What is the Process of Duct Cleaning in Melbourne?

January 6, 2023



Duct Cleaning

The air ducts in your house are easy to overlook. You can't see them after all. However, these unnoticed systems are a crucial component of your home. And they could occasionally require cleaning, just like other areas of your house do. People are hesitant to seek professional assistance because they are unsure of how professionals clean ducts. This blog will teach you more about Duct Cleaning Melbourne.

How is a Clean Duct Beneficial to You?

Be aware of the need for clean ductwork before learning more about the cleaning procedure in detail. Today, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are found in most residences. To operate at their highest level of efficiency, these systems must be kept clean. Depending on the impact one wants to achieve, heating systems are known to work by moving air. Whether it's attempting to replace heated air with cool air or vice versa, the cleanliness of these systems typically has an impact on their effectiveness. This is due to the fact that they are essentially constructed in a way that depends on how well air flows. Ducts, air terminals, heat transfer systems, airport terminals, and fan motors are a few examples of the components. To maintain their best performance, each of these components needs to be cleaned frequently. Thus, physical cleaning and duct repairing Melbourne are required.

The Process of Duct Cleaning


A regular system check on the air inflow system provides background information on the ventilator and ductwork involved and aids in identifying any faults with the airflow system if any. Your air duct cleaning company can advise on sealing duct air leaks because doing so actually saves energy and lowers your utility costs. A clogged filter can be located and changed; an electromagnetic or high-efficiency accordion filter can take the place of a fibreglass filter. An inspection before starting the air duct cleaning procedures may reveal a mould issue that needs to be resolved.

Apply a Hostile Pressure

Compressed air is used in vacuum cleaning, which provides negative pressure, to remove any dirt and debris from the system. Any indoor exhaust must employ a HEPA-filtered vacuum; it is always safe to exhaust the dust items to the outside air. Before any mechanical cleaning or Duct Repairing Melbourne, the entire system may occasionally be placed under negative pressure to remove dirt and debris.

Clean the System.

Throughout the structure, clean the connections. On the supply and return sections of the system, cleaning is done by using specialised tools like nylon brushes or cord brushes along with strong suction. Use gentle brushes for fibreglass or fiberboard-lined ducts. An insulated air duct shouldn't ever get wet; if it does, don't try to clean it; repairing it is the best course of action. Return registers frequently draw in dirty air and accumulate dust; these can be quickly removed and cleaned, or they can just be cleaned. Apply sealant only after the air duct cleaning process is finished to make a duct impermeable or to help repair fibreglass insulation.

Other Components should be Cleaned

Your skilled service provider needs to clean the heat exchanger surface, the sides of the cooling coil, the drain pan, the interior of the cabinet, the combustion chamber, the humidifier, and the blower blades. Cleaning dryer vents also lowers the possibility of a fire. Please be aware that anyone handling any equipment containing asbestos must have undergone specialized training in duct cleaning Melbourne. Before using an EPA-approved disinfectant to clean the interior of the ducting and the ventilation system, please be aware of the health and safety risks regarding the components of the registered antimicrobial treatments.

Final Check

You may make sure that the air duct cleaning procedure was comprehensive by performing a random visual inspection for the existence of filth on any of your return and supply ducts. Verify that all of the air vents, including the registers, headlamps, and diffusers, appear to be clean and have been properly reattached. Additionally, verify the heating and cooling modes of the system after cleaning. Make sure that you are aware of your air duct cleaning procedure and that the indoor air you breathe is, in fact, of high quality.

Any homeowner must perform the critical duty of air duct cleaning. If you haven't availed Duct Cleaning in Melbourne your air ducts in a few years, contact a professional like Duct Cleaning Doctor.


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