DIY Dryer Vent Repair

January 24, 2023

Have you been surprised that your dryer has suddenly stopped making your clothes fluffy and has instead started to break down? You might worry that the belt fan in the dryer did it. But if you check and find that it's not the problem, it's time to look at things nearby.

If your dryer's problems aren't internal or mechanical, the vent duct likely is to blame. So, let's go over the basic steps for fixing dryer vent duct problems from start to finish.

Where Is My Dryer Vent?

The most common and best place for a dryer vent is through a wall next to the dryer that runs horizontally. Even though they don't lead inside, the basement and attic/roof are common ways to get in. Most dryer models only let you put up to 7 meters between the dryer and the exhaust port.

What Tools Should I Have For Dryer Vent Repair?

Before you can fix your dryer's vent duct, you'll need a few essential tools and supplies. Dryer Vent Professionals of San Diego recommends a simple list of things to fix this problem. Here's what you'll need:

  • a trash can
  • some duct tape
  • one screwdriver
  • one washcloth
  • one plumbing snake
  • a new dryer hose

These are probably already around, and you can recycle something to use as a washcloth or trash can if you'd like.

How Can I Repair The Dryer Vent?

Here are five easy steps on how you can repair your dryer vent.

Clean Lint Trap

You can remove the lint trap from the top or inside the door.

NOTE: If the lint trap gets clogged, the lint goes to the vent duct, which can hurt how well your dryer works and how well it works.

Rinse the lint trap with cool water, and then use a cloth to dry it. Now, scoop out any lint still in the lint trap's housing.

Make Some Space

Most dryer vents are made of foil tubes that run from the dryer back to the wall where the dryer air comes in.

NOTE: If your dryer is too far in, it can crush the vent tube, ripping it or squeezing linty air behind it. Move your turned-off dryer away from the wall to fix significant vent troubles.

Pulling the dryer away from the wall opens up a blocked vent and gives you more room to work on it safely.

Inspect For Tears And Gaps

Check out that shiny, flexible cylinder now that the vent pipe is out of the way. These are the dryer's parts that wear out the fastest.

NOTE: Look for tears, damage, or air leaks that you can see.

If the damage isn't too bad, you might not need a new vent duct. This step is what duct tape is best at. Putting a few pieces of duct tape over a tear in a vent duct can make it airtight and less likely to get damaged.

Tighten Seals

Check the seals at both ends of the dryer vent duct. Even if the duct is whole, hot air and dryer efficiency can escape through a loose duct.

NOTE: Loose seals that let the air out hurt dryers, clothes, and power bills. The solution is, of course, to reattach and tighten the duct seals.

Dryers work best when the duct seals are tight.

Clean Out The Duct

Old lint may clog up the dryer duct, especially if you let your lint trap get full and pack it into old-fashioned felt.

NOTE: Before putting the seals back on, shake your dryer vent duct to remove the lint.

If the problem is more serious, use a plumbing snake to reach the ducts inside your house through an outside wall or the attic.

Should I Replace Dryer Duct If It Didn't Work? How?

If air leaks out of your dryer vent even after you've fixed and tightened it, it may be too damaged to repair.

Find out what kind and how much ductwork your dryer needs if this is the case. If you know the part number, you can buy a new dryer vent duct, which should come with the necessary attachment parts.

The old dryer vent duct should be removed carefully and replaced with the new one. Make sure the fasteners on both ends of the duct are sealed tightly. That will keep the vent in place and warm air from leaking out of the dryer.

Who To Call In Case Of More Dryer Vent Issues?

If these steps are hard for you, you can always seek professional advice from dryer vent cleaning San Diego anytime. They are reliable and can also teach you how to maintain your dryer vent.


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