Top Essential Cleaning Supplies

January 12, 2023

Cleaning supplies can make all the difference in your facility, home, or hotel. There are a few different cleaning supplies that should not be overlooked. Here are some of the top wholesale cleaning supplies to consider:

Microfiber Rags and Towels

When choosing a cleaning towel, you may want to consider how it can be used. Some rags are specifically made for one type of cleaning, and some towels, like those made from microfiber, can be used in a wide variety of cleaning practices.

Microfiber fabric was designed to have small cuts within the fiber, allowing it to pick up dirt and contain it. This technology allows for quicker and more effective cleaning.

These towels can be used in kitchens, automotive shops, bathrooms, and more. They are multipurpose and safe to use wherever you may choose. Microfiber towels are reusable and easy to wash.

You can purchase microfiber rags wholesale to decrease funds spent on cleaning supplies. They can be inexpensive and easily thrown out if used in a high-touch environment. Consider microfiber rags when purchasing wholesale cleaning supplies.

Terry Towels

These towels are often used in a bar setting, but they are all-purpose towels. Terry towels are made from 100% cotton and are durable. These heavy-duty towels can be used to dry dishes, clean countertops, and perform other cleaning practices. When you purchase wholesale cleaning supplies, terry towels should be at the top of your list. Terry towels can be a great option for those who clean often and need a durable drying towel.

Knit Wipes

For those who are in the medical field, you may want to consider knit wipes when purchasing your cleaning supplies. These wipes can be made to clean environments that are meant to be controlled, fragile, or extremely clean. Areas like laboratories or clean rooms could benefit from adding these knit wipes. Knit wipes are made from a continuous filament polyester yarn. This fabric is made to make sure there are no fibers left after use so that your surface can remain contaminant-free.

Knit wipes are strong and knit tightly to clean efficiently without tearing the fabric. The fabric is soft and non-abrasive. These wipes are also gamma-irradiated. This allows those in certain industries to sterilize the wipes between uses without compromising the integrity of the fabric. Knit wipes are key to a select few cleaning practices and should be considered when looking for wholesale cleaning supplies.

Flat Mop Bucket

Floor cleaning can make all of the difference in your facility, home, hotel, and more. The best floor cleaning practices can start with the bucket you use. When purchasing your cleaning supplies, consider a flat mop bucket. These buckets can hold a large amount of water to reduce the number of refills needed throughout the cleaning process. A flat mop bucket should come with an easy-to-grip handle that is strong to make emptying and mobility easier. It can also be easy to move because of the wheelbase.

Flat mop buckets also come with a sieve shelf to easily wring out your mop. They can be used for floor cleaning, window cleaning, and other cleaning tasks. When looking for a mop bucket, consider its durability.

Microfiber Dusting Mitts

Dusting can often be an overlooked cleaning practice, but with a microfiber dusting mitt, it can become easier. These mitts may help make dusting quicker and more efficient. Dusting mitts are durable as they can be used and washed many times. You can use these mitts dry to dust, or wet to wipe away dirt with only water. These mitts are versatile and should be considered when looking for cleaning supplies.

There are several other key cleaning supplies to consider. When purchasing these supplies, consider the type of cleaning you do the most. This can help narrow down which supplies are key to your practices.

Purchase Wholesale Cleaning Supplies 

When purchasing cleaning supplies, consider purchasing them wholesale. Wholesale cleaning supplies can be beneficial to many different industries. When you purchase wholesale, you can reduce the amount spent on each product. These are just a few of the cleaning supplies that can be helpful to use during your daily cleaning practices. To find these cleaning supplies and more, find a highly-ranked distributor today.



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