Everything You Should Know About Borers

January 6, 2023

Borers are tiny wood-eating beetles that can cause widespread damage to your property and furniture. Often categorized in the same category of termites, borers are quite different from them.

Borers have bigger bodies than termites and play an important role in nature. Even though a nuisance and threat to humans, borers help nature by breaking down hard wooden timbers and decaying trees.

However, having borers inside your property is the last thing you want to deal with. And, that is why relying on services for Borer Control Melbourne is a must.

But, before that, it is important to know a few things about this unique pest.

Signs of Borer Infestation

Identifying borer infestation is not a difficult task, as these insects give several signs of their presence, and these include:

  • Tunnels in Furniture

Borers make a unique tunnel-like design in wooden timbers and furniture. Although these tunnels are hard to spot, they can be seen on some timbers and furniture.

  • Ticking Sound

Borers make a ticking sound when entering the wooden timbers or furniture. Even while munching on the wood, you can hear some weird noises which is a sign of borer infestation.

  • Droppings

Droppings of borers are similar to wooden dust. You may spot coarse wooden powder outside borer holes, which is a sign of infestation.


  • Hole in Carpets

If borers have targeted your wooden floorings, your carpets are likely to have holes in the back. If you can spot holes in the backside of your carpets, ensure you hire professionals for pest control Caulfield North!

  • Weak and Crumbling Wood

With continuous eating of wood, your wooden timbers, floorings and furniture are likely to start crumbling. When walking on the wooden floors or using furniture, you feel the structure has become weak consider it a sign of borer infestation.

Borer Control Methods

For eliminating borers from your property, there are several unique techniques you can try. And a few effective borer control techniques are:

  • Heating

Heating is an effective way of eliminating pests from your property, as borers cannot survive in a temperature above 50 degrees Celsius. While some recommend heating the wooden item for 30 minutes continuously enough, some suggest keeping the room heated for over 6 hours for complete eradication of borers in all stages of life.

Here, you cannot simply pick up a piece of wooden furniture or a plank and keep it in the oven, that is why it is recommended to rely on professionals for borer control Melbourne. The experts have the necessary tools for offering heat treatment that can cover up an entire room at once.

  • Freezing

Borers cannot survive extreme temperatures, and that is why freezing them is also an effective technique for eliminating these pests. Keeping the wooden item in the freezer for over a week helps give effective results.


However, the temperature of the freezer should be below -17 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, if the wooden items are thicker it is difficult to get rid of the borers effectively. That is why you should hire experts for borer control services!

  • Liquid Insecticides

One of the easiest and most effective ways of getting rid of borers is using liquid insecticides. However, the chemical must be applied on bare wood like paint so it can be absorbed. In case the wood is sealed with varnish or paint, you need to get rid of the seal first.

Alternatively, you can spray the liquid insecticide in the holes made by borers. The most effective pesticides are only available at licensed pest control companies, which is why it is ideal to rely on them for borer control services.

  • Removing and Burning

If the infestation is at its initial stage and only a few pieces of wooden planks of timbers are infested by borers it is best to separate them from the pile. Gather the infested pieces together and burn them. The heat will kill borers immediately which helps in controlling the infestation.

  • Fumigation

Fumigation is another reliable way of eliminating borers from your timber planks, furniture and floorings. However, you need to get your entire property fumigated if you want effective results.

Ensure you hire reliable pest controllers for the fumigation of your property and save your investment from early deterioration and damages!


Prevention Tips for Avoiding Borer Infestation

Follow a few prevention tips to keep your property and belongings safe from borers:

  • Seal the Wood

Wooden items and timbers can be sealed using varnish. Just a simple application of this chemical helps in preventing borers from laying eggs on or inside the wood and keeps them away.

  • Check Wooden Items

Before purchasing any second-hand furniture, fire woods or old timber, ensure you check them properly for signs of borer. This is one smart way of keeping borers and other wood-eating pests away from your premises.

  • Keep Humidity Under Control

Borers attack those wooden items that have some moisture content in them. If you have wooden items stored at your property, ensure you keep them in a dry location and put some effort into reducing the moisture level.

Ventilate the rooms where your wooden items are kept. Turn on fans and air conditioners regularly to control humidity inside your property.

Final Words

Borer infestation can be quite stressful and challenging. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the signs of borer infestation before they severely damage your property and cause serious losses.

Handling borer control at home is a challenging task, and that is why it is best to rely on professionals for Pest Control Caulfield North! Let the experts take care of your property and assets while you save time and effort!

Want professional borer control services? Rely on Pest Control Doctor, the most trusted pest control company offering unbeatable, effective and quick pest control solutions at one stop. Reach out to us at 0480018996 and make a booking right away!



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