Top 5 Commonly Used Tool Blades For Household Works

January 1, 2023


Having the best tools makes your housework easier and faster. Knives are the most common tools for most housework, especially cooking. Having the right knife will enable you to enjoy cooking and preparing food faster and safer. However, other tool blade options are rocking the market, which can often mean finding one that suits your needs becomes challenging. You may buy tools you hardly use or need without the proper knowledge and technique due to their appearance. You will end up with a stock of unused tools in your kitchen.

Tool blades come in different styles, shapes, and designs but for other uses. Each blade has got specific features that make it suitable for certain tasks. This article has prepared a comprehensive guide to different types of knives and their uses to make your selection easier. It will help you understand the best one that fits most of your housework.

Multi Tool Blades

Multi-tool blades have oscillating abilities that suit polishing, scraping, sawing, and sanding tasks. However, multi tool blades come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. Selecting suitable blades for specific tasks ensures that your multi-cutter blades are undamaged and that you achieve a clean cut.

Before buying a multi-tool blade, it’s good to first understand how it works and what makes it effective for various applications. Multi-tool blades are used to remove caulk and scrap light material, old wallpaper, or paints, cut rigid materials such as metals, and make long cuts.

Even though multi-tools can perform almost every task, it is good to use each blade for specific functions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining your blade. Remember to keep your blade clean and in good condition.

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Chef Knife

A chef knife is also known as a cook’s knife. It has a long and broad blade with a long straight edge. Its curved blade allows it to move forward and backward swiftly on a chopping board. This makes the chef’s knife perfect for dicing and chopping many vegetables.

In addition, the broad heal area allows it to withstand more pressure during heavy chopping tasks. This makes it ideal for cutting harder or thicker foods, such as parsnips, onions, or potatoes. A chef knife is one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, perfect for almost all cutting and chopping activities.


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Bread Knife

A bread knife is designed to be used on softer items. It has a long, evenly sized blade with a sharply jagged edge, such as a saw. This knife's long blade and sharply jagged edge make it ideal for sawing through all types of bread, such as bread rolls, baguettes, crusty bread, and bagels. This is because the grooved edge enables you to cut through the soft textures without crushing your bread out of shape.

You can also use bread knives to cut cakes with fluffy and soft textures, as they can cut through your cake without damaging its shape. A bread knife can also be a perfect alternative to even out the sponge of your cake after baking, especially if you don’t have a leveler.

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Carving Knife

A carving knife, also known as a slicing knife, is the longest cutting knife in the kitchen. It is long and tapering to a sharp point type of knife. It has a narrow width and hence produces less drag whenever it cuts through food, making clean and uniform pieces. Thus, it is ideal for cutting meat such as poultry, beef, lamb, pork, or beef.

This blade tool does a perfect job by producing evenly sized, thin, and neat slices. In addition, a carving knife can be used to cut cakes due to its long and thin blades. This is because they are long enough to make perfect slices in a smooth cutting motion.

Boning Knife

A boning knife is unique, with a slim blade, sharp edge, and a fine pointed tip tapering upward. Compared to other knives, a boning knife is relatively short but rigidly designed. However, you can still get more flexible blades for cutting delicate meat.

A boning knife is perfect for trimming cartilage and cutting meat bones, mainly to make an ideal cut or joint before cooking. The slim blade and pointed tip make it perfect for cutting around bones without damaging the surrounding flesh. The robust and rigid blade can also help in cutting through cartilage.

Boning knives are easy and comfortable to use as they are lightly designed and with maneuverable features. Remember, when de-boning your beef or pork, you need a more rigid boning knife, while a more flexible blade will be ideal for poultry meat.

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Anatomy of a Kitchen Knife

Considering each part of the knife plays a significant role, it is critical to understand them. Doing this will enable you to find the best kitchen knife for specific tasks.

  • Point: it’s the sharp fine point used to pierce a surface of an item
  • Blade: it’s the part used for cutting
  • Edge: is the sharp part of the blade used for cutting work
  • Tip: it’s part of the blade used for chopping and cutting
  • Spine: is the blunt upper part of the blade responsible for providing balance to the overall knife
  • Heel: is the lower edge of the blade. It is mainly used to apply more pressure or strength when cutting thicker or more frozen foods.
  • Tang: is the part that connects the blade to the handle. It is essential in providing the knife's overall balance, stability, weight, and strength.
  • Bolster: the area between the handle and the blade. It provides enough space between your hand and the blade, preventing any possibility of cutting yourself. It also offers extra weight to enhance knife balance.
  • Handle fasteners are the screws that connect the tang with the handle.
  • The butt is the end part of the handle.

Bottom Line

Keep your knife sharp and neat to ensure it is more effective and safer. Once you have found a perfect need that suits your needs, you must sharpen the blade regularly to provide more efficient performance. The material of the blade of your tool will also determine the type of maintenance you need to give it.



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