Dealing with Ducts and Evaporative Cooler Cleaning and Repairing

January 6, 2023


A clean indoor air is a healthy home and healthy you. Thanks to the internet and social media many people now know about clean air ducts and their upkeep in keeping heating and cooling systems efficient and energy conserved for which professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne service experts are routinely engaged by consumers.

In the segment of cooling systems evaporative coolers have gained in popularity with sales figures raising due to the advantages it gives. They are clean and do not pollute the air, making it a healthy option for home owners as well as the environment. With more and more people opting for them the demand for Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Melbourne service providers have also increased as many see it as a vital part of yearly maintenance plan for their offices and residences.

Evaporative coolers have a mechanism that filters the air by cooling it with cold water and returning the air to the room via a fan. Over time due to constant use, these fans get dirty, so keeping the coolers in good health will prolong their lifespan and providing you with the cool comfort of a well running system.

Why do you need duct cleaning? How serious is it?

Reports abound about how air quality impacts our health and well being directly.  1 out of 6 people suffer breathing issues from poor air quality. We face the constant threat of pollution for air outside that is laden with pollens, dust, germs, pathogens and many toxic gases. Similarly the air inside our homes, work spaces, commercial complexes too are laden with pollutants, pathogens and dust that have all the potential to cause discomfort and health symptoms in us.

Dust and lint gather inside and around duct making it easy ground for bacteria to grow that may cause allergic reactions and other health complications. Also due to restricted airflow through return air duct and near heating fan unit may cause fires which everyone would want to avoid?

So having the knowledge of that and understanding the seriousness of air ducts that act as lungs of our cooling and heating systems, professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers need to be engaged to restore healthy air circulation in our living areas.

What is involved in Evaporative Cooler Cleaning?

The process of evaporative cooler cleaning involves assessing the machinery by technically trained experts. Once they review, and assess the machine condition appropriate action would be taken. Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Melbourne Service providers use vacuum cleaners, air pressure and steam cleaning techniques to clean the cooler well on basis of how deep the cleaning should be. Cleaning usually covers exterior and interior of the units, checking belts and changing cooling pads.

An important task of this process is also cleaning the tank with a non aggressive soap solution especially if the hardness of water is high. Then rinsing is thoroughly done using appliance’s drainage system.

Advantages of going in for Evaporative Cooler Cleaning

The benefits of a good cleaning are many-

Air around the home is purified

No presence of germs or pathogens

Cooler efficiency is increased

Minimizing energy consumption

Coolers do not pollute

There is no foul smell

Cooling is very consistent

Why clean the evaporative cooler?

These air coolers do a wonderful job of keeping you cool and comfortable in your homes all through hot months. They are portable and consume low power, giving consistent cooling in any room of your house. The down side is their filters gather allergens, germs, dust, and dander from the environment. It becomes very important to clean these filters, as the quality and flow of air entering the unit could be polluted. Professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers would ensure that each element of the cooler is cleaned, sanitized and checked, so that there is no polluting presence in them and the air quality is healthy and germ free.

Why do you need professional cleaning for your ducts?

There are various positives to cleaning the ducts-

  • For a healthier, cleaner indoor air that allows easier breathing keeping you energized and happy.
  • Lessen microbial activity by removal of skin flakes and hair and fur
  • Lessen allergy occurrences and other symptoms by removing molds and bacteria
  • Minimize the risk of mechanical breakdowns by removing sludge and other dirt from cooling units
  • Remove offensive odors from cooking, pet smells and tobacco
  • Minimize asthmatic attacks by removing dust, pollens, and carbon particles
  • Free testing of carbon monoxide to ensure safety for your family
  • Increase system performance an deficiency, reduce energy costs and save money
  • Remove from inside the ducts dust mites, living, dead or breeding insects, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, and feces
  • Minimize time and effort spent on dusting and cleaning furniture
  • Ducts get cleaned effortlessly with latest duct cleaning technology and equipment
  • Trained technically sound personnel ensure the best services and execution
  • It has an insurance cover
  • All technicians have years of experience and are licensed
  • The quoted rates are affordable, transparent and fair
  • Easy to reach services that may be booked online
  • All payment is discussed before execution to avoid confusion
  • Valuable tips and suggestions are provided by service experts
  • Great after service is assured
  • Sanitization is done after dead body removal
  • Services include residential duct cleaning, commercial duct cleaning, duct repairs, evaporative cooler cleaning and split system cleaning


At day end our cooling and heating systems in these days of pace and stress are our lifelines. It is very important that they function well. And to have them work well the air ducts need attention and maintenance and investment. This investment is necessary to prolong life of the system, give us clean and germ free air that have no health risks and saves us money and trip to go buy a new unit. Ducts are serious matter and little knowledge can be dangerous when dealing with their cleaning. We should avoid D-IY methods as far as possible as unclean ducts also may give rise to fire hazards. So calling in professional services is the best option.









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