The Business of Cleaning Every Type of Air Ducts

January 6, 2023


Air ducts of your heating or cooling system are often overlooked when it comes to servicing them or looking after them. Yet we expect optimal performance and the best from them through all seasons and times. Having them cleaned periodically is paramount to saving the air you breathe in as also to keep the system running longer and save you time, trouble and expenses in the long run. The ducts function much like lungs of your home. So to have systems running to perfection calling in professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne service experts is mandatory so that all blockages may be removed and you live in and breathe clean air.

Whether its rented homes or personal residences or large scale corporate centers, commercial establishments like malls, clinics, spas, gyms, or service centers like clinics or hospitals, hotels, casinos or cafes, all prefer clean air , with energy savings and a system in place that guarantees that you get a germ clean healthy environment. Commercial Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers are adept at handling all sorts of cooling and heating systems and their maintenance processes using the latest technology and solutions to give you a pollution free, fresh environment, prolonging life of your machines with minimum replacement requirements.

What is in your Duct?

The air ducts that are a vital part of air conditioners and heaters have an astonishing amount of particulate and dust matter lodged inside it and might go unattended for long periods. Commercial Duct Cleaning Melbourne experts often report finding dead birds or rats that somehow got in and could not find their way out of these air ducts. So an un-cleaned duct harboring these dead elements would be very risky as the air circulating would be carrying the germs and gases from the decaying carcass. This could cause respiratory symptoms and also allergies. Apart from this health issues if the air ducts have been clogged with dust and dirt build up, the fans would have to stress harder to circulate air through them. This affects the efficiency of the unit. This is not a good sign as it means it’s not functioning well, second its consuming energy more thereby raising costs.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne professional service providers always advise that regular cleaning of ducts is an essential part of servicing your cooler or heater as it’s a good way of monitoring potential problems and have the system operating optimally. Many of the servicemen from Commercial Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers employ reverse air technology to vacuum the ducts to get the best results.

When do the Air Ducts need to be Cleaned?

There are some suggestions about realizing when your ducts need a cleaning-

  • There is noise in the ductwork
  • In some places the flow of air appears weaker than other parts of the house
  • Dusty looking vent covers
  • There is appearance of mold in the system
  • The air filter hasn’t been changed or cleaned for quite some time

When is the best time to clean and sort the air ducts?

The best time to go in for cleaning the ducts of the HVAC is at the start or the end of the heating or cooling seasons. As you begin to get ready to put your evaporative air conditioner away for the colder season, it is a great time to clean the unit on the roof and the air ducts too. The hot months saw the system working tirelessly and it needs to be serviced before the winter. Air ducts of gas heaters may also be cleaned during autumn since it usually sits dormant all through the summer season. So sprucing up the heater ducts would be able to make it ready for the cold weather giving out a cleaner air with better efficiency with fresh odor instead of a musty one circulating throughout your rooms. So engaging Duct Cleaning Melbourne service experts would ensure you spend your winter months peacefully, stress free.

How many times do you need to have your air ducts serviced?

Air ducts are the lungs of your residences. They are a vital part of your heating and cooling system and makes sure you get the best air throughout the year. So cleaning it should be part of your yearly maintenance plan as having unclean and poor air inside your homes is not something you would wish for. In case you are having some home renovations like painting or sandpapering, it's advisable to clean air ducts after that as they would have accumulated large quantities of dust and particulate matter.

What do Professional Duct Cleaners Promise and Provide?

Requesting a booking from Commercial Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers has many benefits-

  • Provide expert cleaning specialists in commercial ducted cooling and heating systems, coils, filters, plat rooms and air handling units
  • Use state of the art technology and tools for inspection, detection and cleaning execution
  • Have certification and experience maintaining compliance and protocol giving quality products and execution
  • Highly skilled team of managers, administrators and technicians who excel in communication, coordination and on spot innovation
  • All pricing are clear, clean, fixed with no hidden costs
  • Team that provides great support and after service with customer centric approach
  • Cleaning may be done during normal hours with least disruptions to your normal routine
  • Removal of dead animals or birds stuck inside your ducts
  • Our methods are environmentally sensitive and we ensure microbial free air circulation in your homes to improve air quality
  • They operate round the clock even on holidays and weekends
  • They also offer emergency services at short notice
  • Their efficient execution removes pollens, allergens and pathogens from air ducts minimizing and totally removing symptoms like asthma, allergies, respiratory problems
  • Clean ducts also minimizes stress on systems working for efficiency, thereby reducing electric bills and costs
  • Regular maintenance minimizes chances for reapers or replacements
  • Attractive and adjustable AMC plans are available to suit all kinds of budgets and requirements

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