Less is More: The Single-Serve Packaging Trend

January 28, 2023

People are utterly addicted to the convenience of grab-and-go meals and food that requires no preparation. Not only have companies that package single servings experienced an increase in revenue, but customer convenience has also been enhanced.

The ease of grab-and-go meals and cuisine with little preparation time is something that people simply love.

Single-serve packaging is increasingly the preferred option for many health-conscious customers as a result of consumers' increased emphasis on nutritional intake and improved comprehension of what and how much they should eat.

Some Examples

To ensure the box itself won't close if it's too full, graphic designers have updated take-out containers. This guarantees portion control and convenient transit. Food and beverage containers will also incorporate valuable items like handles and straws for individuals who are always on the go.

In addition to changing the way people eat, the single-serving food trend also forces branding and graphic design firms to adopt new packaging trends for foods. They should consider the following things when thinking about the design of food packing labels. 

Highlighting Valuable Information

In addition to providing nutritional information and an ingredient list, graphic designers often emphasize vital information to increase marketability. 

To match the single-serve package format specifications, graphic artists must come up with novel methods to present this data.

Labeling and Packaging

Single servings may have requirements that differ from other products. For instance, on a single-serve box, businesses should supply information for both single and whole package portions. However, multi-serve packaging only bears information that applies to only that serving.

It is prudent to exercise care on how you present information, your choice of fonts, and how you display the logo and other graphic aspects. People should be able to trace the single-servings back to your brand based on what they see. While there could be differences, try as much as possible to maintain consistency. 

Presenting Directions

Food preparation instructions are included on every food packaging. Single-serve packaging should also have the instructions even with the small space available. It is up to the designer to ensure that the information fits into the space while remaining clear and legible. This requires you to work with a reputable branding company working with visual and print methods that is familiar with the packaging needs for this format. 

Use Single-Serve Packaging to Acquire Market Share

Packaging designers have thought of methods to simplify people's lives while also taking their health into account.

Designers have collaborated with businesses making everything from tea to health product suppliers to create packaging that would appeal to their target market. Many of these packing components are visually appealing, ecologically beneficial, and valuable.

Over to You

Packaging must adapt to changing customer buying behavior. Because they are busy, they want portability that offers comfort and a pleasant experience. You may increase your market share by offering single-serve packaging in response to consumer desires for more portable packaging.

Which container sizes are most practical for your items have to be determined by businesses. The target market, product form, distribution strategy, and logistics of shipment must all be considered.

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