Can You Upgrade Your BMW Performance Parts?

January 13, 2023

BMW cars have stellar performance but also offer room for customized performance. Most manufacturers limit car performance, including horsepower, torque, and acceleration, to meet regulatory requirements and sell in many areas. If you own a BMW, improvement parts can increase your car’s performance and rideability. All you need is a reliable auto works company that can provide premium BMW performance parts and complete smooth upgrades.

5 BMW Performance Parts You Can Upgrade

BMWs can be upgraded in various ways. Most people seek speed and control, so engine and suspension tuning are the most common. You can install many other upgrades to improve interior comfort, exterior trim appeal, and driving safety. Here's an overview of five BMW performance parts you should consider upgrading:

1.    The Engine

Engine tuning and upgrades are the most popular and obvious when looking for speed and power. You can invest in a new performance chip to increase horsepower and improve fuel economy. Performance chips can also improve throttle response and torque. You can also change the oil catch kit to keep your BMW running clean.

A new performance air intake system is another upgrade for your engine. You can improve airflow to keep the engine operating at optimal temperatures and efficiency. Engine tuning and upgrades are designed to boost horsepower and overall capacity. Make sure you tune in phases to achieve stable and smooth power without compromising your car.

2.    Suspension System

BMW suspensions are optimized for the engine settings and capacity. You must reinforce the suspension whenever you boost horsepower and torque to match the increased power. Suspension system upgrades seek to improve performance and driving comfort. You can find superior replacements for stock shocks and struts and better rebound-dampening settings.

Suspension upgrades also allow you to adjust the ride height and fine-tune comfort levels to meet your needs. You can upgrade different components, from the steering to the engine. Consider the tires, springs, shock absorbers, arms, bars, linkages, joints, and bushings. You can upgrade all these parts to offer better performance and driving comfort.

3.    Performance Brakes

Increased power and acceleration call for improved stopping efficiency and fade resistance. You need quality brake pads and braking systems to help you deal with higher speeds. The goal is to achieve the best stopping performance. Stock brake pads won't suffice after an engine tune-up. They may be safe to use but will wear out faster and may result in more brake dust.

Upgrading to performance brake pads and systems results in an extended lifetime and a better pedal feel. Performance brakes make it easier to stop quickly and safely. They also offer an inexpensive upgrade for your BMW and are recommended even if you don't tune the engine. You can have a better braking and stopping ability, especially during emergencies.

4.    Exhaust & Heat Exchange

Upgrading the exhaust can maximize airflow, especially after engine tuning. You need the best exhaust diameter to optimize velocity and reduce resistance during low and high RPM. Exhaust upgrades include changes in pipe diameter, backpressure, velocity, resistance, and noise levels. You can also find advanced models with computer-controlled valves.

Heat exchanger unit upgrades can keep your BMW engine running efficiently. The unit is your car's cooling system and helps to optimize operating temperatures. Upgrading the unit can reduce intake air temperatures and improve heat soak recovery. The units enhance airflow, lower coolant and oil temperatures, and support peak engine operation.

5.    Wheels & Tires

If you're boosting your BMW's performance across the board, you should consider bigger, wider wheels and tires. Increased horsepower, acceleration, and speed will impact wheel performance. Your stock wheels and tires may not fully support the new settings, braking, and suspension upgrades. Most BMWs have enough offset to accommodate bigger wheels.

Wheel and tire upgrades can improve the appearance and performance of your BMW. The upgrades also help to maintain geometry and improve braking, traction, and car handling. Bigger wheels provide a beefier look and can last longer than stock options. Make sure you choose reputable auto works companies specializing in BMW performance components.

Quality Performance Parts for Your BMW

You can upgrade various components of your BMW based on your goals. The challenge is to find quality BMW Performance Parts and professionals to complete your upgrades. When looking for BMW upgrades, stick to experienced auto works companies with a clean track record. Working with experts and quality performance parts is the best way to approach your upgrades. Look into product and service warranties and stick to reputable local companies.


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