The Best Way to Clean a Couch in Brisbane

January 6, 2023


As we spend so much time on our couches, sofas, and upholstered furniture, they are likely to get soiled and blemished from time to time. Knowing how to clean stains from your expensive couch is a talent that we should all have in Brisbane. There are multiple blogs educating people on how to clean a couch properly using DIY solutions, whether it's an emergency food spill or just a build-up of grime from the pet lying on the couch every day!

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Do note that you can simply hire a professional couch cleaning Brisbane service provider and save yourself from the hassle of cleaning it by yourself.

However, if you want to try cleaning them without the help of fabric or leather sofa cleaning Brisbane technicians, then you should start by reading the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. Couches, like your beloved clothes items, always come with a cleaning tag. Look at the label for cleaning hints. Here are some codes you might encounter and what they mean:

W—It is permissible to clean this material with water.

S—Do not clean this material with water. Make use of a solvent-based cleaner.

WS—It is safe to use water or solvent-based cleaners on this material.

X—Vacuum only this material. Use no water-based or solvent-based cleaners.

How to Clean Upholstery on a Couch: The Fundamentals 

It's important to know what you're working with when cleaning anything – upholstered furniture, counters, car interiors, etc. Checking the furniture care codes will assist you in determining which sofa cleaning solvents or sofa cleaners can be used. When you've found the right solution and applied the liquid to the upholstery, make sure to blot rather than rub.

Get to the stains at the earliest. Begin cleaning the stains as soon as it happens. Waiting even for minutes to treat stains, can cause the stain to set, making it more difficult to remove.

Check the manufacturer's suggestions. Expert leather couch cleaning Brisbane professionals always recommend checking the manufacturer's care instructions, which are usually found on the sofa's tags, before using any sofa cleaning solutions or detergents. Using unsafe cleaning products could result in permanently damaged upholstery.

Remove any loose particles with a dry brush. To assist loosen stains and bring dust and dirt to the surface, go over the entire couch with a firm brush made of natural bristles.

Clean the floor. Use a small vacuum cleaner to remove crumbs, dirt, dried food particles, and other loose particles before cleaning and scrubbing your fabric couch. When it comes time to clean, this will make it easier to identify and concentrate on troublesome stains.

Use baking soda to clean. Baking soda is useful not only for baking but also for cleaning upholstery furniture. In fact, expert couch cleaning Brisbane technicians recommend sprinkling baking soda over the entire couch to remove odours and loosen stains. For stubborn stains, make a homemade baking soda solution by combining equal parts water and baking soda in a bowl. Let the baking soda rest on the sofa for 20 to 20 minutes for either the dry or wet solution. Once the stain has been completely absorbed by the baking soda, vacuum it up with a brush attachment. And, as with any cleaning solution, always test a small area of the sofa before thoroughly cleaning it.

Apply the recommended sofa cleaning solvent to specific areas. Begin cleaning your couch with the product recommended. If you are unsure whether the product meets the specifications, test a small area for discolouration before proceeding. Follow the instructions on the packaging whether you use a water-based cleaner or a solvent (or both). If the instructions say its okay, wipe away the solution with a soft cloth.

Use a soft towel to dry your fabric sofa. To absorb any remaining moisture, pat any wet areas with a dry towel. Brush away any remaining cleaning solution with a soft brush.

Allow your fabric sofa to dry naturally. Allow the upholstery to air dry overnight and wake up to a clean sofa!

Want to Avoid All This Hassle? Contact a Professional Fabric or Leather Sofa Cleaning Brisbane Company

Sometimes even the best at-home efforts are insufficient. If you spilt an entire glass of your favourite red wine on a fabric couch, a pet left a (smelly) accident on your leather couch, or something else heinous has gotten the best of a fabric couch, you should take it to a professional fabric or leather couch cleaning Brisbane technician, depending on the type of your furniture. Allowing the professionals to handle the stain will cost more, but it will relieve stress and ensure that your sofa receives the best possible treatment.

Looking for the best couch and sofa cleaning company? Get in touch with experts at Couch Cleaning Brisbane today!


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