What is Effective Duct Cleaning and Why do We Need It?

January 6, 2023



Having an HVAC is of course about comfort and convenience but a large part of enjoying the system also entails its efficiency and energy consumption. Getting the HVAC’s ducts frequently cleaned by Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers has many benefits. Delaying or avoiding cleaning can get you into a bigger trouble.

Similarly if you have heating system and want it to run well, having it serviced by Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne Service experts is very important for overall wellbeing of system and you and your home environment. So let’s take a peek at what is the fuss about cleaning these ducts.

Improved Air Quality: It is always desirable to have a home environment which has clean and fresh air and having a good duct system affords this since it is connected to the air circulating in your home. Unclean or neglected ducts harbor many kinds of dirt, dust, particulate matter including mildew, mold, pollen, pathogens, dander of animals, insects that can easily contaminate the air you breathe. So to keep the air fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne service professionals need to be periodically called in to do a thorough clean up act.

Minimizing allergens: These are nothing but elements or agents that cause allergic reactions in people. Symptoms range from asthma, sneezing or breathing ailments and can continue for months. This can easily be avoided by taking care to have the ducts cleaned and this will prevent accumulation of these allergens.

Odor free air: If you do not have your ducts cleaned, there are high chances of odorous molecules collecting and being released into air circulation which can be rather musty or foul smelling. These offensive smells can be removed by a quick duct cleaning and restore the freshness to your home inside air.

Less need for repair: It’s a well known fact regular maintenance and cleaning automatically keeps your system healthy and giving less cause for going in for repairs. Regular cleaners who have technical training can also monitor or identify issues in advance before they actually occur.

Saving energy: A clean duct causes cooling system to work less hard to perform to its full efficiency putting less stress. So automatically this causes less energy consumption bringing down energy bills substantially.

Avoid Mildew and Mold issues: The condensation of central cooling systems can accumulate within dark ducts and create a good environment for mildew and mold if unchecked. This might again give rise to serious health issues. So regular cleaning by professionals ensures a clean duct and absence of these diseases causing pathogens.

Cleaning Dryer Vents and why should you need to?

Dryer vents are very important aspect of your heating system. It transfers heat f the dryer out of your homes. It functions similar to a chimney and acts as a funnel that releases out the hot air from your home. So without a vent the dryer will not perform well, spreading heat, debris and lint in the room the dryer is fitted in. So calling in Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne service provider is a good practice to ensure safety and right air circulation.

When do you need to go for a thorough dryer vent cleanup?

After almost a year of operating, you should start looking inside your dryer vents and check sides that is, the dryer end and exit hood flap end. If they appear full of lint and dirty, it signals it’s high time for a thorough cleanup.

Signs of a clogged dryer vent and the effects they bring

Dryer vents remove heat. Problems arise in releasing this heat if vents get clogged. So your dryer efficiency is compromised as a result of this. Early signs of clogged vent are-

  • If your dryer is going slow and taking longer time to dry your clothes, this means there is an issue with vents. Calling in technically trained people quickly solves the problem and prolongs machine life and performance.
  • You detect a burning smell around the dryer. This again is a bad sign; you must turn of the machine immediately. So unclean vents give rise to fire risks since collected debris and lint are flammable. And when heat is added to the flammable items it spells trouble. Duct Cleaning Melbourne service professionals will ensure all this is totally prevented by a thorough check up and de clogging session.
  • If the dryer seems hot to touch it indicates it hasn’t aired well. Also if the clothes when taken off the machine seem extra hot then there is trouble as dryer has to circulate air properly to maintain correct heat and lessen the humidity in drying clothes. With improper air circulation dryer will be heated up and this might shorten its life span or even might give rise to a fire.
  • If you find that the dryer duct hood flap doesn’t open as it does then there is some problem with your dryer which might be due to lint or debris accumulation near vent opening or dryer hose. This restricts the air flow. This is a serious issue and needs urgent professional inspection and care.

Tips to avoid Dryer vent clogging

Dryer vents needs to be cleaned for safety and also to minimize expenses. Availing professional services are an absolute necessity. There are also a few Do-it-yourself tips that can be of help.

Unplug the dryer and pull out the dryer

Reach for the vent duct. Then next unscrew clamp that tightens the vent pipe, check the camp for damage. If you see cracks have it replaced. Check for clogs in the remaining vent.

With a vacuum clean out dryer if there is any collected lint and debris. Also check for unwanted objects that might clog passageway. Once cleaned, screw all back and switch on your dryer. Doing this as a yearly practice can prolong life of dryers.

Benefits of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Pretty much like cooling systems heating systems require vent cleaning as they provide safety, increases machine efficiency and longevity and in general keep temperatures balanced. Looking closely at the advantages-

Safer home and life: Blocked vents of dryers are a house threat and also to your life as they might emit toxic gases, and be of fire risk. They have to be properly checked and cleaned to ensure safety of home and you.

Dryer performance: Dryer vents work to full strength when the accumulated dirt and debris are removed; Clothes dry quickly and also retain their shine. If you notice that it takes many cycles to dry your wet articles then it’s time to call in professional help fromDucted Heating Cleaning Melbourneservice providers.

Machine longevity: Dryers last longer if vents are cleaned properly. Clogged vents puts stress on machine for efficiency and that minimizes its lifespan. If you clean dryer vent, then machine runs smoothly and you don’t have to have it replaced and save money.


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