All Terrain Electric Scooter Review: Varla Eagle One Pro

January 4, 2023


Electric scooters are booming in the market right now. There are many all terrain electric scooters that have established solid ground due to the many manufacturers that have taken over the world.

Varla all terrain electric scooter

However, as a more motorized scooter for adults became popular, the more challenging it become to differentiate between the best ones. The competition became more intense as each year passed, and every single time there was another excellent innovative dual-motor electric scooter to take its place.

Now in that race to be the best dual motor scooter electric, there is our one and only all terrain electric scooter. While there are many people who already love this e-scooter, there are still people who still have doubts about it being the best one in the market.

The Varla Eagle One Pro is one of the most robust, strongest, and a heavy-duty electric scooters that one may think of. It is a recent release that has caught on and quickly become everyone’s ultimate choice. This e scooter is especially perfect for the audience that seeks thrill and adrenaline rush. This all terrain electric scooter holds significant qualities that make it worthy of being on the top of the list for most people.

Let's delve more in-depth into the manufacturing, inner workings, and each individual component. With details, you will be able to correctly assess your requirements and learn how phenomenal Varla Eagle One Pro is.

Is Varla Eagle One Pro Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

The famous Varla Eagle One Pro is one of the greatest inventions of the e scooter industry. Many people attest to its quality and testify how they are the best option for comparatively heavier riders.

Unfortunately, bigger people don’t necessarily have a wide range of options to choose from- they only have a specific collection to pick from, and most of those choices lack quality. Therefore, scooters like Eagle One Pro are appreciated by many people.

For anyone who is an outdoorsy person, this particular scooter is perfect. It supports the weight of an individual with an accurate balance of double suspension to compensate for a smooth riding experience as well.

The company claims that it can handle weights around 150 kg. The rider’s weight limit may exceed 150 but then it may result in a slightly unbalanced journey. However, due to their ability to absorb most bumps and ups and downs, the person isn't likely to feel minor misbalances.

It doesn’t let go of power like typical commuter scooters do when they are under considerable weight. Seeing as it is as powerful and robust as others, it is advised for beginners to obtain proper training and learn balancing techniques to ensure a safe journey.

Pros of the Eagle One Pro

There are many things to love about Eagle One Pro- it is the perfect successor of its original version Eagle One dual motor electric scooter. Many people were anticipating a simple look upgrade but Varla delivered much more. Here are only a few of the main pros of investing in an Eagle One Pro.

· They are one of the fastest electric scooters on the marker

· They extended battery resulting in exceptional range

· Their double suspension allows for smoother riding experience

· They have a color display

· There is an installed LED display

· They have brighter lights compared to others

Cons of the Eagle One Pro

With great benefits come some drawbacks. While Varla tried its best not to compromise on the greater aspects of the all terrain electric scooter, there were some factors that we had to let go of in order to secure a heavy-duty yet budget-friendly best dual motor electric scooter.

· Doesn’t lock into place

· Comparatively slow acceleration

· Doesn’t have a good kick

· The display will likely fade in color under direct sunlight

· Hard and polymer tires

Varla fast electric scooter

Varla Eagle One Pro Specification

Varla subsequently has taken over the electric scooter for adults market without any problems. The scooter has everyone in awe with its optimal performance and exceptional range. They have a significant impact on a person’s everyday commute; they make the journey safer and more efficient.

This is solely possible because of the marvelous specifications that distinguish them from everyone else. The following are the Eagle One Pro specifications:

· Motor: It has a dual 1000w Hub Motor

· Range: It can go up to 40+ miles or 64+ kilometers, making it one of the best 40 mph scooters

· Display: It has LCD backlight

· Battery: It has lithium-ion batteries- 52V/18.2Ah

· Top speed: Its top speed is just like its range- 40+ miles or 64+ kilometers

· Brakes: It has ABS and dual hydraulic brakes

· Tires: It has pneumatic tires- 10 x 3 inches

· Weight: With the weight of the battery is 35 kg.

· Recharging timings: Around 8 to 9 hours for a full charge

· IP rating: It is IP54

Performance Summary for Eagle One Pro

The Varla Company has designed a scooter that is perfect for almost all types of activities. You can even go camping with this electric scooter for adults around town, visit new places, hike to new hills, and more. Buying this particular scooter is a worthy investment, especially if you are an adrenaline enthusiast.

· Acceleration: The max acceleration they have is from 0 to 15 mph in less than 2 entire seconds.

· Top Speed: The top speed of this electric scooter for adults is around 40.6 miles per hour, ultimately making it an excellent 40 mph scooter.

· Hill Climb: It has a hill climb rating of 7.9 seconds max.

· Range and Battery: The range of this e scooter is around 36.1 miles, while its battery is lithium-ion 52V/18.2Ah

· Braking: It can brake from 15 to 0 miles per hour speed and with a 10 feet distance.

· Shock Absorption: Shock absorption allows for your riding experience to be smooth and safe.

· Charging Time: It can fully charge in around 8 or 9 hours.

Varla Eagle One Pro Features

Varla electric scooter for adults

While the manufacturing advantages of Eagle One Pro are more than enough, it isn’t the only thing Varla offers the community. It has multiple sets of advantages but with them comes various features as well- additional benefits, if electric scooter adult will.

· Portability: It is one of the most portable heavy-duty e scooters on the market. While they are rather heavyweight compared to their other lightweight models, they are significantly lighter than other heavy-duty electric scooters.

· Light: With how low-maintenance this scooter is, their lighting system is outstanding. They have one of the best lighting systems ever seen in a motorized scooter for adults.

· Tires: Their tires eliminate any worry you may have about punctures, and because of their added traction, they are excellent at braking as well. You won’t have to worry about a flat tire electric scooter again.

· Deck: The deck comes with high-quality silicone matting that allows for your grip to be more stable and firm.

· Build Quality: It is considered one of a kind with its 90 lbs and 11 inches body structure. It is a stunning all terrain electric scooter.

· Weight & Load: It can carry up to 280 lbs, making it an ideal option for heavy riders.

· Safety: It has all the warning systems you may need- a horn, an intense light, impressive brakes, and exceptional build quality. You can rest easy that you will stay safe during your ride.


Whether you are worried about a flat tire electric scooter or you are an adrenaline enthusiast, an all terrain electric scooter will be a perfect addition for you.

An all terrain electric scooter is a considerably better option in the market, which many attest to. Head over to Varla right now to get a discount on an all terrain e scooter.


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