How To Pick The Right Painting Contractor

January 11, 2023

Are you thinking about how best to improve your home's aesthetic? If yes, applying a fresh coat of paint is a foolproof option as doing this adds color to your walls and brings much-needed cheer into your home.

And although you can tackle the painting of your home as a DIY project, this is something best left to an expert. This is because painting projects, despite looking simple, are usually quite complicated.

With this in mind, it's best to leave the painting work to a qualified contractor that has a license to operate in the United States. But the many options on the market make choosing a painting contractor very confusing. If you're in such a fix, worry not, as here are useful tips on picking the right painting contractor.

1. Plan Your Budget

How much money are you willing to spend on your painting project? This a question you must ask yourself because your budget depends on several things, such as:

  • The amount of prep work you must do;
  • The project's scale;
  • The quality of materials to use; and so on.

Besides these, your budget also depends on the painting contractor you hire. Knowing this, you must consider the amount of money you're willing to spend before hiring an exterior painting company in Kansas City. This is because you want to work with a company that charges fair prices for its services. With that said, you shouldn't go for the cheapest painting company as they're known for:

  • Using the cheapest paints
  • Hiring inexperienced painters
  • Using fast painting techniques simply to get the work done

Knowing this, you shouldn't hire the cheapest painting company or else be ready for a shoddy paint job. Even so, you also shouldn't hire a painting contractor who charges exaggerated prices. This is because such companies have marketed themselves to offer luxury painting services. Ideally, the best contractor charges mid-range prices, while still following standard painting methods, and using quality paints.

But before you can arrive at the painting company to work with, take your time to compare three to five contractors. As you do this, check out their pricing and included services. Doing this gives you a clear idea of how much money you should set aside for the painting project.

2. Ask For A Detailed And Clear Estimate

The last thing you want is a last-minute rise in your painting cost because of omitted expenses. You can best prevent this by hiring a painting contractor that gives you a detailed and clear estimate.

With the right contractor, you don't have to worry about calculating how much the painting project will cost. A thorough estimate also shows a contractor's professionalism and organization. The estimated price should include as well the services offered by the contractor. Other estimates you should get include the following:

  • Start and end dates;
  • The project's scope, that is, the application process, details of the prep work to be done, and areas to be painted;
  • Paint specifications include what paint to use and other needed materials;
  • A clear outline of the payment terms for easy understanding; and the like.

3. Positive Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Another way to select a painting company is by looking at the reviews of their previous clients. Doing this will help you know whether the painting contractor delivers quality services and is reliable.

You can check online sites to get these customer reviews. The painting company's official business website is another great place to read the past feedback from former clients. If you're unconvinced by online reviews, you can get personal referrals from your family and friends.

4. Look At The Contractor's Experience

You must always want to work with an experienced painting contractor. This is critical as it shows they have the capacity and skills to execute whatever painting project you've assigned them.

The advantage of working with an experienced painting contractor is they're less prone to making errors. This is because they've been in such situations before and know how to proactively prevent such mistakes from happening.

You should check out their portfolio on their website to get a better idea of a company's experience. Doing this will help you see if they meet the standards you want.

5. Ask Good Interview Questions

There are questions you need to ask a potential contractor to gauge if they're the right pick for your needs. You can ask these interview questions by chat, phone, or email, and they include:

  • Are you licensed and insured?;
  • What type and brand of paint will be used?;
  • Who'll work on the painting project, subcontractors or employees?;
  • What products will you be using?;
  • Do you belong to a particular professional association?;
  • Do you provide warranties or guarantees?;
  • Can you share your references?; and others.


Working with a qualified painting company for exterior and interior projects is the secret to a great paint job. Yet finding the right painting professional to hire is easier said than done. This post looks to ease your troubles by looking at tips that'll help you narrow down your picks until you choose the contractor. With the right expert, you're assured the applied fresh coat of paint improves your home's look and aesthetics.


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