Types Of Pond Fountains And Aeration Systems

January 13, 2023

Pond fountains and aeration methods suit specific needs, like targeting the bottom portion of the water column versus the upper part, operating under certain circumstances. So before you buy Kasco fountains, you must decide what type of fountain and aerator you are looking for based on your requirements. Let us see the different types of pond fountains and aeration systems to help you decide which one would be the most suitable for you. But first, let us know how a bottom diffuser makes a pond aeration system work.

Pond Aeration System - How Bottom Diffuser Works?

A pond aeration system consists of a series of equipment components designed to introduce dissolved oxygen into a water body for its quality and health. Aerators can be of two types, diffused and surface. The surface aerator works by propelling water into the air, where it then falls back into the water, which creates a circulation of oxygenated water as well as surface disruption. This mechanism has the additional benefit of deterring pest breeding and weed growth.

The diffused aeration system creates small bubbles on the water surface, but most aeration is done beneath the surface of the water. In this type of aeration system, the submerged pads are connected to shore-mounted air compressors, which disperse fine bubbles to aerate the entire water column from the waterbody, right from the bottom up to the surface. There are several other key components that operate from the shoreline to make the system work. These include a compressor, air tubing and diffuser stations.


Types Of Pond Fountains

Floating Fountains

This system works by propelling water into the air to create a surface display. When this propelled water lands back on the surface, it creates turbulence, which transfers oxygen into the water. Floating fountains offer both aeration optimization and aesthetic appeal. You can buy Kasco fountains in different water designs with LED lights and more. Since not all floating fountains aerate a pond, it is crucial that you work with an authorized installer to design the best system for your pond. Floating fountains are efficient for small ponds which are in uniform shapes or at depths less than 6 feet. However, they may need additional units for irregular-shaped water bodies and may not be as effective in deep ponds as they can reach only the upper portion of the water column. Also, such fountains require electricity, solar power, and routine winter maintenance.

Bottom Diffused Aerators

A bottom-diffused aerator system is strong enough to aerate the whole water column and works well for irregular-shaped ponds. These aerators are fully submerged in the water body and work by pumping air from an on-shore compressor via a hose that lies along the water bottom. This setup allows it to supply the DO to the entire waterbody column as long as the system is strong enough. However, it requires electricity or solar power, and when working with shallow water bodies, more diffuser stations are necessary in order to create ample oxygen transfer.

Solar-powered Aeration

These are ideal for hard-to-reach lakes, which are surrounded by homes and stormwater management facilities since this system can help you avoid the cost of digging and setting up power services and ongoing electrical needs. A solar-powered aerator does not rely heavily on electrical power and is thus very convenient for rural and hard-to-reach areas. Since it has battery backup technology, it can run very well, even on cloudy days. But it may have difficulty running through nights after cloudy days and must be placed away from shadowing trees and other obstructions. You should also remember that battery backup only has limited storage, which means that more than 1-2 days of overcast skies may cause the system to stop running.


Windmill-powered Aeration

Windmill-powered aerators are perfect for locations with limited access to power, space and lots of windy days. This system requires little to no other energy source, works for shallow and deep ponds, and works throughout the column. However, it may not work without a backup when there is no wind or when winds tend to diminish at night. They may also not work for intense aeration needs.


A waterfall type of fountain enhances the overall natural appearance of the water feature. The higher the water, the more pumping power will be needed. Also, the pond requires a deeper area under the waterfall to act as a catch basin to amplify the sound of the falling water.

Rocking Bamboo Fountains

This fountain is set along the edge of a pond and has moving parts that fill with water and then empty on the rocks. If the container is empty, it pops up again, and a stream of water refills it. Such a fountain also makes a clicking noise as it fills and often startles wildlife and keeps them away from the pond.

To Wrap Up

These are the different types of water fountains and aerators that are available. You need to choose the right one according to your requirements.



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