Summer Scavenger Hunt Ideas in Canada

January 12, 2023

Canada is a beautiful, diverse country with many opportunities for scavenger hunting. Whether you are looking for something fun and active in your local area or an adventurous scavenger activity across the country, there are plenty of excellent scavenger hunt ideas to explore. The summer months provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor scavenger hunting throughout Canada. Here are some ideas for summer scavenger hunting in Canada:

City Exploration

From the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the beaches of Nova Scotia, scavenger activities are a fantastic way for families and friends to explore the cities and towns of Canada. Get creative and use your scavenging skills to uncover some unique gems from coast-to-coast. Here are some ideas for scavenger activities in Canadian cities:

  • Calgary: Search for clues to find famous landmarks and historic sites in Canada's third-largest city.
  • Toronto: Follow scavenger-hunting clues around the largest Canadian city, visiting some of its most iconic attractions.
  • Montreal: Get creative and explore some of Montreal's unique neighborhoods, looking for scavenged items that represent the culture of each area.
  • Vancouver: Uncover some of the city's hidden gems by scavenging for clues in well-known attractions, parks, and hidden alleyways.
  • Ottawa: Take a scavenger tour of Canada's capital city and uncover some of its less-traveled locales and attractions.
  • Halifax: Take a scavenger tour of this beautiful harbor city and explore its unique maritime culture and vibrant nightlife.

Forest Hike 

There is nothing like exploring nature while completing a scavenger activity! Give each team a list of things to find, such as animals, plants, rocks, or features along the trail, and have them compete to find the most items.

Beach Day

Head to the beach and set up scavenger-hunting tasks that players can complete while they soak up some sun. Look for shells, sand dollars, seaweed, or driftwood in addition to completing other scavenge activities such as building sand castles or having a scavenge race with scavenging supplies.

Historical Adventure

For those looking to explore Canada's history and culture, a scavenger activity through local landmarks is an excellent idea! Explore historical sites such as Old Quebec in Quebec City, Old Town Lunenburg in Nova Scotia, and Fort Calgary in Alberta. Have scavenger-hunting participants look for clues and artifacts from the olden days to complete their scavenger tasks.


Take advantage of Canada's beautiful landscape. Head out on a scavenge that helps players explore popular attractions like the CN Tower in Toronto or Niagara Falls. Include activities such as finding specific landmarks and taking photos of famous locales. You could even complete a mini-quest at each destination.

Wildlife Search

Canada's vast wilderness provides the perfect opportunity for scavenger hunting. Take your group out on a hike and search for wildlife. Keep track of the different species you see and set up clues that require you to take pictures of them.

Art and Culture Quest

A scavenger activity is a great way to learn about Canadian culture. Visit cultural sites in your area or travel to other provinces and territories to discover their unique cultures. You can also create scavenger hunting cues and challenges. You can base them on popular Canadian culture, such as hockey or maple syrup.

Water Exploration

Explore lakes, rivers, and oceans with a water scavenger activity. Go geocaching, fish for a specific type of fish, or search for items floating in the water.

Indoor Hunt

Take scavenger hunting indoors by visiting malls, movie theaters, and more. Have participants take pictures with store mascots or find items throughout the mall.

Nature Adventure

Plan a scavenger activity to take advantage of Canada's natural beauty. Send participants on an outdoor scavenger venture. Have them explore local parks and trails, looking for items or completing tasks such as finding five different types of leaves. They can take photos with wildlife, count the number of frogs they hear croaking, or collect objects of a specific color.

Plan your Summer Scavenger Hunt Today!

No matter what type of scavenger hunt you plan for your summer celebrations, create safe and appropriate tasks for all participants. Prepare carefully by collecting the supplies you need ahead of time. You should have an emergency plan if someone gets lost or hurt during the event. With careful planning, your group can have a fun and exciting scavenger hunt experience they won't forget!


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