Profitable lead-generation strategies for contractors

January 6, 2023

Contractors always have it harder than other types of businesses when it comes to lead generation for their business. Unline service brands and e-commerce websites, retailers at brick and mortar levels, making money as a contractor always happens with first-time customers and less from repeat customers.

Also, they barely generate recurring monthly profits like the other B2B brands. Why? This is because B2B brands are very intentional with lead generation, have higher numbers of interested businesses who are willing to partner with them, they have a well-laid-out plan that keeps them in business all year. Some of these strategies are paid while the rest are organic and free.

This is why brands like digital marketing agencies exist for the sole reason of assisting local businesses and contractors to manage and grow their businesses, reach a loyal clientele base and monitor their revenue.

Since contractors handle large-scale and one-time renovations, with a lot of cash at stake, much help is desired to generate more leads and reach more prospective customers.

So, in this article, we’ve carefully broken down the top lead generation strategies that every contractor can apply to bring more qualified leads and convert them to possible loyal customers in the future. You’ll also find out what you should do with a lead generation campaign-the reason B2B brands are better in their conversion, the importance of lead generation, and why you should focus on it to grow your business, etc.

Sounds like a plan. Let’s get down to business.

Why do contractors need Lead Generation?

If you don’t have a well-defined lead generation strategy for your business, you won't be able to identify the right target audience, find them online, and convert them to become loyal paying customers for the construction business. In fact, there’ll be a wild struggle to get traffic on your website that will possibly convert to sales, appointments, contracts, and project execution.

We all know conversion means more profit for the business, return clients, and an expansion for sales.

Now, a lot of people often esteem quantity over quality in the business. Really, the emphasis lies greatly on the quality of the lead generation you’re able to get for the business. One may have too many leads that are not able to convert at the end of the day which is a waste of effort too.

A lot of marketing teams including Inside Advisor Pro measure the quality of leads when calculating how successful the lead generation campaign is.

On the other hand, business owners and contractors in business often prioritize quantity over quality. By this we mean, they often check the number of leads they got over the actual percentage of real customers that paid for the service, booked an appointment, and sealed a contract job with them.

Let’s not forget, the main importance of lead generation is to convert to sales and make a profit in the long run. It is not about gathering a huge number of uninterested cold audiences.

Profitable lead-generation strategies for contractors

Choose a more focused niche

Niching down is a common concept employed in the digital marketing business and any other business, in general, to help business owners gain a focused frame and concentrate on an exact frame of interest instead.

The fact remains that customers are willing their pitch their tent with anyone whom they believe is capable of helping them within a certain field of interest over someone who is everywhere.

Customers will enjoy more benefits from a contractor who is more experienced in their scope of interest than someone who has general knowledge of a field of interest.

Optimize your profile on Google My Business

The first thing to do is to set up a profile on Google my business platform. The advantages of setting up a simple profile supersede generating quality leads through the platform. Customers will be able to find your business when it appears in the local search engine results.

Often, properties and homeowners are constantly on the hunt for contractors in the locality who can help them with their property, renovation, and construction. Thus, visiting and communication become much easy.

Social media presence

In recent times, meeting new people and customers is much easier. One can use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter, etc to reach their target audience and convert them to customers.

Before you set out to use any social media platform for business, it is expedient to conduct sufficient research. This way, you can figure out where your target audience truly lives and where to focus on. There are tons of social media platforms but you don’t have to belong to all of them either. In the same regard, you can start with one platform and grow your reach and clientele base across the other platforms.

On Instagram for example, you can easily create a ready link that contains a list of your services and products, and offerings. Thus, when your customer cooks the link, they’re able to draw a conclusion and complete their purchase.

The moment you decide on the preferred platform for business, you can create valuable content in any format: audio, video, and text. It all depends on the preferred format for such a platform. Users who take their social media presence seriously usually generate more strong leads than the ones with a scanty online presence.

Unlock the goodness of search engine optimization

The truth is that when your customers search on the internet, they never look at the second page. Most internet searches end up with the best results that meet their current need on page one. Thus, the saying, you can hide anything on the second page of the Google search result page.

Now, you can see the need to rank on the first page of Google for the sake of your business. There are several effective tips and strategies that one can implement to improve their ranking on Google.

By applying these strategies which involve original content, long tail keywords, and the rest, you have a better chance of reaching your customers.

On the other hand, if you have a low website ranking, these strategies can also help to improve the search too. Your goal should be to focus on what the users are searching for and meet their target goal.

Interact and engage potential customers on a chat for automatic conversion

One of the benefits of a live chat feature is that it aids in direct communication with customers. Here, customers can ask questions, receive answers immediately and request quotes through the live chat feature.

Also, through the live chat, you can persuade customers to book a consultation that'll guide them through focused processes and steps to achieve their goals. The main point of the live chat is to seal the interest of the customer before competitors steal them away.

One more advantage of the live chat is that you can gather insights about the needs and expectations of the visitors, and what they want to achieve. Thus, your team can create possible responses to the questions whenever they come. You're also able to focus your interest on the demand of the customer over everything else.

Through interaction with the customer, you can easily find out if they're buying customers or not. You can equally identify if they're the kind of target audience you're looking for that can eventually convsoon. This way, you don't waste your time with callbacks and emails and several resources to secure their interest.

Grow with Paid ads and Organic traffic too

Ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, or Baidu can take a long time especially if you aim for highly competitive keywords.

Social media encourages exponential growth but one may still need to run paid advertisements to skyrocket the growth. The biggest benefit of running paid advertisements on any platform is that you're able to reach cold customers who have never interacted with you in the past.

Most contractors consider pay-per-click ads to generate new leads for their websites. After a while, you'll find out that there's a push in your reach to other customers who have never bought from you. The internet is such a beautiful place for anyone who desires to grow their business through paid advertisement.

Since these platforms generate much income and revenue through paid ads, you get more exposure depending on how much you're willing to invest too.

Use email marketing to generate leads

The genesis of Lead generation started with email marketing and continues in the 21st century. With the help of email marketing, contractors can direct leads through social to their stable platform for better nurturing and conversion.

The most important thing for grooming your leads is to provide them with valuable information. In due time, you'll discover that they'll start to keep an eye out on your emails and eventually your services.

While providing them with helpful resources, you shouldn't forget that your first call and goal is to convert to sales and make a profit.


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