Custom T-shirts to Keep Your Family Together

January 19, 2023


The Best Matching Family Shirts for Your Next Vacation

If you are going on a family outing to the park, mall, or fair, security is a top priority.

Keeping your family together at all times may be a task, but finding each member doesn’t have to be.

Finding a shop that does custom printing Singapore to print matching t-shirts can help you find and identify each member of your family.

If you have it made well enough, you can tell people your family is wearing the best t-shirt in Singapore, like you.

Match and stand out as one

When you are out in a busy public place, getting separated and lost can be very easy.

One of the best ways to ensure every member of your family can be easily spotted and easy to describe is to have matching custom t-shirts.

If your family is okay with being bold, bright colours like red, yellow, or pink make you stand out to be easily spotted in the crowd.

Matching shirts allow you to describe your family member to anyone simply by saying, “Have you seen a person wearing the same shirt as me?”

For an even easier way to ensure each member can be found, have a family picture printed on each person’s matching shirt.

All in the quality

If you are planning on going somewhere you will want to remember — like a holiday, cruise, or theme park — you can keep your matching shirts as a memento of the outing.

The best way to make sure you can have the shirts for years to come is to buy high-quality shirts.

T-shirts can be made of different fabrics and designs can be printed in different methods or ink.

These differences can mean a shirt is either good or bad quality.

Material made with natural fibres last longer than more synthetic ones — think cotton versus polyester.

Cotton is also easier to print onto, making it a win-win.

Speaking of printing, the best printing methods for a lasting design are direct to garment (DTG) or sublimation.

Sublimation incorporates the ink into the fabric, whereas DTG involves using an inkjet printer to literally print the design on.

Finding the best printer

Before you buy your matching shirts, always do your research.

Check the online reviews and look at samples of the company’s work.

Verify that they make high-quality shirts with good materials.

Ensure the company is legitimate by checking their business licence against the government’s records, especially if you are ordering online.

Discuss with your printer the colours, design and number of shirts you need.

Shop around to get estimates to find the best price.

When you are planning to go out in a busy place with your family, find a printer to make the best tshirt in Singapore, so you can all have custom matching shirts.

Custom printing Singapore can make your t-shirts last for years — giving you a memento from your trip as well.

Find a quality printer to make your family’s one of a kind shirts for your next outing today.


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