Simple Tips for Loading Your Enclosed Cargo Trailer

January 27, 2023


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Cargo Trailers

There are many reasons that people use a cargo trailer, but the most common reason is to move to a new home. You will need to know how to load your trailer to make sure that you do not overload it or cause other problems. You want your move to be a safe one.

You can find cargo trailers in a variety of places, both to buy and to rent. For moving your probably want to have enclosed trailers so that you can move even in bad weather. You can also use open trailers, but those are better if the weather is good. You want to use the proper size trailer for your project.

This article will give you some simple tips on loading your enclosed cargo hauler. These tips will help you to load the trailer correctly to keep the loads even and safe. You can read these to help you get started with your move. You can also do some research to find other tips, but these will get you started.


1. Park Your Trailer on a Level Surface

The first thing that you need to do before you even load your trailer is park it on a level surface. If it is not level, your trailer could tip or even fall over once you begin to load it. You will also want to leave enough room to hitch the hauler up to your tow vehicle, so be careful where you park. You do not want your trailer to roll down a hill as you are trying to load it. This would not be safe for you or anyone else.

2. Chock the Wheels

To make sure that your trailer stays stable, chock the wheels. If you chock the wheels, you can make sure that the trailer does not move while you are loading it. It will also help you to prevent any shifting while you load it. Another way to stabilize the hauler is by hitching it up to your tow vehicle and putting the parking brake on. You just need to be able to keep your trailer from rolling while you are loading it. You want to remain safe while you are loading the hauler.

3. Make Sure That the Weight is Distributed 60/40

Before you even begin to load the trailer, you will want to take inventory of what you have to load. You will want to roughly plan on where you will be placing everything into the hauler. The rule that you must follow is 60/40This means that you want 60% of your load for the trailer to be in front of the axle and 40% behind it. This will help to distribute the weight so that you have the proper tongue weight, and it will help to deter the sway of the hauler. This will help you when you are towing the trailer down the road. Learn more here,sway%20or%20loss%20of%20control.

4. Load the Heaviest Items First

If you follow the 60/40 rule, you will want to load the heaviest items first. You should load the heaviest items at the axle and then surround that with everything else. Lighter items can be loaded last to evenly distribute the weight. You can make sure that you have the smaller, lighter items around the heavier items.

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  1. Tie Down Large Items with Straps

After you have loaded your trailer, you will want to tie down the larger items with straps. You do not want to skip over this step. You want to prevent those larger items from moving around while you are driving. Make sure the straps are tight to prevent the items from moving. Moving items could end up breaking the other items in your trailer. You want to arrive at your destination with all your items intact.

  1. Place Lightweight Items on Top

After you have loaded the bigger and heavier items, you can place the lighter items on top. You can place smaller items in all the nooks and crannies that are left. If you have a lot of smaller items, you may want to place them in a tub or container to move them. This will save you time unloading later on. You can also use smaller tubs that can fit in the nooks and crannies.

5. Hitch Up and Test Your Trailer Lights

This should be the last step and you should do it right before you leave. You will need to follow the proper steps to hitch it up. See here to see how you hook up your lights. Make sure that your towing vehicle has the proper weight to tow the trailer with all your belongings in it. If your towing vehicle does not have the proper weight, you can damage it and the trailer. You want to make sure that your trailer and towing vehicle both make it to your destination.


These are just a few of the steps that you need to take to load an enclosed cargo trailer. This will help you with weight distribution and make your towing a more pleasant experience. You will also be safer if you follow these suggestions. Make sure that you follow the 60/40 rule and that you have the trailer hitched up correctly for your safety. You want to be sure that the trailer is loaded properly so that you and your items make it to your destination safely. You do not want to take any chances with your safety or your vehicle’s safety.

Loading a hauler does not need to be a stressful situation if you follow these tips. It might take you a long time, but hopefully you will have the right people helping you and the loading will go smoothly. This can be a more pleasant experience if you follow the rules. Moving is already a stressful situation and you want to make it as pleasant as possible. You want to keep as much stress as possible away from your move.


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