Preventing Plagiarism: a Guide for Students and Educators

January 28, 2023

The availability of modern technologies and unlimited access to the online network allows students to use a huge number of online resources when writing their academic papers. On the one hand, this helps them to fill their papers with a variety of facts and sources from which those facts were taken. On the other hand, these opportunities can also have a not-so-good effect, which must always be kept in mind. This means a high probability of succumbing to the temptation to plagiarize. Experienced, diligent undergraduate students can deny this. They rely on their own experience and responsible attitude to the subject. But even they cannot be completely safe from the trap of plagiarism. After all, when re-reading a large number of sources in order to create a new academic paper, there is always a risk of passing off someone else's thoughts or conclusions as your own.

Why It is So Important

Moreover, educators should be well versed in all the modern tools how to check a paper for plagiarism. After all, academic integrity and responsibility are at stake. If a student who plagiarized a paper gets the same high grade as a student who did their best to create original material, the former will feel that there are no bad consequences. Such students will continue to believe they are doing right. Therefore, being able to detect plagiarism is a primary need for teachers nowadays. And among the wide variety of modern tools, it is important to have one that offers the possibility of no check limit. This feature is a must-have because a plagiarism checker with no word limit will allow you to analyze the entire text, regardless of its length. The integrity of the analysis is important because, with today's capabilities and the dishonesty of some students, there are many ways to pass off someone's work as their own. And if earlier plagiarism was considered a complete copying of someone else's work or a large part of it, and it was easier to identify plagiarism, now there are different variants of cheating. Both students and educators need to know all of them.

Plagiarism Types. How to Prevent Them

  • In addition to direct plagiarism, there are cases when students may plagiarize themselves. This happens when a lot of their own work has been written before and a new research topic may be somewhat related to one of the previous ones. So even if it seems you are new and original in your research, still check you do not apply your own previously written thoughts or conclusions.
  • Students may also juggle sentences or phrases that they have written with those of other authors. At first glance, it may seem that a new and interesting piece of work is being produced, but this is what is known as mosaic plagiarism. It should also be avoided.
  • Often, the use of ideas and phrases from famous people or authoritative scientists is necessary for the paper. Students use them to emphasize the validity of their own ideas and conclusions. And this is not a bad thing. However, to avoid the effect of plagiarism, you should remember to put such statements in quotation marks, that is, to cite them correctly.
  • Among other methods, they often resort to paraphrasing. They try to pass off previously derived conclusions and original ideas as their own by rephrasing in other words what was written earlier. Modern plagiarism detection software can detect this as well. And this will not do you any favors, but rather worsen your reputation and lower your grade. To avoid this, indicate the sources from which you took this or that information. Provide links to the authors from whom you drew your inspiration.

It is always better to prevent something than to deal with the consequences when it has already happened. This is the same as plagiarism among students. Teachers also play an important role in this issue. They cannot be responsible for the honesty of each of their students. But they can take part in educational work on this issue. Once again, emphasize and explain why individual creative writing and independent research are so important.

In addition to using advanced plagiarism detection software, as an educator, you should pay attention to the style of a particular student's work. Significant deviations between the style adopted by a paper writing help platform and their previous ones are an obvious indicators of plagiarism even before you check it with tools. A certain incoherence of the text, a lot of clericalism, and difficulty in reading are obvious indicators the educator should first pay attention to.

To Sum Up

As you can see, plagiarism detection is important for both parties, students and professors. By avoiding plagiarism, students show their honesty, responsibility, and serious attitude to learning. All of this will indicate to the professor that the student intends not to stop there, but to develop and obtain the next academic level. As for educators, preventing and detecting plagiarism in student work is an essential element of their mutual cooperation. After all, the ultimate goal is a high-quality new work with original conclusions, which is the result of in-depth research and hard student work.

John Marlow
Researcher of issues related to aspects of student learning. Author of essays on creating high-quality academic papers. Content writer with a clear understanding of the importance of avoiding plagiarism.

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