Twelve Essential Cooking Tools Every Kitchen Needs

January 9, 2023


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Cooking is an art and a science - creativity combined with the right tools makes for excellent meals! Whether you're an experienced chef or just starting, certain cooking implements make all the difference in your culinary masterpieces.

Assembling your home kitchen with quality items makes creating delicious dishes much easier—not to mention you won't have to worry about buying unnecessary additions at the last minute. This blog will list essential cooking tools every kitchen needs to get you cooking like a pro!

Cutting Board:

A cutting board is an essential item for any kitchen and should be made of a material that will not ruin your knives or make them blunt. Wood and bamboo are durable materials that require regular maintenance and oiling, while plastic cutting boards are also ideal for those short on time. Make sure you have at least one large cutting board and several smaller ones for different tasks.

In addition, color-coded cutting boards can help you avoid cross-contamination by assigning each board to a specific task. For instance, use a red board for meats and poultry, a green one for vegetables, and white or yellow for dairy products such as cheese.

Non-Sticky Cooking Pan:

A good non-stick frying pan should be a part of everyone's cookware set. They are easy to clean and help prevent food from sticking and burning. Non-stick pans come in many sizes and materials. It will depend on your budget and how you plan to use them.

For instance, if you want a frying pan for stir-frying, consider buying a honeycomb wok as a more efficient and effective solution for cooking delicious caramelized bits. Why? Because the honeycomb texture helps distribute heat evenly and allows food to cook quickly without sticking.

Chef's Knife:

A quality chef's knife is a must-have in any kitchen. It should be sharp, well-balanced, and have a comfortable handle to ensure safe and precise cutting skills. Investing in a quality chef's knife will give you years of use, so make sure it is of good quality.

Knife sets come in different sizes and styles of knives, such as paring knives, utility knives, and serrated knives. The right tools for specific tasks will make preparing food much easier and faster.

Measuring Cups and Spoons:

Measuring cups and spoons are necessary for accurately measuring ingredients when cooking or baking. They come in handy for recipes that require exact quantities and should always be used over "eyeballing" the amount.

Investing in a good set of measuring cups and spoons will make a massive difference in the outcome of your dishes.

You can find measuring cups and spoons in several styles, such as metal, plastic, or glass. Depending on your kitchen needs, you can find sets in an assortment of sizes or individual cups and spoons sold separately.

A Box Grater:

A box grater in your kitchen is essential for shredding cheese, slicing vegetables, and grinding nuts. It can also grate ginger or garlic, commonly used in Asian dishes. A box grater is also perfect for making homemade sauces and dressings. It has several different blades that can be used for various tasks.

However, box graters can also be dangerous to use. So, please keep your fingers away from the sharp edges, and always handle them carefully.


A whisk in your kitchen is essential if you're a baking enthusiast. It can mix batter and blend dry ingredients quickly and efficiently. A balloon whisk is handy for anything that requires aeration, such as egg whites or whipped cream.

They come in various sizes and styles, depending on your needs and preferences. For instance, a silicone whisk is ideal if you want something more versatile and easier to clean.

Kitchen Shears:

Super basic but still essential, kitchen shears are a must-have in the kitchen. They can cut food, open packages, and trim meat or poultry. Kitchen shears are also perfect for snipping herbs, chopping small vegetables, and cutting up pizza slices.

Investing in a pair of quality kitchen shears is essential as they can last for several years, and make sure to clean them thoroughly after each use to avoid bacteria.

Aluminum Sheet Pan:

If you love roasting vegetables, aluminum sheet pans are a must-have in your kitchen. Not only do they resist rust and staining, but they also distribute heat evenly to ensure that your food cooks thoroughly.

When shopping for an aluminum sheet pan, look for one made with heavy-gauge aluminum, which will provide optimal durability.

Immersion Blender:

When you need to puree, blend or emulsify ingredients, an immersion blender is a great tool to have on hand. It's also helpful in making smooth sauces and soups. When selecting an immersion blender, consider the size and capabilities to ensure you get one that meets your requirements.

Look for one made with stainless steel and a comfortable grip. Avoid plastic models as they tend to be less durable over time.

Manual Rotary Grater:

A manual rotary grater in your kitchen is essential if you're a fan of homemade cheese and breadcrumbs. It is a fun and simple way to grate cheese, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

It's critical to choose a manual rotary grater that fits your needs – so be sure to pick one made of stainless steel with an ergonomic handle for extra comfort and power. There are many varieties, ranging in size and style - so you're guaranteed to find something perfect for you!

A Kitchen Scale:

Scale is a must-have for anyone who loves to cook. It can help you measure ingredients accurately, ensuring your recipes turn out exactly as expected. A kitchen scale is also helpful in tracking progress following a recipe or diet plan.

When shopping for a kitchen scale, consider one that is digital with an LCD and has a capacity of at least five kilograms. Additionally, look for one with a tare feature, as this will help you accurately weigh ingredients.

Wooden Spoon:

Wooden spoons are one of the most classic kitchen tools and are still essential today. Wooden spoons are perfect for stirring sauces, scrambling eggs, and gently mixing ingredients.

They're also great for scraping the sides of baking dishes and pots to ensure nothing is wasted. Look for wooden spoons made with quality craftsmanship, and care for them properly by hand-washing them after every use.


These are a few of the many essential cooking tools that every kitchen needs. Of course, every kitchen is different, and you may need other specific items not listed here. The most important thing is to stock your kitchen with the basics so you can cook delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones.


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