Seven Fields of Psychology to Consider For Your Career

January 1, 2023

The field of psychology is vast and expansive. It involves studying the human mind and behavior, followed by feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Human behaviors can vary from person to person and may need a unique approach to understand their source. That is why there are several branches of psychology that can cater to varying ages, behavior, and institutions.

However, several people wonder whether studying psychology can lead to secure job opportunities. Psychology is a broad domain; hence, its implication in the real world is vast. Therefore, you have multiple fields in which you can pursue your career. A degree in psychology with an area of specialization can help you make your way in your preferred genre. Some psychology careers can help you perform better in an organization by helping you analyze and solve various organizational issues by delving deep into multiple perspectives.

If psychology is the field you want to opt for, here are some of the most notable career options you can consider:

1. Organizational Psychology

As the name implies, organizational psychology focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the business through various methods. It involves analyzing employee behaviors and developing solutions to elevate employee satisfaction and productivity while increasing retention. If employees feel like their work is not challenging enough or too draining, it might lower their motivation and impact the organization's overall efficiency.

However, you will need specific qualifications to help you get to the bottom of such organizational issues. The MAPP degree (Master of Science in Applied Psychology) can help you combine psychology with business interests. You will learn how to conduct evaluations to help organizations find the ideal fit for specific jobs and analyze the company culture and management styles to see if they are suited for various situations.

2. Forensic Psychology

Various TV shows have glorified forensic psychologists. If you have always been curious about crime and how the criminals or victims are affected, you can consider a career in forensic psychology. People with different mindsets are involved when a crime takes place. Usually, a perpetrator commits the crime, and victims face its repercussions. Being a forensic psychologist, you get to deal with different people and criminals who come from different backgrounds and fall under different age groups.

You also need to work with witnesses and ensure they are not affected by the crime and are not traumatized. Furthermore, forensic psychologists must analyze the offender’s behavior to understand the motive of the crime and determine whether they are mentally fit to appear in court for a trial.

However, you will require some necessary skills to excel as a forensic psychologist. Forensic psychology involves understanding courtroom procedures, writing detailed reports, conducting empathetic interviews with witnesses, and utilizing solid verbal communication while presenting testimony in court.

3. Counseling Psychology

Many people suffer from mental disorders or have signs of depression that affects their daily routine. They require professional counseling to get to the source of their problems and ways to deal with them. Counseling psychologists need to be empathetic and appear compassionate so their patients can easily communicate their concerns. Furthermore, listen actively instead of interrupting them frequently with suggestions. However, this practice applies to all psychologists, irrespective of their genre.

Your job will require you to listen to their problems, identify the source of their mental distress, and help them overcome such obstacles. You may be required to listen to issues related to depression, alcohol, and drug abuse, sexual orientation, and developmental disorders. A counseling psychologist can also specialize in specific mental health areas, for instance, life coaching, family therapy, marriage counseling, and child psychology.

4. Consumer Psychology

Consumers have different perceptions regarding varying brands and products. It takes a lot of effort to please other people and cater to their diverse tastes. That is where consumer psychologists utilize their skills to analyze consumer behavior and use it to help organizations and brands come up with ideal products and services that can warrant a greater demand. They conduct extensive studies to understand buyer trends and consumer responses to specific products the company introduces.

Consumer psychologists should be able to collect relevant data thoroughly and conduct market research and surveys to identify the primary target audience and help the brand form strategies accordingly to sell the product to them. Furthermore, they may also need to create engaging content that can catch the consumer’s eye and increase brand recognition.

5. School Psychology

Young adults often display complex behaviors that affect their studies. There may be numerous reasons relating to their issues, school environment, or lack of social skills that prevent them from excelling in their studies or forming solid relationships.

School psychologists provide therapy to such students by getting to the depth of their issues and developing strategies tailored to each individual to help them improve their performance. Patience is the key to excelling in this area, and paying attention to detail to root out the problem is crucial to give helpful advice.

6. Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical neuropsychology is a branch of clinical psychology and involves the study of behaviors resulting from the central nervous system. It deviates from standard actions and is a severe cause of concern as it has terrible effects. Numerous mental diseases cause people to experience neurobehavioral. Some of these diseases and disorders include Parkinson's disease, dementia, spontaneous seizures, and disorders that hinder the learning process. People may also suffer critical brain injuries with dire consequences.

Clinical neuropsychologists must know about all the relevant diseases and disorders and neurodiagnostic techniques. They can assess the damage's severity and devise a rehabilitation plan. Considering some diseases like dementia are progressive and incurable, clinical neuropsychology slows down the process or limits the symptoms to stabilize the patient as much as possible.

7. Developmental Psychology

A human goes through various stages of life while encountering different experiences. The core job of a developmental psychologist is to assess and understand the challenges and setbacks a person goes through in these stages. Adolescents may focus more on their social circle, future ambitions, and potential insecurities. However, an aged person may suffer from loneliness and depression from diseases. Psychologists must display compassion and conduct thorough research to get to the depth of the matter. They must also be able to apply psychological theories therapeutically. Developmental psychologists can work in educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and government agencies.

The Bottom Line

Psychology is a much vaster field than most people realize. There are several career options you can opt for if you have always been intrigued by the human mind and behavior. All you need are the required qualifications, compassion, and research skills before getting yourself geared up to serve in any area of psychology.

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