbers may be required to address it. So, you need to know who works on the plumbing emergencies at the plumbing company. Inquire about their level of experience and qualifications. If you get ambiguous replies, you start searching elsewhere.


3. Do You Offer Emergency Services?

This is a straightforward question. It’d be best if you didn’t assume that all plumbing companies provide emergency services. So, it’s best to ask whether a prospective contractor has that facility. Shortlist those companies that offer emergency services and discard those that don’t.


4. What Are Your Rates?

Every plumber will charge a different fee for the services they provide. If they offer emergency services, inquire about their cost structure. Ideally, you should get as many quotes from different plumbers as possible. Then you may select the quote that provides the most outstanding value.


5. Do You Have References?

Requesting references is crucial since they’ll highlight the service provider's customer service and quality. While you might use online reviews and testimonials as references, it's best to ask a prospective plumber for references. If they're sincere, they shouldn't mind giving you a list of references you may contact.


6. How Long Does It Take To Respond To An Emergency?

If you’re going to have an emergency plumber, availability is a crucial requirement. Plumbing companies should ideally have more than one technician available for emergency callouts. They should promptly deploy someone to your location when you call for an emergency.

Inquire about their availability and ask how long it usually takes them to react to an emergency call. In an emergency, time is always of the essence. A delay might cause tremendous damage that will cost a lot of money to fix. Even if you have a small emergency, you need a plumber who can respond quickly.


7. What Services Are On Offer?

Before you commit to a service provider, confirm the range of services they have on offer. The typical range of plumbing services includes drainage and pipe repair. However, some plumbers may provide other services such as emergency air conditioning (AC) repair and water heater repair. Having such a service provider makes it easy to have a professional that is your go-to for plumbing and air conditioning repair emergencies.


8. Do You Have Service Guarantees?

Professional plumbers typically provide service guarantees since they know how to do their job well. Dealing with recurring plumbing issues may be frustrating, especially when you must constantly pay someone to address the same problem. However, if a contractor's job includes a service guarantee, they’ll return to repair this for free if a problem persists.

Ask your prospective contractor if they offer service guarantees since they provide an extra layer of protection and may result in cost savings. Furthermore, it incentivizes the service provider to do an excellent job the first time to avoid being contacted again. They understand that their reputation will also be on the line.



When looking for an emergency plumber, always confirm whether they offer emergency services. Keep in mind that not all plumbers work around the clock. It’d help if you also inquired about their track record and experience. Working with experienced contractors is usually smart since they know how to handle multiple problems properly.

While it may be tempting to fix plumbing issues yourself to save money, it’s better to leave it to the experts. So don’t hesitate to call your plumber whenever a plumbing issue surfaces. Once you've found a good plumber, stick with them to build a strong relationship with them.



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