How to Reduce Noise & Make Your Home Quieter

January 17, 2023

Noise is something that can disrupt our peace and quiet, especially at home. Whether it's from outside sources or within the home itself, excessive noise can be disruptive and cause us to feel stressed and anxious. While noise reduction isn't generally at the forefront when looking for inspiration for your interior design projects, it can be just as important to your quality of life as an immaculately designed home.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce noise in your home and create a more peaceful environment. This guide will help you identify the noise sources in your home and provide tips and tricks to block out or reduce the sound. Read on for some useful advice to help make your home more tranquil.

Door & Window Seals

One of the most effective ways to reduce noise in your home is by installing door and window seals. These seals will help block out unwanted sound from entering your home. They are relatively easy to install and come in various styles and materials, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.

While door and window seals can be added to your home with relatively little cost, replacing your windows may be your best bet if you're willing to spend some extra money. Invest in double-paned windows for further soundproofing benefits; they're especially effective if you live in a city.

Add Insulation & Drywall

Adding insulation to your home can also help reduce noise. Insulation can be installed or blown into the walls of your home, and when done properly, it can play a tremendous role in noise reduction. Insulation acts as a physical barrier between you and the noise source—not to mention its primary function, which is temperature regulation in your home.

Another way to make your home quieter—and a far more surprising one—is to place some extra drywall strategically. Typically, one or two rooms in your home let in the vast majority of the unwanted and excessive noise; adding an extra layer of drywall to those areas can significantly widen the barrier between the noise and you.

First-time homeowners are often left to decide between a condo, townhome, or house, and the former two's shared walls have scared plenty of buyers off. Simply adding an extra layer of drywall to shared walls will reduce sound and improve neighbour relations!

Rugs & Carpets

Rugs are a great way to reduce noise in the home, especially on hardwood or tile floors. They absorb sound and can help muffle loud noises coming from other rooms. Invest in thicker rugs for more effective soundproofing, or hang tapestries on the walls to further dampen sounds that come through.

Cleanliness & Organization

Much like a cluttered mind can overwhelm you, a cluttered home can contribute to excessive noise. Keeping your space clean and tidy helps reduce echoes and reverberation, which can make the sound seem louder than it really is. Additionally, create a designated spot for items such as toys and other items that tend to create a lot of noise in the home.

Plant Trees or Shrubs

To reduce outdoor noise, consider planting shrubs or trees near the house. This will help to absorb sound waves and create a barrier between your home and noisy sources outside. And the added level of physical privacy is another benefit of planting trees and shrubs.

Talk to Your Neighbours

Noise coming from your neighbours can be especially frustrating. If this is the case, try having a polite conversation with them about their noise levels and suggest ways to reduce them. Working together to find a solution will benefit both of you and help create a quieter atmosphere for your home.

Noise Machines, Earplugs & Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Since it's not always possible to treat the main issue, sometimes your best bet will be to treat the symptoms, so to speak. It's always good to have a backup plan in case your noise-reducing efforts regress or are overwhelmed.

If you are looking for a more direct way to block out sound, consider using earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones. These can be useful when you need to concentrate or sleep despite noises outside your home or in other rooms. You can also buy a white noise machine that creates soothing background sounds to help mask other noise sources.

Quiet, Please!

Making your home quieter doesn't have to be a difficult process. Following the tips in this guide can reduce noise and create a peaceful environment for yourself and your family, improving bedtime (and naptime) along the way!


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