Finding the Best Hairline for Your Face Shape

January 13, 2023

Clients considering scalp micropigmentation (SMP) should find the best hairline for their face shape. SMP practitioners offer various hairline styles, shapes, and positions. Everyone has a hairline perfect for their face shape. If you have experienced alopecia, hair thinning, or balding, SMP can help recreate your hairline. Here are five tips to help you find the best hairline for your face shape:

1.    Choose A Natural Hairline Position

The hairline position is one of the components considered when determining an ideal hairline for your face shape. Experienced scalp tattoo artists can recreate your natural hairline by comparing current and past photographs. Older men may opt for a slightly receded hairline to imitate the natural recession of the hairline that can come with age.

People with high hairlines may also want to lower the new hairline. Your SMP practitioner will help you determine the best position based on your needs. Some clients have hair patches growing along or near the hairline. Others have a shiny bald spot with no sign of a follicle. Working with a leading practitioner can help you achieve your most natural look.

2.    Replicate The Original Hairline Shape

Experienced SMP artists can work to replicate the shape of your original hairline to match your face. Straying from the natural hairline shape can result in an unusual appearance, so avoid extreme deviation. SMP practitioners often use rounded shapes instead of straight lines to give their work a more natural look. You can add widow's peaks, a pointed center, and other elements to give the hairline a distinct natural shape.

3.    Find The Perfect Hairline Style

SMP clients can choose different hairline styles to complete their new look. Popular styles include broken, jagged, lightweight, and edge-up. Broken hairlines are achieved by scattering the pigment below the real hairline to mimic natural hair distribution. Hairlines can be less defined in many people, so a broken style can be a more natural-looking choice for clients. Lightweight (faded, feathered, gradient) hairlines involve very light pigmentation, which can be ideal for people with lighter skin. The style doesn’t provide obvious boundaries.

4.    Match Your Skin Type & Color 

SMP aims to deliver the most natural appearance of a buzz cut in bald clients. It can even be used to complement the hair you already have. Clients seeking to recreate their receding or disappearing hairline with micropigmentation should match their skin type, color, and hair color when it comes to selecting pigments.

Depending on the skin of your scalp, practitioners can recommend different approaches to get the desired result. If you have dry, flaky, or sensitive skin on your scalp, the practitioner can recommend extra care to deliver the desired outcome. Some clients may require more sessions than average. Other clients have scars that require extra work to camouflage. The best hairline for your face shape should address all these issues.

5.    Choose An Experienced Scalp Tattooist 

You can get the best hairline if you choose professional practitioners experienced in SMP. If you want the best outcome, stick to leading scalp tattoo artists with a clean track record and good references. Choose reputable clinics with state-of-art equipment and certified experts.

When looking for SMP practitioners, request to see a portfolio of past work to see if the clinic has served clients with similar needs. Some clinics only provide the straight-line, edge-up appearance. Others have more experience and artistry, so they can handle a wide range of needs. Look for experienced artists to produce the most natural-looking hairline for your face shape.

Professional Scalp Micropigmentation Artists

Working with a professional SMP artist can help you find an effective long-term solution for hair loss and baldness. Leading SMP clinics can offer various services, including hairline restoration, thinning hair solution, and scar concealment. You should consider the pigment source, quality, and type. Choose clinics that use high-quality natural pigments matching your scalp, skin, and desired follicle color.

Professional scalp micropigmentation can provide an authentic appearance that is hard to distinguish from natural hair follicles. Leading SMP practitioners can help you understand the technique, preparation, and aftercare involved in delivering the best results. You can also get answers to all your questions and concerns during the initial appointment.



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