Unique Packaging Strategies To Create Attractive Packaging

January 17, 2023


In the past few years, vape packaging has gained popularity and acceptance from the industry because it promises exceptional display characteristics. The packaging is produced from premium cardstock; this material is suitable for die-cutting. It also means that you can customize the vape packaging in a desired size and shape to make sure there are no compromises on the aesthetics.

It’s a suitable choice for advanced graphics and printing capabilities. For this reason, it has become a great option for vape brands and businesses to customize vape boxes with an attractive display. So, rather than using conventional packaging, you’ve to be experimental with designs and colors to leave a promising impression on the consumers.

So, if you are launching a vape brand, we are sharing some unique packaging strategies to create attractive packaging!

Leverage Minimalism

With the constant tech advancement and innovation, every brand is experimenting and switching to an array of packaging designs to optimize product imaging. It’s needless to say that there is a variety of options available, but minimalism is the most popular choice for vape cartridge packaging. That’s because minimal packaging has elegance and simplicity that outlines a broad appeal as compared to packaging with sharp colors and never-ending patterns.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that bold packaging was once used, but that era has come to an end because packaging trends are constantly changing. This is primarily because the customers focus on sophistication. As a result, the packaging design with a minimal approach promises higher effectiveness, especially when it comes down to attracting customers.

Consumers are fed up with using the same things and graphics on the packaging and have started looking for unique packaging factors. Minimal design helps create a comprehensive product image for the customers because the complex designs prevent the customers from getting information about vape products.

For this reason, it doesn’t matter if you want to create boxes for vape products or vape cartridge packaging; you have to choose minimalism to thrive in the saturated vape market. For this reason, it’s recommended that you use high-contrast elements with a simple layout, or you can highlight one element of the business.

To illustrate, if you want to show the ecological side of your business and product, it’s better to add a visual element to show your eco-friendly operations.

Opt For Creative & Innovative Shapes

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The custom packaging is extremely flexible, which makes it convenient for businesses to experiment with different yet creative shapes. For this reason, we are sharing some shape options, such as;

  • Slider Boxes – these boxes have an effective appearance as they have a direct influence on the purchasing decision of customers. These boxes are designed with two parallel layers of cardboard that slide on each other. In addition, cardboard material is used to create durable and sturdy packaging (it will be enough to protect the fragile vape products)
  • Tuck-End Vape Boxes – these boxes have a tuck-end shape to make sure the vape product looks adorable and aesthetic. With these boxes, the tucking ends of the boxes are tucked towards one another. Using these tuck-end shapes will create a compact and lightweight box that’s appreciated by the customers
  • Flip-Top Boxes – these boxes are designed with an opening on the top, which makes them easier to open and close with one flip. This box was designed for cigarettes, but it has gained larger traction among customers given the convenience

Use Window Encasing

It’s needless to say that the consumers are always concerned about the product type that’s packed in the boxes, including vape products. Since you are a manufacturing brand, you can easily satisfy the curiosity of the customers by offering vape packaging with windows on the surface. In addition, die-cut packaging has become a common trend.

The window encasing and die-cut boxes are made from advanced technologies as the specific part of the box is cut out. In addition, the cut-out part is covered with a translucent plastic or laminating sheet. These designs aren’t only practical but also create an aesthetic box.

Use Vibrant & Colorful Prints

Many brands think that minimal packaging doesn’t have colors, but it’s the wrong approach. This is because minimalism is all about using vibrant and colorful prints that are presented professionally without misusing the colors. The right usage of inks and prints will help make the vape product stand out in the market.

For instance, you can opt for attractive fonts and vibrant graphics. In addition, you can use advanced printing technology to create an aesthetic appeal. Not to forget, you’ve to ensure that the brand name, product description, and logo are presented in an appealing manner – it helps use an artistic and creative approach for packaging.

Consider The Experience

It’s evident that you’ve to ensure the utmost protection for vape products, but it doesn’t mean you cannot be creative. The vape product boxes must be creatively designed to optimize the user experience. This is because packaging plays a vital role in marketing your brand and product to a larger audience and increasing the revenue stream.

For this purpose, it’s recommended that you design the packaging that improves the display of products. In addition, you must use high-quality materials but make sure you focus on internal and external factors. Also, using the die-cuts and inserts will enhance the experience. On the contrary, if you want to use luxury packaging, you must use attractive foils and finish.

It’s recommended that you use layering because it increases the safety and protection standards while adding a regal touch. For instance, you can laminate the packaging to protect the boxes and products from humidity and moisture – lamination also leads to a smoother feel. Also, you can opt for metallic foiling, embossing, and aqueous coating.

The Bottom Line

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At this point, we are certain that you are ready to create high-quality cartridge packaging that aligns with the aesthetic and practical needs of the products. Also, make sure you use sustainable materials to reduce packaging waste.



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