How Learning To Write Beautifully Can Enhance Your Child's Development

January 11, 2023

The Lost Art of Handwriting: Why Children Should Still Learn to Write Beautifully

Some schools in the West are paying less and less attention to handwriting skills. For example, in a number of American schools, children write by hand in the first years of school, but only in block letters, and then they increasingly use computer input. Paper and pen are being replaced by the keyboard.

Is it a tribute to technological progress and an attempt to keep up with the times, or a huge mistake that deprives the child of necessary developmental opportunities? Is it important to be able to write by hand and have a nice handwriting? The experts of the finance essay writing service share their opinion.

How writing by hand develops brain

When a person - either a child or an adult - writes by hand, his brain actively works and develops. This is confirmed by science. According to a 2016 study by University of Washington, handwriting develops not only the motor skills of the hand, but also thinking. Scientists used functional magnetic resonance imaging and found that the process of writing activates the areas of the cerebral cortex that are responsible for memory and learning new information.

In children who are just beginning to learn, handwriting primarily stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for recognizing letters and connecting them to words. The so-called Broca Center, which is responsible for speech formation as well as the ability to read and write, was noticeably activated during the writing process. One might conclude that writing by hand builds the many neural connections needed to remember letters and develop fluency. Scientists have found that it works both ways: he who writes well, reads better, and vice versa.

The more we write, the more we train our fine motor skills and develop the parietal area of the brain, which is responsible for the interaction between vision and motor activity. It is it that is "switched on" when we estimate the distance of movement. Thus, by learning to write, a child improves his chances of learning to drive a car, play extreme sports and other activities requiring special skills.

How writing by hand helps students learn

Students are still given these homework assignments: to make excerpts from a textbook or write a short report to read out in front of the class. And that's a good thing! The authors who write a lot of reviews at believe that rewriting data can be a vital part of your learning process, as it actively engages the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain. Consequently, not only does this help you to remember information more easily but also helps with storing and retrieving knowledge from memory better than ever before. It works like a filter, "sorting" out in order of importance what has to be processed by the brain. Thanks to the RAS, information that a child writes down by hand is perceived by the brain as the most important.

Moreover, handwritten letters and numbers are remembered better than electronic symbols because the child's brain creates cognitive memory maps with them. This means that a child does not remember these signs by themselves, but the appearance of the written pages, the arrangement of information in a certain part of the sheet. Children often realize that remembering the multiplication table is much easier if they visualize it written in their notebooks.

This, too, has been confirmed by experimental methods. Scientists from Princeton and California universities asked students to listen to a lecture and write down an outline in any convenient way. After that, the experts analyzed the recordings and asked the students what they had managed to memorize. It turned out that those who chose to write by hand remembered the main idea of the lecture and the conclusions that followed from it better. Why? Because they had to analyze the information, rethink it, and write down the most key points.

Speaking about handwriting - the actual teaching of literacy, we should not forget about literacy - spelling, punctuation. But it is with the help of writing that all the laws of linguistics are mastered in the best way! That is why there are so many written exercises and dictations at lessons of the native language. Literate speech - both written and oral - is an indicator of the level of education, culture, which is always a value.

Why a child has bad handwriting and how to fix it

When a child is just learning to write, both teachers and parents want him to do it not only correctly, but also neatly. Some teachers lower grades for illegible writing and blotting. Why do some kids write neatly almost immediately, while others get "dancing" letters? What affects handwriting?

Bouncing letters of different height, lines crawling over each other, blots are not the result of laziness and inattention, as it is usually thought. It is the brain, not the hands, that are responsible for writing. Writing is a complex activity. There are many processes that influence handwriting. It is important to develop hand-eye coordination, the ability to quickly switch from one activity to another, spatial awareness, good memory, and many other things.

You will be surprised at how different and far from school activities can contribute to improving handwriting:

  • various games of pushing and pulling, and throwing objects of varying weight at a goal improve muscle sensitivity,
  • balance games develop the vestibular apparatus,
  • all tasks related to tracing - ball rolling, moving objects, as well as different types of hatches, circles, mazes, improve hand-eye coordination,
  • relay games with a change of activity, movement and table games on reaction develop the ability to quickly switch,
  • any games, connected with memorizing, reproducing by memory the list of products, the location of objects, improve memory
  • graphic dictation, the ability to distinguish between right and left, top and bottom develop spatial concepts.

How writing essays helps improve writing

Writing essays is a great way to enhance your writing skills. It improves the level of your writing by helping you to become aware of how words fit together, as well as how they convey ideas and concepts. Essays allow you to practice and refine your writing style while developing an understanding of what works best for different types of topics and audiences.

When you write an essay, you are required to research and analyze a subject thoroughly before creating a concise and organized document that presents your findings. This process requires you to read widely, think critically, and develop strong arguments that can be supported by evidence. By going through this process repeatedly, your writing skills will become stronger as you learn how to effectively express yourself through words.

In addition, when you write an essay, it also helps to improve your organizational skills. Essays require structure and organization in order for them to be effective. You must learn how to develop a logical sequence of ideas that support your main argument and ensure that all of your evidence is clearly presented and appropriately referenced. By learning how to create a coherent, well-structured essay, you will have an easier time organizing your thoughts and writing effectively in other areas.

Finally, essays can also help improve your grammar and punctuation skills. Essays require more attention to detail than many other types of writing, so it is important that you spend time editing and proofreading your work. By regularly honing these skills, you can improve the overall quality of your writing and make sure that your points are clearly communicated to your reader.

In conclusion, writing essays is a great way to hone and develop your writing skills. It helps you become aware of how words fit together and convey ideas; it allows you to practice and refine your writing style; and it helps you improve your grammar and punctuation skills. With regular essay writing, you can become a stronger, more effective writer.

But if you need some extra help, cheap essay services are available online to provide you with quality help in completing your essays. From editing and proofreading to content review and guidance on improving your writing style, essay writing services can provide you with the support and assistance you need to create an outstanding paper that meets all of your academic requirements.



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