The 5 Best Places To Install Solar Batteries In Your Home

January 27, 2023

Solar panels come with batteries that store excess electricity. These batteries power your home when your solar panels can't generate electricity. Therefore, keeping solar batteries in great shape is vital in extending their lifespan.

Taking Care Of Your Solar Batteries: Knowing Where To Store Them

As a solar owner, you can extend your solar battery lifespan using the right care technique. The main techniques include knowing where to keep your batteries and ensuring they're fully charged.

However, knowing where to store your solar battery can be overwhelming. This is because solar batteries need specific environments to work effectively. For instance, your solar battery will do well at room temperature or below. The ideal recommended storage temperatures range from 50° to 59° Fahrenheit.

Another thing to consider is the humidity in the storage space. Batteries shouldn't be stored in high-humidity environments as they'll get ruined fast. Apart from the environment, there are several things to consider when choosing where to store your solar battery, including:

  • The aesthetics. This decision will impact the cable run required – choosing whether you want to have visible cable paths and batteries.
  • The accessibility of your solar battery greatly impacts where it's stored. The battery might require future maintenance work, it needs to be placed in a place that can be accessed easily.
  • You might also need to consider how future-proof you need your solar battery to be. Most batteries allow for scalability, ensuring you've provided enough space to do so in the future is key.


Where To Best Store Your Solar Batteries In Your House

Whether you want your solar batteries tucked neatly out of the way or installed on display, below are the best places to install them.

1. Garage

Depending on how your garage is set up, it's almost always a great storage option. Yet, since solar batteries require specific temperatures, non-insulated garages won't cut it. Insulated garages will help maintain the required temperatures, especially during the cold winter.

If stored in a garage without insulation, the battery might freeze if it gets too cold, especially when they aren't well charged. An uninsulated garage doesn't have to stop you from storing your batteries there. You can take a few steps when storing your battery in an insulated garage without worrying about it getting damaged.

The first step is fully charging batteries before storing them, as they won't freeze easily. The next step is ensuring the at-home solar system rests in a sturdy location. This is important as batteries and solar inverters are installed together to minimize voltage loss.

Consider creating an insulated box to keep them warmer. You can do this by using firm insulation from your local hardware. Remember that routine maintenance charging will keep your batteries healthy.

2. Cupboards

You have excellent storage space for your solar battery if you have an empty cupboard that isn't under any stairs. To make your cupboard ready, consider equipping it with additional features to prevent fires, explosions, battery leaks, and other hazards.

The best features include fans and ventilation to assist with the dispersion of warm air and maintaining cool temperatures in the cupboard. In addition, equip the cupboard with safety options to keep the battery safe from young kids who might wander into it.

3. Loft

You're lucky if you have a loft, as it's another common storage location. Your loft offers free space without paying a fortune for renovation or extensions. If your loft is insulated, your battery will do well there.

An insulated loft protects your battery from moisture damage. And it doesn't get warm enough to impact your battery's functionality. Before using your loft, consider the type of flooring, the height of your ceiling, and if you need additional features.

4. Utility Room

Like cupboards, utility rooms could make great storage for solar batteries when well equipped. Fortunately, they're insulated from the rest of the house, making it a cheaper location.

Remember to mount your battery on the wall, especially if you have young kids. This keeps it safe from being knocked over.

5. Outside

Solar batteries can be stored outside as long as it isn't under direct sunlight. Consider setting aside an area that's well-ventilated and with great air circulation. This ensures that the temperature is perfect and the battery isn't heated above normal temperatures. The space's perfect insulation shields the batteries from spiking the battery's self-discharge.

Bottom Line

Solar batteries are vital in keeping your home running even without sunshine. And by storing your batteries well, their shelf life will be extended, and safety hazards such as fire will be greatly reduced. Henceforth, before choosing the best place to install solar batteries, consider all the factors that affect the effectiveness of your battery.



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