Top Home Improvement Investment Tips In 2023 From Industry Experts

January 13, 2023



When was the last time you renovated or invested in your home sweet home? While you might think it’s not a big deal, seeing the same old furniture, appliances, and structural defects in your living space can be a source of discomfort and stress in the long run. Hiring a professional for emergency repairs and replacing malfunctioning components can ruin your budget. So, it’s high time to plan a home improvement project by investing in the finest pieces.

Image Source: Coast Appliances

Give your home a fresh look as the new year welcomes your family with good health and bountiful blessings. From basic broken fixture repairs to home appliance upgrades and smart additions, you can make your living space more beautiful, functional, and comfortable than ever. Home improvement investments can instantly transform your living space, giving your family more inspiration and happiness.

If you’re looking for the best home improvement investments, check out the tips below from industry experts.

Let Go of Outdated Appliances

Some people want to keep their home appliances for as long as they’re working. However, outdated appliances consume more electricity because their failing components work harder to achieve their intended purpose. They also cause odd noises and look unsightly due to marks and stains sustained from years of use.

Robert Johnson, Senior Director of Merchandising, Coast Appliances, suggested, “Replace and upgrade your old appliances. Don’t be afraid to let them go, or they’ll cause more problems. Aside from spiking electricity bills, outdated appliances can be a health and safety hazard. For instance, a fridge not cooling enough to preserve food can be a culprit in food poisoning. A washing machine that’s not spinning properly can leave clothes smelly.”

“Consider upgrading to a French-door refrigerator to save energy and make your kitchen space more elegantly modern. A front-loader washer is also a smart investment, ensuring your clothes and bedding are clean and smelling good. Don’t worry about the upfront cost because credit card companies and home appliance stores can give you flexible payment options.”, he added.

Images Source: Coast Appliances

Make Bathroom Safer With A Walk-In Tub

Do you have a family member with limited mobility? Or have you accidentally slipped when going in a bathtub? Walk-in tubs can make your bathroom safer, preventing injuries usually caused by traditional bathtubs’ high step-in height.

According to Founder and CEO Kevin Huang of Ambient Home, “Walk-in tubs are made of fiberglass lined with an acrylic topcoat or gelcoat for a durable and smooth finish. A walk-in tub has a built-in seat, a grab bar, and anti-slip flooring to help prevent falls. The low threshold and hand-held shower wand also promote bathroom safety. You’ll also find some models with anti-scald technology, acting as an automatic regulator to prevent hot water burns due to uncontrolled high water temperatures.”

He added, “Walk-in tubs provide homeowners with superior accessibility and health benefits, such as improved blood circulation and decreased anxiety. Immersing your body in warm water increases your heart rate in a good way to improve blood flow. Of course, the aesthetic value of a walk-in tub in a small bathroom is unparalleled, as it only consumes a fraction of the space compared to a traditional bathtub or shower.”

Image Source: Ambient Home

Prepare Healthier Meals With New Cookware

Do you still use your old and black-bottom pans? While they’re probably a hand-down heirloom from your grandma, they deserve to rest after long years of cooking. This can also help give your kitchen a new ambiance, removing unsightly cookware out of sight. Discard your rusty cooking pans and change them with the newest, hardest-wearing cookware.

Milo Cruz, the CMO of Legend Cookware, recommended, “Transform your kitchen space into a modern cooking arena with stainless, copper, or cast iron cookware, providing you great inspiration every time. Upgrading yours into solid-performance cookware can bring your family together as you discover and hone your gourmet skills and serve healthy, delicious meals.”

Image Source: Legend Cookware

Extend Functional Space With A Gazebo

Installing a wall-attached or freestanding gazebo is a great way to boost your property’s value. A gazebo is roofed with open sides, creating additional unique entertainment and relaxation space in your lovely home.

Gazebos provide a great shaded gathering area on clear days. They also allow families to enjoy bonding outside on cloudy days, providing shelter when it drizzles or rains. With a grill gazebo, you can have a weekly family barbecue picnic regardless of the weather.

Michael Haas, Owner & CEO of Angry BBQ, shared his expert advice about grill gazebos. He said, “Installing a grill gazebo can dramatically improve your home and family relationship. It protects your grills and yourself, so nothing can stop you from grilling your best barbecue recipes, regardless of the weather. I’ve been using Sojag Messina for two years. I love the durable steel frame, shelving, and two-tiered canopy to prevent smoke from getting trapped at the top of the gazebo.”

Image Source: Anrgy BBQ


Invest In A High-Quality Espresso Machine

If your family loves coffee, invest in a professional espresso machine that provides you with fresh, hot coffee servings every morning or any time of the day. This coffee maker is definitely a head-turner and conversation starter when you have guests and visitors.

The CEO & Founder, Nunzio Ross of Majesty Coffee, recommended, “Craft and explore making coffees as professional baristas do by investing in an espresso machine. As you try different coffee beans, brewing times, grind sizes, and techniques, you gain better control of the aroma and flavor you desire and improve your coffee experience. Making espresso can be a great couple and family bonding moment, nurturing good relationships.”

In addition, Ross suggested some important considerations when buying an espresso machine. He said, “Choose a home espresso machine with commercial features, such as a boiler pressure gauge, pre-infusion, manual and dual volumetric dosing, and indicator lights. Look for a brand with an energy-efficient heat exchanger system to quickly create a hot morning latte.”

Image Source: Majesty Coffee


This new year is the perfect time to introduce something new to your beautiful home. A new appliance, walk-in tub, gazebo, cookware, and espresso coffee machine are great investments that can help improve your home’s overall look and your family’s comfort. Your home deserves these treats!


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