The Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing in 2023

January 19, 2023

YouTube is a platform that's familiar to just about everyone who doesn't live under a rock. YouTube is famous for more than one reason. It's obvious to everyone that the video streaming giant has been consistently successful over the past decade. However, YouTube draws millions of eyes every hour and this makes it one of the most visited websites in the world. It stands second to Google, the main website of the company that now owns YouTube. No wonder Google has been the king of affiliations and advertising for a while. Just like Google, YouTube is also a great platform that can be used to advertise, market, and grow your channel, brand, and just about anything.

What is YouTube Marketing?

For companies and individuals trying to brand or sell themselves, YouTube is the perfect way to do it. You see, how can you make a YouTube channel without doing any work? How can you put all the videos on your phone and upload them on your channel for “free”? Even if you try, it would be hard for you to get views and likes from anywhere once all the related videos are uploaded. In other words, there is only one way out of this problem – YouTube marketing. When YouTube marketing strategies are applied correctly, they would be able to create an amazing user base that would spread the word whenever they find a video they love.

Why You Should Use YouTube Marketing?

So, what is the reason behind using this platform for advertising? As per the statistics from Google itself, YouTube is one of the most viewed websites in the entire world. It has more than 1 billion users on just one platform and it's growing by leaps and bounds. It's not only YouTube users who are watching videos on YouTube but it should be counted that more than 60% of internet traffic shares videos on this website as well.

This is why we can't deny that using YouTube for marketing is a brilliant way to get people interested in your new product/service/brand so that they would want to come back a lot. From being just a website, YouTube has evolved into a media company that is shaping the news, the entertainment, and everything in-between. It is best suited for creating popular videos on any topic. If we go through YouTube marketing strategies and see how companies are using YouTube for advertising their product or services then it would be better understood why you have to use YouTube marketing for your brand/product.

How To Use YouTube Marketing?

There are a few ways you can consider while trying to set up a channel and upload videos on it. To become popular, it's best to first fill up all the necessary information about your channel on the site. Write interesting descriptions, trying to spread the word through your friends and social media handles. Apart from that? There are a few options you can utilize, such as:

1. Advertising on Google Adwords –

The Best Way To Get People To See Your Video. Picking the right keywords that are related to your product or service is one of the ways you can use YouTube ads for marketing. This would make your videos appear in front of millions of people trying to search for a related keyword.

2. Use Display Ads –

Display ads are the most widespread ads that are seen on YouTube as well. For example, you can use Google AdWords to get people from all over the world to see your ad and this would help you spread awareness about your service/product/brand without any trouble. In other words, displaying ads is one of the best ways for advertising on YouTube. It's not only limited to that but you have a lot more options as well, such as:

You can use custom placements for your ad’s link targeting using either a broad or very granular approach. This would let you choose your target audience and get the message across in a very effective way. You can also use interest categories to find relevant keywords that people would be looking for while they are searching for things like:

3. Use Promoted Videos –

The Best Way To Get People To Watch Your Video. By using the promoted videos, YouTube will promote your video for a long period of time and this would help place it in front of millions of users. This would increase views, likes, and follows on your channel. Apart from that, you could also use this feature to get more subscribers to your channel. This helps in making your channel more popular among others by getting more subscribers as well.


So, this was the complete guide you would need if you're looking to start marketing your videos on YouTube and get a larger more interesting audience looking at your channel and videos. To further increase engagement, just remember, content is king. The better your content the more eyes will be drawn to your videos increasing Youtube comments, views, likes, and eventually subscribers. And there's nothing more powerful than a good and loyal subscriber base.



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