January 4, 2023

Pig farmers encounter several difficulties. Particularly in North America, there are 70% fewer pig farms now than there were in the year 2000. Pig producers are forced to produce more pork using fewer resources as feed prices rise and the demand for animal protein grows globally. As they boost feeding process efficiency, convenience, and control, automatic pig feeder for pig play a significant role in the solution. The TEAM system from Osborne, which offers "Total Electronic Animal Management," is well called. With the TEAM Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) system, sows and gilts in group pens may be managed separately. Here are just a few of the numerous advantages of using electronic sow feeders for automated pig feeding:

Pigs are happier

When pigs are not segregated from one another, they have greater freedom. Pigs may exercise and choose their eating schedule using a TEAM electronic sow feeding system, which results in reduced anxiety, stress, and aggressiveness. In situations when there is little rivalry for food, pigs are friendlier and simpler to approach. Additionally, an autonomous feeding system enables farmers to modify the feed mix per the requirements of each particular animal.

Cost-effective Management

Automated feeding also aids in cost management. With the new ACCU-TEAM feeder, the ESF system includes both feeding and weighing. An RFID tag that uniquely identifies each pig on the feeder is worn by the animal. The automatic feeder then disperses precisely the right quantity of grain for each animal, aiding in the control of continuously growing feed prices. The weighing components weigh the pigs as they eat, and the data may be used to make management choices in real-time. ESF equipment also costs less to install than individual crates and occupies the less total area.

Convenient procedures

Less effort is required to handle more pigs when using an autonomous feeding system. With entry and exit gates that let the pigs enter and go as they want, each TEAM or ACCU-TEAM station may hold up to 70 sows or gilts. Numerous automated processes are possible thanks to the radio frequency operation of the individual ID tags.


Contact the knowledgeable staff at Osborne to find out how switching to a pig farm equipment system may improve your facility's productivity and profitability. If you have any inquiries concerning automatic feeders for pigs, we would be happy to assist you in making the right decision.

The Operation of a Dry-Wet Pig Feeder

Dry wet pig feeder

The vertical tube and hopper make up the dry-wet feeder. There is a plug and a vertical tube that connect to the bottom of the hopper. A straight bar with a plug attached to it passes through a vertical tube and is connected to a dam board. When a pig is starving, it will push the dam board, which will raise the stopper and allow the feed to pass through the tube. All gadgets return to their original positions after the pig has finished eating, and distribution is then halted. until the pig is satisfied, and so on. It will lessen the employees' workload, preventing feedstuff waste.

Features of a Dry Wet Pig Feeder

1. A single pig feeder can provide 40 pigs weighing 100 kg apiece.

2. The pigs may be marketable 7 days sooner thanks to our design, which can increase their food intake by more than 20%.

3. Made of stainless steel, which is simple to clean and disassemble, the bottom kerf and doser.

4. A special feeding method that is suited for both piglets and pigs that are gaining weight. The majority of the time, it can reduce feed waste.

5. It has a double roof and a medical entrance, which effectively prevents pollution and feed theft by pigs.

6. If paired with automated charging systems, it will function better.

Drop Feeder for Plastic Pigspig-feeder-dispenser- (7)

Simple introduction

Material edible PP plastic, strong bearing, and corrosion-resistant

Automatic operation, reducing labor costs;

Can change between 1 and 8 liters, is more precise, and is more effective;

Size: 8 liters;

It is possible to control the feeding rate, conserve feed and maintain pig health;

Strong frame construction and simple cleaning;

Simple to install.



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