Planning Your Wedding Photos Shot List

January 12, 2023

You want every moment on your wedding day captured perfectly, and a photo shot list can make all the difference. When you create a list of the photos you want to be taken and give it to your wedding photographers, it can help you get exactly what you desire and cherish those images forever. Here's how to plan and create an effective shot list for your big day:

Is a Wedding Photos Shot List Necessary?

While couples may assume that wedding photographers know exactly what to capture and when, a shot list makes sure they don't forget or overlook anything. For instance, as the bride and groom, you may want your photographer to capture something as intimate as the look on your faces when you first see each other at the ceremony. Or you may want a photo of your wedding dress or the rings. Each couple has their own unique vision for their wedding photos, and a thorough shot list is an excellent way to make sure that vision is captured.

Ideas for Your Wedding Photos Shot List

Creating a comprehensive wedding photo shot list can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Wedding Details

  • Invitation card
  • Wedding program
  • Bride's dress
  • Jewelry and other accessories
  • Flowers and other decorations
  • Groom's suit and accessories
  • Wedding rings
  • Gifts
  • Special signs

Getting Ready Shots

Whether you're getting ready at the same place or not, capture all the excitement of the morning. Shots can include:

  • Bride's makeup session
  • Groom putting on the boutonniere
  • Mother of the bride helping the bride get dressed
  • Groom and groomsmen getting ready together
  • Bride putting on her shoes
  • Bride alone with her bouquet
  • Bride's mother seeing her daughter in her dress for the first time
  • An emotional hug between the bride and her parents
  • Family shots
  • A toast featuring the groom and groomsmen

Ceremony Photos

Your ceremony is the emotional highlight of your big day, so it should be captured beautifully. Here are a few ideas for shots you may want to include:

  • Photos of the empty aisle before the ceremony
  • Close-ups of flowers, decorations, and other details
  • Groom and his groomsmen waiting inside the space
  • Photos of the attending guests
  • Ushers guiding guests
  • The arrival of the bride
  • Entrance by the bridal party, including the flower girl and ring bearer
  • The father of the bride escorting her down the aisle
  • The face of the groom seeing the bride for the first time
  • The couple exchanging vows and rings
  • The first kiss as husband and wife
  • Recessional of the married couple with confetti or petals
  • The family and other guests celebrating
  • The signing of the marriage certificate, for example, when signing a ketubah at your Jewish wedding

Post-ceremony Wedding Photos

Once the ceremony is over, there are a few more shots you may want to consider:

  • Spontaneous and candid moments of joy
  • Greeting and hugging guests
  • Group photos of the wedding party, family members, and friends
  • The couple alone for romantic shots
  • Couple with the bride's parents
  • Couple with the groom's parents
  • Couple with bridesmaids
  • Couple with groomsmen
  • Couple with kids
  • Bride with her bridal party
  • Groom with his groomsmen

Reception Photos

Don't forget to capture all the fun at the reception! Here are ideas for shots:

  • Reception details, including the cake, table settings, and decorations
  • Guests arriving at the reception
  • Wedding party entering the reception hall or space
  • Photos of the couple cutting the cake
  • The couple's first dance
  • Bride's dance with her dad
  • Groom's dance with his mom
  • Toasts and speeches
  • Bouquet toss
  • The bridal party trying to catch the bouquet
  • Dancing and partying photos
  • Grand exit of the couple

This is just an overview, but there are many more ideas you can include on your wedding photos shot list. As a couple, you should personalize the list to capture those moments and details that are special to the two of you. Each couple is different and so is each wedding, so capture all the unique moments that will allow you to look back on your day with fond memories.

What You Need to Know When Creating Your Shot List

When creating your wedding photo shot list, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Be realistic with the number of shots you want to capture.
  2. Set aside enough time for each shot to avoid rushing.
  3. Work with your wedding photographer to determine the best times and locations for taking photos throughout the day.
  4. Communicate any special requests or details to your photographer.
  5. Give your photographer a copy of the wedding photo shot list well in advance.

Don't forget to add some fun and creative shots to your list!

Work With Professional Wedding Photographers to Capture Your Special Day

You and your partner will cherish your wedding photos for years to come. Expert wedding photographers know how to capture the details, emotions, and special moments of your wedding day. Hire a trustworthy and reliable photographer and work with them to create the perfect shot list. The results will be wedding photos that capture the beauty and love of your special day.


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