Electrician West Hartford Shares These 6 Essential Home Electrical Upgrades

January 23, 2023

Most West Hartford homeowners are always on the lookout to upgrade the visual elements of their homes. If you’re like them and want to improve your home, you should also remember essential systems that have been working hard behind the scenes. One of which is your electrical system.

Whether you want to remodel, renovate, or improve your home, electrical upgrades are among the most effective tasks to enhance your home’s overall functionality, energy efficiency, and safety. Plus, they help maintain electrical code compliance while boosting your property value.

A reputable electrician West Hartford company, KSB Electric, shares the top home electrical upgrades you need to make right now.

1. Electrical Panel Upgrade

Modern appliances use a lot of power. Moreover, many homeowners in West Hartford are installing power-intensive devices and amenities such as hot tubs and entertainment systems.

If you haven’t updated the fuse panel in the past decades, it may be unable to handle these electrical requirements and may result in circuit overloading. Some signs that your electrical panel needs an upgrade include tripped breakers, burning odors, noise from the panel, or flickering lights.

Upgrading your electrical panel can increase its capacity to 100–200 amps. It also gives you the option to install additional circuits in the future.

2. Replacement Of Old Wirings

Old wiring is a fire risk hazard. Unless you have a relatively new home, a fire hazard may be lurking behind your walls. Wiring and its insulation can wear down and become damaged over time. An exposed wire caused by faulty or deteriorated insulation can result in sparks and fire. So, you should consider replacing them as needed.

That said, most electrical wires run behind your walls. Replacing them can be disruptive and inconvenient. However, if you’re already doing a home remodel, you can use this opportunity to hire a qualified West Hartford electrician to require your electrical system.

3. Smart Home Upgrades

Today’s technology has advanced so much that most things in your home can now be automated or controlled remotely. A growing number of homeowners are building smarter homes where devices are interconnected through the internet, allowing them to control functions right from their fingertips.

For instance, a smart doorbell camera lets you see who’s at the door without being home. Smart lighting can automatically turn on at specific times. Smart thermostats can help automatically control the temperature of each room via a smartphone app.

Owing to the convenience they provide, smart home upgrades have been the most requested from electricians right now. To ensure security, the best electrician will need to make a few changes to your existing electrical system and add new functionalities such as data cables or hardwiring devices.

4. LED Lighting System

Lighting significantly impacts your home’s overall energy efficiency and ambiance. If you have an outdated lighting system, you should consider switching to a more modern solution—light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.

Switching to LED lights helps you save up to 80% of your lighting cost compared with incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, and halogens. Moreover, LED lights last up to five times longer than halogen bulbs and are eco-friendlier.

5. Solar Panel Installation

Speaking of saving on energy costs, one of the most popular home electrical upgrades today is solar installation.

Solar energy helps save you money by reducing your dependence on the local power grid and lowering your electric bill. Instead, you generate your electricity from the sun. Although this may seem straightforward, if you’re considering installing solar panels, an experienced electrician can help prepare and set up your home to take advantage of solar power.

6. Additional Outlets

Adding more outlets is another common electrical upgrade that homeowners want. This is particularly necessary if your home has multiple televisions, high-tech appliances, computers, and other electronic devices.

Some people may use extension cords to plug everything in, but this can be dangerous since it may cause circuit overload. You can avoid this hazardous situation by adding multiple outlets where you need them.

While adding outlets, you should also consider adding safety features such as an arc-fault circuit interrupter and ground-fault circuit interrupter. These solutions can help prevent fire hazards due to faulty or damaged wirings and moisture.


Whether you’re renovating your home or just looking for something to upgrade, revamping your electrical system is highly beneficial. A home with an outdated electrical system can be a safety hazard.

By upgrading your West Hartford home’s electrical system, you can ensure your family’s safety while also enjoying innovative functionalities and better usability of all electronic devices in your home.


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