How Many Houses Can You Get With A VA Loan?

January 23, 2023

If you’ve been in the military or are currently on active duty, you can purchase a home using VA loans. Individuals who are and were in service use it to provide homes for their families. It’s also common to ask how long they can use the loan and how many properties they can acquire using the loan. Here, you’ll find answers to these questions and how you’ll qualify.

How Many Times You Can Use A VA Loan

The VA loans come with specific requirements for borrowers. If you’re a veteran, on active duty, or a surviving spouse and are eligible, you can use VA loans as many times as you want in your lifetime. That also means you can take out as many mortgages as long as you qualify with a lender. Lenders will have varying requirements other than the usual financial statements. If a borrower doesn’t have social security number, they can apply for an ITIN, or individual tax identification number. That might help them become eligible for ITIN loans.

As per how many mortgages you can take out at a time, you’re only supposed to qualify and get approved no more than two times. The general rule is that you must occupy the home you’ll purchase. It also happens when one house is currently for sale to buy another. Another reason is when you’re being assigned to another location but still want to keep your old home.

Also, VA loans are only for the house that you deem as a primary residence where you’ll live. It’s only for investment properties you rent out if you also live in the house. That said, you can’t use a VA loan to fund a second property you don’t intend to occupy for most of the year. The VA loans are only for the purchase of a residential home.

When You Can Get A Second VA Loan

If you’re in any of the mentioned situations above, you might be wondering if you can get a second VA loan for another home. First, you need to check if you have enough VA entitlement left. Borrowers may inquire for complete details with reputable lenders like

A VA loan entitlement is the guarantee that the VA grants a borrower when the loan has been approved. Veterans Affairs reimburses the lender 25% of the loan amount should you fail to repay the mortgage. If you still have loan entitlement, you can get a second house with little to zero down payment. That 25% is the guarantee for one home only.

Borrowers who want to purchase a second house with a VA loan without a down payment must have enough entitlement to cover the 25% of the total loan amount as the VA will guarantee that much for the first loan. If the VA only offers whatever entitlement you have left, your lender will tell you to provide a down payment to bridge the gap between 25% of the loan amount and the entitlement you have left.

VA Entitlement Grants

In most of the country, USD$106,025 is the total entitlement amount made up of the basic entitlement amount and the secondary entitlement of USD$70,025. It could be more in high-cost areas to buy a home. For example, you got approval for USD150,000 for the first house. The VA grants an entitlement of 25%, so it’ll guarantee USD$37,500. You still have 75% remaining of the entitlement amounting to USD$68,525 that you can use.

Also, for loans exceeding USD$ 144,000, VA insures a quarter of the loan amount. That means you can multiply the total entitlement amount of USD106,024 by 4, amounting to USD$ 424,100. Borrowers could borrow up to that much before determining how much they need to offer as a down payment.

How Much VA Entitlement Can You Get?

Head to the Veterans Information Portal or the VA LGY Hub to request a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to check your VA entitlement.

You’ll see precisely how much entitlement you have in your certificate. Those yet to take out a VA loan may show a basic USD$36,000 in their COE. The certificate of borrowers with other VA-supported properties will also contain related details of the loan and how much entitlement has been used.

The VA sets no limit to how much it’ll guarantee for those with full entitlement. It’ll ensure a quarter of the loan amount once you find a lender who’ll approve your mortgage loan.


You can acquire a few houses for as long as you meet lender requirements. But simultaneously, you can only retain two homes if you’re using a VA loan with the condition that you must live in your home as a primary residence. There are other scenarios, such as if you’ve been transferred to another base and still want to keep your old home. To get a second home, you must check how much VA entitlement you have left. You can typically find that information on your Certificate of Eligibility.


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