How To Best Maintain Your Heating and Cooling System

January 12, 2023

The heating and cooling system in your home helps to keep the temperature stable and comfortable. These systems can be quite expensive, and replacing them can cost a lot of money. You can save money by taking good care of your HVAC system and working with professionals who provide heating and cooling services. Here is how to best maintain your heating and cooling system:

Clean the Condensing Unit

Most HVAC units include an exterior condensing section to help cool the home in the summer. Grime, pollen, and dirt can accumulate in the condensing unit, particularly within the metal fins. Since clogged condensing units are less efficient, you must inspect the unit at least once every season. Also, clean the outside portion of the unit using a water hose.

Change Filters

Filters prevent hair, dust, and other pollutants from spreading throughout the house. Continued use of filters causes these particles to accumulate on the filter and cause clogging. To increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, change filters frequently, preferably every 30 days. Clean filters will allow more air to go through, reducing the energy required to cool and heat your home.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Monthly inspections of your HVAC system can reveal any emerging problems. Ask a professional technician to inspect the inside and outside of the unit, registers, and thermostat. Other things to check include:

  • The status of the thermostat's battery
  • Condensation system drainage
  • Cabinet doors and filter access
  • Signs of mold in all registers

If the inspection reveals any problems, schedule immediate repairs.

Look After the Heat Pump

Wear and tear often affect heat pumps that work all year round. The wear and tear can make the system less efficient and increase your energy bills. Regular tune-ups of the heat pump will make sure it functions optimally in the peak season. Tune-ups should happen twice a year and preferably just before winter.

Clean the Ducts

The movement of air into and out of the HVAC systems happens via passages called ducts. Particles in the air may eventually accumulate in the ducts and reduce the quality of air in your home. Poor air quality can be harmful to people with allergies or asthma. Clean ducts regularly, particularly if you have pets or have recently remodeled the property.

Get a Smart Thermostat or AC Controller

Smart features allow you to monitor your HVAC system and implement preventive maintenance. Use smart AC controllers or thermostats to monitor the functionality of the AC system. The smart features can also provide notifications whenever your system requires cleaning. Some smart thermostats even track indoor air quality and alert you of any problems.

Smart thermostats also have special features, like geofencing and scheduling. These features allow you to activate or deactivate the system remotely. Remote activation make sure the system doesn't run unnecessarily or waste energy.

Seal Any Leaks Around the Unit

Seal any leaks around the HVAC system as soon as you discover them. Conditioned air can use the leaks to escape and increase energy costs. Some common ways to seal the leaks include caulk and weatherstripping. A sealant tape can help prevent leakage from refrigerant lines, but a better option is to let a professional fix the leak.

Insulate Your Home

An overworked heating and cooling system is likely to wear and tear easily. You can reduce the burden on the HVAC system by insulating your home. Common types of insulation include concrete block insulation, foam board, and fiber insulation.

Clean Coils

Coils boost the reliability and efficiency of your HVAC system. Well-functioning coils can reduce cooling and heating costs while enhancing indoor air quality. If the coils are dirty or dysfunctional, the air conditioner will consume more energy when heating or cooling your home. Keep coils in optimum working condition by cleaning them regularly.

Check Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries

Get new carbon monoxide detector batteries every year during an annual HVAC maintenance visit. The detector will help identify the source of carbon monoxide leaks in your home. Usually, the heating and cooling system contains carbon monoxide that can cause injury or death. Also, check the vents and heat exchanger for any holes, corrosion, and cracks.

Benefit From Heating and Cooling Services

The heating and cooling system helps make your home comfortable during extreme summer and winter conditions. But if you don't take proper care of the system, your energy bills will increase, and you may have to buy another one within a short time. The best option is to seek help from a company that provides heating and cooling services.


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