The Best Tech Consulting Companies for Digital Transformation

January 12, 2023

Tech consulting companies offer strategy development, system design and implementation, and ongoing support and maintenance. By finding the right tech consulting firm, businesses can gain access to the expertise and resources needed to help them grow and thrive.

Ford Motor Company is an American multinational car manufacturer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. It was founded on June 16, 1903, by Henry Ford and sold automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand.

The company had a hugely complex system of units that provided parts of Ford and other companies such as Volvo and Mazda. As a result, the company often faced delays when the production system failed. To overcome the problem, Ford turned to technology consulting solutions.

Ford implemented the Material Flows Wireless Parts system. This enabled them to track all the parts and helped ensure that the right part was in the right place. They used the RFID tags for different parts and set up PCs at various locations along the production lines and also installed special wireless infrastructure.

The workers could hit a WhereCall materials replenishment button to alert the warehouse about the demand. The suppliers could also track this and thus play their role in tracking inventory. All the digital solutions helped to streamline the process at Ford.

Ford Motors is still looking into ways to integrate AI to eliminate the WhereCall step.

Source: Predictable Profits

Why Choose Technology Consulting Services in 2023?

Product engineering solutions have been found to have a significant impact on the efficiency of the business. As per a report by Accenture, companies that work with IT consulting firms report an average efficiency improvement of 28%.

Businesses often look to reduce their cost of operations. Apart from efficiency, a software product engineering company can help reduce operations costs through digital transformation. For example, a McKinsey survey found that companies that work with IT consulting firms experience an average cost reduction of 18%.

Technology advisory services can indeed help companies to enhance their revenues. For example, a survey by the consulting firm Bain found that companies that work with IT consulting firms experience an average revenue increase of 15%.

Even once efficiency and cost have been taken care of, the ultimate goal of every company is to have the best possible customer service. A survey by the consulting firm Deloitte found that companies that work with IT consulting firms experience an average customer satisfaction improvement of 20%.

Top 5 Global Digital Technology Consulting Firms

1. Tntra

Tntra is a technology consulting company with over two decades of global experience in software product engineering and IT services, process re-engineering and digital transformation, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Tntra is a technology consulting expert whose services align processes and deliver digital outcomes, enabling organizations to achieve strategic ambitions. The developers at Tntra help shape business visions and manage the increased complexity that comes with growth.

Tntra technology solutions are spread in the strategic and technical areas related to projects like cloud computing, IoT, Data Analytics, and more.

2. Accenture Technology Consulting

Accenture has been a known player in technology consulting for quite some time. Much of the organization's revenue is generated through long-term contracts involving the implementation, maintenance, and upgrade of major IT infrastructure of many Fortune 100 clients.

The amount of experience held by Accenture in business technology consulting can catapult you to the next level of the global digital transformation wave.

3. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is counted amongst the well-known top tech consulting firms. The BCG GAMMA is one of its kind specialized analytics practice that provides analytical support in the areas of AI and business analytics.

BCG Digital Ventures provides general digital services across business areas in an organization. The firm provides many sets of tech consulting services using emerging technologies such as AR/VR, AI/ML, Blockchain, and more.

4. Softserve

As a leading technology consulting solutions company, Softserve provides its clients with technology, strategy, and digital operations. The company has expertise in cloud computing, big data, data analytics, healthcare-specific technology, and emerging technologies.

An average 20% growth rate annually has helped Softserve to deliver the best results for its clients. The company's expertise is beyond the technical infrastructure and covers a wide scope of digital transformation technologies.

5. Slalom

Slalom pays more specific attention to management consulting but still has a great technology consulting services team. In addition, the firm has partnered with many clients globally to deliver IT consulting services.

Slalom is different from others in the way that it is very hands-on. The company can work as a third-party engineer for clients that are building systems from the ground up. The team also configures, designs, and maintains corporate technology infrastructure for the clients.


A tech consulting firm can be an invaluable resource for businesses looking to grow and succeed in today's competitive market. Tech consulting firms offer various services, including strategy development, system design, implementation, and ongoing support and maintenance.

When choosing software product engineering services, it's important to consider factors such as expertise, reputation, flexibility, communication, and cost. By finding the right technology consulting company, you can gain access to the expertise and resources needed to help your business grow and thrive.

If you are looking for the best technology consultant for the digital strategy development of your business, contact Tntra today.

Contact Tntra today for business technology consulting.


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