Playing The Piano and Its Impact On The Brain

January 13, 2023


Don’t you feel healthy and cheerful when your favorite song begins to play? Music has always had an incredible impact on our mental wellbeing, and it's no wonder that more and more studies are being conducted to uncover its benefits on our brain and overall well being.

And did you know that learning how to play a musical instrument can have an even further-reaching effect? Sure, even if we just listen to music, our healthy state of mind is improved. If we take it one step closer and develop our creative side, the reward can be immeasurable!

The benefits of playing piano for the brain

Piano is an instrument that can have a profound effect on the way you think, feel, and experience life. People from all walks of life have found themselves drawn to its captivating tones for centuries. It is believed that with just a few hours of practice each week, the sounds produced by a piano can help reduce stress levels and soothe anxiety. For those suffering from clinical depression, properly trained piano players are finding that their ability to play can provide them with much needed comfort and control over mood changes.

Playing piano improves your concentration and focus

Life in the 21st century can be stressful at times. All of us are busy with endless lists of things to do - it's no surprise we often feel overwhelmed and unable to focus our attention on a single task. This feeling is only exacerbated by today's digital distractions. If you're looking for an enjoyable activity that will help increase your ability to concentrate, why not learn how to play piano?

Mastering piano skills can help improve focus and boost productivity. Children taking piano classes remember 20% more vocabulary than their classmates. On top of that, learning how to play the piano can also add a touch of beauty to your everyday life.

Playing the piano boost your listening skills

Learning to play the piano improves your listening skills. It helps to hone in on the most minute details by attending carefully to what is being heard and repeated back with accuracy. As you familiarize yourself with the notes and rhythms of music, you become more attuned to how sounds are intertwined, allowing a deeper appreciation for nuances.

From classical arrangements to modern mixes, mastering these performances grants an increased acuity for sound and its intricate delivery- something that will stay with you long after you stop playing. Boost your listening skills with regular practice, playing your favorite pieces.

Playing the piano strengthens your proficiency in math and reading

Learning to play the piano can be compared to studying math. The notes and rhythms are taken in a similar manner as solving a problem. This explains why the proficiency of mathematics and reading increases in a piano learner. Playing the piano is an incredibly intricate feat, requiring both decoding of sheet music and performing at the same time.

Converting musical notes into sound can help become a more adept reader – who knows, even discovering something completely new and innovative: “mathemusic”! Follow your curiosity and pick up this inventive hobby; who knows what grand accomplishments you could be on the verge of.

Playing the piano improves multitasking abilities

Playing a piano is an amazing feat of multitasking and coordination. Not many people realize the complexity of mastering this instrument until they start feeling on their own how difficult it is. One must utilize both their left-hand and right-hand; use their feet to work the pedals; read chords and notes with the eyes; use fingers in interesting patterns and activate various memory centers in their brain.

The sheer number of activities that are conducted at the same time make playing piano a holy grail for multitaskers – it not only keeps you sharp but also allows for some great music creation!

Playing a piano helps people decrease stress

Playing the piano is quickly becoming a popular method of reducing stress and anxiety. Whenever life begins to get overwhelming, it can provide an outlet for us to focus on something simple that makes us feel good. Playing the piano uses both analytical and creative thinking, which enables our brains to switch off from other worries and ruminating thoughts, allowing us to relax and clear our heads.

It also provides a form of imaginative escape – music can help transport us elsewhere mentally, calming the mind and restoring some much-needed balance. Moreover, playing the piano has been linked to increasing activity in the hippocampus, improving concentration & memory recall as well as providing a distraction from unpleasant emotions or distracting thoughts. Stress relief like this is invaluable today.

Final thoughts

Playing the piano is the perfect way to escape from any pressures that life throws your way, stay focused and enhance your mental faculties. Not only does it relax you and make you enjoy life, but it also increases focus exponentially. You can practice as much or as little as you want, focusing on each note and technique until perfection is achieved.

With so many options for lessons and potential "partners in crime", there should be no stopping you from making music a part of your life! The health benefits that come with playing Piano are immense, if you choose to take it up - what have you got to lose?



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